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28 Feb 2024


5 body languages that assert leadership 

In leadership, communication extends far beyond words. While verbal skills are undoubtedly important, nonverbal signs often play a pivotal role in how one is perceived as a leader.

27 Feb 2024

Mental Health

Guide to shedding wallflower tendencies and becoming more confident 

In the ebb and flow of life, many individuals find themselves relegated to the sidelines, mere observers rather than active participants.

26 Feb 2024


Understanding Type C personality

The Type C personality, though less well-known than its Type A and Type B counterparts, plays a significant role in shaping individual behavior and preferences.

22 Feb 2024

Mental Health

Decoding the psychology that propels women to success

Let's look into the fascinating intersection of personal development and psychological principles that drive achievement with these empowering insights from psychology on the six key traits that contribute to the success of women.

20 Feb 2024


Crafting an effective cover letter for job success

Getting a job can be tricky, and dealing with cover letters is like adding another layer to the challenge.

19 Feb 2024


Five must-know body language tricks for instant charm

Have you ever wondered why some individuals effortlessly exude confidence and approachability, leaving a lasting positive impression, while others struggle to connect?

10 Feb 2024

Fashion Tips

Ace your work look in style with these tips

The workplace serves as a canvas for self-expression, and your everyday office look is a powerful tool to convey professionalism, confidence, and a touch of personal flair.

06 Feb 2024


How to be highly productive by going into 'monk mode'

Being overworked and having to make continuous decisions at the workplace all the time may wear someone out.

01 Feb 2024


Target's 15-minute rule over Stanley cups led to employee terminations

Target's recent wave of abrupt firings linked to Stanley cup purchases has shone a spotlight on an obscure but crucial policy - the elusive 15-minute rule.

30 Jan 2024

Women Safety

Ministries join forces for women in workforce for Viksit Bharat

The Ministries of Women & Child Development and Labour & Employment will jointly host "Women in the Workforce for Viksit Bharat" at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi on January 31.

25 Jan 2024

Home Decor

Elevate your workspace with these home-office decor ideas

Today, the home office has become more than just a functional workspace, it is a sanctuary for productivity, creativity, and personal expression.

22 Jan 2024


Chinese employee granted 'mood leave' over lack of snow

A woman in Hangzhou, China, recently made headlines when she was granted "mood leave" by her employer due to her sadness over the lack of snow in the city.

18 Jan 2024

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic to test four-day workweek for employees

The Dominican Republic is gearing up for an exciting six-month pilot program starting next month, which will introduce a four-day workweek for both public and private companies.

17 Jan 2024


88% employees in India plan to switch jobs: LinkedIn

The job market is getting tougher day by day in the face of economic uncertainty but professionals are ready to switch jobs.

11 Jan 2024


Workplace wellness trends to look forward in 2024

A new wave of workplace wellness trends is confronting organizations in 2024 as they try to combat rising employee burnout and strengthen their employee experience programs.

02 Jan 2024


ESOP cashouts in Indian start-ups fall 62% in 2023

In 2023, Indian start-ups experienced a significant drop in employee stock option (ESOP) cashout events, with only 16 occurrences compared to 42 the previous year, according to data from equity management platform Qapita.

28 Dec 2023


Boss asks females to wear makeup to 'motivate' male co-workers

A company based in Shenzhen, China, is under fire after an executive, Luo, asked female employees to wear light makeup to "motivate" male co-workers.

26 Dec 2023


Career predictions 2024: What's in store for Libra to Pisces

Approaching the close of 2023, anticipation brews about the unknowns of the forthcoming year, 2024.

26 Dec 2023


Career predictions 2024: What's in store for Aries to Virgo

As we near the end of 2023, many of us are already pondering what 2024 may have in store for us.

18 Dec 2023

Travel And Tourism

Working this holiday season? Travel to these amazing workation destinations 

Dreaming of a perfect blend of work and vacation? As the holiday season approaches, consider transforming your workspace by heading to one of India's top workcation destinations.

15 Dec 2023

Mental Health

Stress-busting strategies for lasting tranquility at work

Answering multiple calls while you're already in the middle of a deadline, and that fear of being called in a high pitch! Well, we all know the story.

12 Dec 2023


India's 37% of businesses planning to expand their workforce: Report

India's hiring sentiment for the January-March 2024 quarter is among the strongest globally, with 37% of employers planning to expand their workforce, according to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey.

12 Dec 2023


Why hiring in IT sector has hit all-time low

The once-booming IT industry is experiencing a hiring slowdown, with gross IT hiring additions in the past 12 months reaching an all-time low of 14%, as per US-based IT analyst firm ISG.

12 Dec 2023


Hasbro, maker of 'Scrabble' and 'Monopoly', lays off 1,100 employees

Hasbro, the company behind popular toys like Monopoly, Scrabble, Play-Doh, and Transformers, is cutting 1,100 jobs due to disappointing sales.

07 Dec 2023

Home Decor

Crafting an inspiring WFH workspace for maximum productivity

In the era of widespread remote work, the significance of a thoughtfully designed home office cannot be overstated.

05 Dec 2023


Quiet cutting: The latest approach to layoffs

Many organizations have recently adopted a strategic approach called "quiet cutting" concerning their employees.

01 Dec 2023


Tips to be more productive during night shifts at work

Night shifts have become a popular workplace trend that many companies around the world are practicing.

24 Nov 2023


Barclays to axe 2,000 jobs in £1bn cost cut plan

Barclays is said to be considering a cost-saving plan worth £1 billion (nearly Rs. 10,443 crore), reported Reuters.

17 Nov 2023


Coffee badging: Understanding this workplace trend

The most recent in a long line of new terms to appear in the workplace lately is coffee badging.

07 Nov 2023


Founder's riches grow as WeWork goes bankrupt: Here's how

WeWork, the co-working giant that once boasted a net worth of nearly $50 billion, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New Jersey on November 6.

07 Nov 2023


Co-working giant WeWork goes bankrupt: Here's what comes next

WeWork, the once highly-valued US start-up backed by SoftBank Group, has filed for bankruptcy protection as it struggles with costly leases and the surge in remote work.

03 Nov 2023


Amid 70-hour workweek debate, India tops in workplace burnout list

A recent study by the McKinsey Health Institute disclosed that India leads the world in workplace burnout, with 59% of participants experiencing symptoms.

01 Nov 2023


Indian firms expected to offer 9.8% salary increment in 2024 

In 2024, Indian firms are predicted to increase employee wages by 9.8%, nearly matching the 10% hike in 2023, as stated in the recent Salary Budget Planning Report by the global advisory company WTW.

26 Oct 2023

Fashion Tips

Comfortable sarees suitable for office wear

In the world of fashion, there's nothing quite like the timeless beauty of a saree. While sarees have a place in every aspect of life, they can be particularly fitting for the office environment.

Barclays to lay off dozens of US consumer banking staff

Barclays plans to lay off dozens of employees within its US consumer banking sector as part of a worldwide initiative to reduce expenses, as per Reuters.

10 Oct 2023


Planning to start a business? Read these entrepreneurial books 

Every successful entrepreneur has a unique journey, but one common thread among them is their thirst for knowledge.

10 Oct 2023

Mental Health

Ex-Meta techie shares his struggles with mental health

Securing a highly-paid position at a corporation or an MNC is a common aspiration.

09 Oct 2023


Plaid in the office: Elevate your workwear with style

As the autumn and winter seasons approach, consider adding plaid prints to your workwear wardrobe to infuse a touch of sophistication and style.

28 Sep 2023

Fashion Tips

Wondering what to wear while working-from-home? Try these outfit ideas

Home equals comfort to most of us. And thus working from home offers the luxury of comfort, but it doesn't mean you have to compromise on style.

25 Sep 2023


17.5% dip in frontline job demand, women's participation doubles: Report

The demand for frontline jobs in India has decreased by 17.5% in FY23, with 6.6 million jobs created compared to 8 million in FY22, according to the Better Places Frontline Index Report.

22 Sep 2023

Home Decor

Crafting the ideal home office for remote workers

For those enduring daily commutes or traffic woes, working from home may seem like a blessing. However, remote work carries its unique challenges, with distractions arising from noisy family members, playful toddlers, pets, and a bustling kitchen.

21 Sep 2023


Semi-formal outfits you can wear to your office

If you're fortunate to work in a trendy office that encourages dressing up, it's essential to have a variety of outfits reserved for this purpose.

20 Sep 2023


Working remotely can cut carbon footprint significantly, reveals study

There is more to working from home than working in pajamas all day!

07 Sep 2023


Maximizing work performance: 5 personal development areas to focus on

We all have aspirations for a fulfilling personal and professional life.

04 Sep 2023


Crushing appraisal anxiety: Your guide to success and growth

The annual review process tends to be stressful for everyone, causing anxiety as we await performance evaluations and appraisal decisions following the annual accounting and planning.

29 Aug 2023

Mental Health

3 types of burnout that are ruining your productivity

You might have started your career with high spirits and motivation, but sooner or later that motivation started waning over time, leaving you drained and feeling stuck in a rut.

25 Aug 2023


5 types of handshakes and their meanings

The global greeting and bonding gesture of the handshake can reveal a lot about a person's character and cultural upbringing.

24 Aug 2023


Job interview mistakes you can't afford to commit

During job interviews, first impressions do matter.

22 Aug 2023


Key business communication skills and how to improve them

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, practical business communication skills form the bedrock of nurturing your career.

16 Aug 2023


Here's how you can end a conversation without being rude

We encounter various types of conversations daily, both over the phone and in person. Some are intriguing, some are dull, and others can be untimely and lengthy, for which you may not have time.

16 Aug 2023


How to recover from a bad day at work

We all face those tough days at work, no matter how much we love our job or how cool our workplace is.

02 Aug 2023


Want to improve work productivity? Try these desk decor tips

A cluttered desk can affect you psychologically. Your workplace tidiness is directly linked to your mood and focus on your work.

01 Aug 2023


Meet Bijlee, Ola Electric's new pet employee

Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer Ola Electric has recently introduced its newest team member Bijlee.

27 Jul 2023


Sikkim announces 12-month maternity, 1-month paternity leaves for government employees

Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang announced that his government will implement a 12-month maternity leave and a one-month paternity leave for its employees.

27 Jul 2023


Monsoon: Tips to stay safe from waterborne diseases at workplace

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is crucial for personal well-being. This is even more important during the monsoon season.

26 Jul 2023

Health & Wellness

Science-backed strategies to beat afternoon slumps

We have all experienced that midday slump when our motivation starts dwindling and fatigue creeps over our minds.

21 Jul 2023


Things to do before you ask for a raise

If you believe you should be paid more for your work, you can do two things: either look for a higher-paying job or talk to your boss about getting a raise.

16 Jul 2023


Looking for reliable jobs post-retirement? These platforms can help

Retirement is among the most celebrated milestones in one's life that pay tribute to their years of service at the workplace.

14 Jul 2023


#LazyGirlJobs: The new antithesis to Boss Girl culture

The Boss Girl era is a thing of yore, and the days of burning the midnight oil and hustling until exhaustion are long gone.

11 Jul 2023


Deadline for higher EPF pension benefits ends today: Details here

The deadline to apply for a higher pension through the Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS) is July 11, i.e. today.

10 Jul 2023


After quiet quitting, loud quitting is the latest workplace trend

The workplace landscape continues to evolve with the emergence of new trends.

05 Jul 2023


Four types of workaholics: Which one are you

While workaholics share the trait of excessive work, their individual characteristics can differ.