Microsoft Word: News

17 Mar 2023


How does GPT-4-powered Copilot fare against Google's AI in Workspace

Microsoft is busy integrating OpenAI's large language models (LLMs) into its range of products. The company has now introduced GPT-4-powered Copilot for Microsoft 365 apps and services.

15 May 2018


New malware can steal information from Chrome, Firefox browsers

Researchers have discovered a new malware called Vega Stealer which can harvest/steal saved information from Chrome and Firefox browsers, and also mine files from targeted computers.

14 Nov 2017


LinkedIn launches AI-powered 'Resume Assistant' to help users create CVs

LinkedIn recently launched a new AI-powered tool called Resume Assistant to help you import the platform's professional information into Microsoft Word and write CVs easily.

20 Jul 2017


Sharif says Clinton offered $5bn to not carry nuclear tests

PM Nawaz Sharif said if he hadn't cared about Pakistan, he would've accepted $5 billion from US President Bill Clinton for not carrying out nuclear tests in 1998.

13 Jul 2017


Nawaz Sharif's ouster could strengthen Pak army, India worried

Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif has suffered a serious setback after it was revealed that his daughter and supposed heir apparent Maryam Sharif, had concealed ownership of the family's offshore assets and business interests.

How a Microsoft font may bring down Nawaz Sharif govt?

In the midst of a deepening political crisis in Pakistan, the daughter of under-fire Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif, Maryam, might have struck the final blow to the Sharif government.

28 Apr 2017


Microsoft finally solves its bug problem, nine months after discovery

When a Windows bug without a fix is on the prowl, mayhem is inevitable.