Google Docs: News

10 Apr 2024


Google announces AI upgrades for Gmail, Sheets, and Docs 

Google has announced a series of enhancements to its Workspace suite at the Cloud Next 2024 event.

17 Feb 2024


Google Docs introduces formatting sidebar for Android tablets

Google has unveiled an update for its Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps on Android tablets, featuring a new formatting sidebar.

04 Oct 2023


Zoom adds AI-powered document editing feature to rival Microsoft Teams

Zoom Video Communications Inc. is bringing a collaborative document editing feature, Zoom Docs, taking on rivals like Microsoft Teams and Alphabet's Google Docs.

20 Sep 2023

Google Bard

Google's AI chatbot Bard can now double-check its answers

Google has announced a significant expansion of its AI chatbot, Bard's capabilities.

18 Jun 2023


Google now allows third-party 'smart chips' integration in Docs

Google is now allowing users to embed third-party 'smart chips' into Docs. The feature is available to both Google Workspace users and those with personal Google accounts.

26 Apr 2023


How to use Google's tool finder in Docs, Sheets, Slides

Google is always trying to improve the user experience on its Workspace apps. The company is now rolling out an "enhanced tool finder" in Docs, Sheets, and Slides to help users find what they are looking for.

25 Apr 2023


Meet Canvas, a Google Docs-like feature from Slack

Slack has introduced an in-app feature, dubbed Canvas. It is similar to Google Docs, where you can add some information, and share it with other members and channels of your organization.

24 Feb 2023


Google enhances Workspace apps with a fresh design, new features

Google has introduced new features and some design changes for its Workspace applications, including Docs and Sheets.

01 Jul 2022


Google Drive: Top tips and tricks you must know

For most of us, a day without using at least one of Google's services is almost unthinkable. Today, we take a look at one of Google's most valuable services - the Drive.

25 Aug 2021


Google's Smart Reply suggestions now available for comments on Docs

Google's Smart Reply feature, which was first launched for Gmail, lets people quickly select an appropriate response to the emails they receive and expand on it appropriately.

20 Aug 2020


#OutageAlert: Gmail, Drive, Docs, and other services are down [Fixed]

A number of Google services, including Gmail and Google Docs, appear to have been affected in what looks like a major outage.

06 Aug 2020


#TechBytes: New features coming on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google is making its office software easier to use for G Suite users around the world.

02 Jun 2020


Feature drop: Google announces new capabilities for Pixel phones

After successful releases in December and March, Google is proceeding with the third 'feature drop' for Pixel phones.

27 Apr 2020


Play Store has a weird bug, and Google is mum

If you see plenty of pending updates on the Google Play Store, better be careful while proceeding to install them.

20 Feb 2020


Now, Google's AI will help you type in Docs

In a bid to take on the likes of Microsoft Word, Google has started deploying AI-powered Smart Compose and auto-correction capabilities in Docs, its own cloud-based word processor.

24 Nov 2019


Now, you will see web page-like 'dynamic' emails in Gmail

Google wants to revamp the experience of emails, and for that, it is bringing a completely new capability into Gmail - called dynamic emails.

22 Nov 2019


Now, Google will use AI to help type in Docs

Google Docs has already taken over the likes of Microsoft Word, thanks to its easy-to-use cloud-powered features.

19 Aug 2019


Now, you can use simple gestures to switch Google accounts

In a bid to make its services more convenient to use, Google is adding a handy new capability into its Android/iOS apps - the ability to switch accounts with gestures.

14 Aug 2019


Teen tweets from smart fridge after mother takes away phone

Just as technology continues to evolve, kids keep coming up with new and innovative ideas to use them for their benefit.

24 Jun 2019


Why Microsoft banned employees from using Slack, other software products

Microsoft appears to have banned certain software products for its employees.

15 Jun 2019


Soon, you will get web page-like 'dynamic emails' in Gmail

Google's popular email product, Gmail, is all set to change in a big way.

28 Mar 2019


Now, enjoy web page-like interaction right inside Gmail: Here's how

With the impending departure of Inbox email service, Google is doing everything it can to overhaul the standard version of Gmail.

17 Mar 2019


Now, teenagers use Google Docs to chat under teachers' noses

Technology is changing lives, but for teenagers, it's giving them new ways to sneak under the noses of their parents.

02 Nov 2018


Selling your Android phone? Don't forget to follow these steps

As the festive season sets in, many of you would be thinking of selling or trading in your Android smartphone for a new one.

11 Sep 2018


Major security breach: Aadhaar software and user-database hacked

Ever since its inception, Aadhaar has faced one security issue after another.

09 Apr 2018


Google Docs' privacy loophole you didn't know about

Google Docs is the most preferred way of file-sharing and collaboration because it's free and accessible to everyone having a Google account.

29 Jul 2017


Multi-million dollar Zoho Corp powered by high school graduates

Zoho Corporation is a Chennai-based software company offering cloud-based products like Zoho Mail, Zoho Docs (like Google Docs), accounting software Zoho Books and several others, some of which are used by giants like Amazon, Suzuki, etc.

04 May 2017


How to protect your Google account from phishing?

Google users are once again under attack by spammers who are using a novel phishing technique (which appears as a Google Docs hyperlink sent via email) to gain access to users' accounts.