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30 Jan 2023


Guide to living life as a digital nomad

The world is your oyster; you can work from anywhere you want.

27 Jan 2023


Google employee returns after mother's death, only to get fired

A Google employee was sacked by his employer just days after returning to work following the death of his mother.

24 Jan 2023

Mental Health

What exactly is quiet quitting and rage-applying culture at workplace

One of the latest buzzwords in the workplace, quiet quitting made a lot of headlines in 2022 with people limiting their workloads to strictly within their job description to avoid long working hours.

23 Jan 2023


Zomato CEO posts 800+ vacancies: 24x7 job, no work-life balance

Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal took to LinkedIn to announce a shedload of job vacancies across five roles at the company.

20 Jan 2023


Five Friday motivation tips to finish the week strong

Feeling burnout after working the whole week? Don't worry, you are not alone.

18 Jan 2023


Effective ways to prepare for a possible layoff

When there is an economic downturn, it is common for companies to lay off their employees to cut costs.

15 Jan 2023


5 ways to overcome career stagnation

If you no longer feel excited about the things that you normally love about your career, you might have fallen into the pit of career stagnation.

13 Jan 2023

Dream 11

Dream11 will fine employees for disturbing colleagues on leave

The last thing you need when you are on a much-deserved time off from work is an annoying business call from a colleague. Sadly, it is a possibility these days, no matter what your Slack status says.

09 Jan 2023

Mental Health

5 important lessons failure teaches us

Everyone has failed at some point in their lives.

09 Jan 2023


Work from home: Keep your desk organized with these tips

Your desk is often a reflection of your personality and habits.

05 Jan 2023

Mental Health

Imposter syndrome: What is it and how to overcome it

Do you often fear that you are not living up to your expectations and keep berating your performance, often to the point of self-doubt and negative self-talk?

04 Jan 2023


Work-life balance: Netflix co-founder reveals his strategy 

Given the unpredictable, under-pressure workplace environment and the increasingly blurring lines between professional and personal lives, discussions over work-life balance have gained prominence yet again.

29 Dec 2022


Easily distracted? 5 strategies to help you stay focused

Are you working on your goal but finding it hard to stay focused to the extent that you easily give in to distractions?

26 Dec 2022

Mental Health

Burnout: 5 most common warning signs

Feeling exhausted almost always? Maybe beyond exhausted, like having a brain fog?

26 Dec 2022


5 mistakes you should not make at your workplace

Making mistakes is only human. However, making blunders at your workplace too often can affect your professional life and give you the tag of being careless and irresponsible.

26 Dec 2022


How to work the night shift and stay healthy

Both, working night shifts and burning midnight oil are no cakewalk. It requires immense discipline to be a night owl.

22 Dec 2022

Health & Wellness

The many benefits of taking micro-breaks at work

A micro-break is a short and voluntary break you take at your workplace.

19 Dec 2022


Recession 2023: 5 side hustles to earn extra money

With economists broadly agreeing that we may enter a recession in 2023, it is time to get serious about money matters.

17 Dec 2022


Here are 5 ways you can deal with office stress

Here's how you can "excel" over your workplace woes. You have our "word."

16 Dec 2022


With an impending recession, here's why side hustles are important

A side hustle isn't really a new concept, however, it has become more popular, especially with a recession on the horizon.

08 Dec 2022

Christmas Day

Secret Santa gifting guide: Here's how and what to gift

December is finally here and it's bringing us a lot of "merry" already.

08 Dec 2022


7 design tips for creating a modern workplace

Employees spend almost one-third of their day at the workplace.

06 Dec 2022


The 4-day workweek might just be the new working trend

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a major shift in workplace trends over the last two years.

06 Dec 2022

Weird Stories

Irish man sues company because he has 'nothing to do'

While most of us are frustrated working round the clock, here's a man who sued his company for paying him but making him do "nothing." Shocking, innit?

28 Nov 2022


Career cushioning: Know all about this latest work trend

The recent tech layoffs and fears of a recession have made employees across the world rethink their careers. As a result, most are "career cushioning."

16 Nov 2022


Afraid of getting fired? 5 ways to deal with layoffs

With Twitter, Meta, and Amazon recently laying off thousands of employees and contractual workers, there has been quite an unrest in the markets globally.

28 Oct 2022


5 books that can help you achieve a work-life balance

The line between work and life has started to fade away with time.

27 Oct 2022


How to deal with cranky co-workers

Your workplace may be a melting pot of people displaying various interesting characteristics. There's always a gossiper, a chatterbox, the workaholic, the TMI sharer, then there's the cranky one!

22 Aug 2022

Fashion Tips

5 best interview attires for women

Ladies, do you have a job interview coming up and are wondering what to wear? Fret not, for we are here to help you out.

22 Jun 2022


Looking for a job change? Try out these job-search apps

Searching for jobs can be quite a cumbersome task, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and then with the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

16 Jul 2022


These 5 tips will help you concentrate, perform better

Your ability to focus and concentrate properly on a particular task at your workplace determines your success to a great extent.

13 Jul 2022


Bengaluru: Man spotted working on laptop while riding a bike

Known as the start-up capital of India, there is no dearth of jobs in Bengaluru. However, the increase in work pressure and deadlines has taken a toll on people's mental health.

10 Jul 2022

Healthy Foods

Back to work? But don't go back to unhealthy snacks

With several offices reopening lately, people are back to enjoying some social life again.

30 Jun 2022


How to make the best of work from home

Are you working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic started? Congratulations, you have all the rights to celebrate today as the National Work from Home Day.

24 Jun 2022

West Bengal

How Kolkata's new co-working space is helping freelancers, working mothers

A new co-working space in Kolkata's New Town, named Happy Works, is bringing smile on the faces of freelancers and working mothers as it is providing a comfortable setting for people to work at minimal rate of Rs. 30 for 90 minutes.

16 Jun 2022

Microsoft Windows

Best Slack features and customizations you should try

Slack, a communication platform designed specifically for the workplace, has been a great boon to businesses during the pandemic.

02 Jun 2022


Leave The Office Early Day: Here's why it matters

Observed on June 2 annually, the National Leave the Office Early Day was established in 2004 by Laura Stack, a specialist in employee productivity.

26 May 2022


5 effective tips to say no politely and guilt-free

It's very hard to say no to people sometimes, especially when it comes to someone you love or even to your office boss.

09 May 2022


5 interesting jobs in the entertainment industry

Have you always wanted to work in the entertainment industry but perhaps acting or directing isn't your mojo?