Weird Stories: News

21 Mar 2024

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift concert generated 'Swift Quake' last year, study finds

What is it that Taylor Swift cannot do?

05 Feb 2024


Chilly infused coffee takes China by storm

A coffee shop in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, China, has sparked curiosity by introducing a unique creation to its menu, the Jiangxi Spicy Latte, a fiery drink with fried chili and pepper powder.

02 Feb 2024

United Kingdom

285-year-old lemon sold for over Rs.1.4 lakh at an auction

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," goes a popular saying.

10 Jan 2024


Chinese family pays $140 (Rs.11,624) daily for luxury hotel life

A Chinese family of eight has opted for an unconventional living arrangement, residing in a luxurious hotel suite in Nanyang, Henan province, for 229 days and counting!

08 Jan 2024


Mouse caught on camera tidying man's shed every night

Imagine a real-life Ratatouille scene unfolding in your shed! Well, that's what happened to wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook from Builth Wells, Powys, Wales.

03 Jan 2024


Woman granted permission to remove sperm from deceased husband

A woman in Western Australia, aged 62, has received approval from the Supreme Court to extract sperm from her deceased husband for possible use in posthumous fertilization.

01 Jan 2024


Viral video: Mumbai restaurant serves 'ant-garnished' cocktail; faces backlash

A Mumbai-based restaurant has stirred up controversy with its ant-adorned cocktail, dubbed "The Antz."

19 Dec 2023


Weird products endorsed/designed by Kanye West

Ye, the rapper, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer who is professionally known as Kanye West, is once again courting controversy.

04 Dec 2023

United Kingdom

UK: They thought it's a garden ornament, but was bomb 

When Sian and Jeffrey Edwards moved into their Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire home in the United Kingdom in 1982, a shell was already there.

01 Dec 2023

United Nations (UN)

Paraguay official signs agreement with Indian fugitive's fake country, resigns

Arnaldo Chamorro, Paraguay's Agricultural Ministry chief of staff, faced dismissal for endorsing a "proclamation" from representatives of Indian fugitive Nithyananda, a self-styled guru from a fictitious nation.

29 Nov 2023

Travel And Tourism

Museum of Broken Relationships: A place that treasures heartbroken possessions

Museums are a haven for those who are fond of stories that take them on a ride to the era bygone.

29 Nov 2023


Dutch people are putting pancakes on their heads! Here's why

Every year on November 29, several people in the Netherlands place pancakes on their heads to commemorate an ancient tradition.

28 Nov 2023


iPhone glitch causes woman's alarm to buzz at 9:25 am

A woman in the United Kingdom recently took to her TikTok to share a weird glitch in her iPhone that causes her alarm to blow up sharp at 9:25 am without her even setting it in the first place.

23 Nov 2023


Japanese companies hire 'handsome weeping boys' who wipe employees' tears

Companies in Japan have found a new (and "handsome"!) way to ease workplace stress among employees.

07 Nov 2023


This convenience store in China is a cliffhanger, literally!

Unlike the convenience stores around us, this store in China is difficult or rather "inconvenient" to reach.

05 Oct 2023


80-year-old Russian woman has been living with needle in brain

An 80-year-old woman in Russia has been unknowingly living her whole life with a needle in her brain.

07 Sep 2023


Groom makes LED lehenga for bride so she 'shines bright'

When it comes to love, people do everything to make their significant other feel special.

07 Sep 2023

Social Media

Double delight: Chinese primary school enrolls 12 pairs of twins 

An astonishing 12 pairs of twins are about to embark on their educational journey at a primary school in China.

06 Sep 2023


'Einstein's brain for sale': Chinese portal already sold 20,000 units

An online shopping portal in China named Taobao is selling a product that improves brain power by instilling confidence and joy in people.

30 Aug 2023


Family in Turkey defies evolutionary norms, walk on all fours

In a remote part of Turkey, the Ulas family has intrigued scientists with their distinctive behavior that challenges our understanding of human evolution.

29 Aug 2023


Chinese man loses hearing temporarily. Reason? A passionate kiss 

A passionate kiss between a Chinese couple had repercussions they did not anticipate.

15 Aug 2023

United Kingdom

UK: This 34-year-old grandmom is often mistaken for daughter's sister 

In an unusual occurrence, a woman from Edinburgh, United Kingdom become a grandmom at the age of 34.

21 Jul 2023

United Kingdom

Woman turns her own belly skin into cruelty-free leather 

Katie Taylor, 52, a woman from the United Kingdom, underwent an intense weight loss journey, shedding an impressive 38 kgs.

20 Jul 2023


Woman spends $2,700/year for her addiction to eating toilet paper

Meet Kinah, a woman from Maryland, USA, with an unusual habit of eating toilet paper.

17 Jul 2023


Russian man embeds chip in brain, wants to control dreams

A Russian researcher named Michael Raduga claims to have implanted a chip into his brain through which he hopes to control his dreams, last month.

14 Jul 2023

Warren Buffett

Billionaire Warren Buffett's wife complains about $4 coffee

During Allen & Co's exclusive annual gathering in Sun Valley, Idaho, where prominent figures in the US business world convene, an intriguing piece of news emerged online on Thursday.

14 Jul 2023


Bihar groom thrashed by bride's family for hiding his baldness

Recently, a groom from Bihar was beaten by the bride's family for allegedly hiding his baldness and thereby cheating the girl's family.

12 Jul 2023


What is TikTok's 'Boat Jumping Challenge' that killed 4 people

A TikTok trend that first went viral in 2020, has so far claimed the lives of four people in the United States of America.

10 Jul 2023


How emoji led to Rs. 50L fine for this farmer

You never know what can get you into trouble. Seriously!

07 Jul 2023


Africa's richest man faces epic Twitter trolling, ROFL guaranteed

Hold on to your funny bones because this epic trolling saga of Aliko Dangote, Africa's richest man whose net worth is $13.5 billion, by a notorious man from Brazil named Osvaldo will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter!

06 Jul 2023


Dinner at 11 am? Yes, that's this entrepreneur's anti-aging secret

American tech entrepreneur and millionnaire Bryan Johnson, 45, is on a journey to reverse age and look youthful.

20 Jun 2023


Pub fines woman Rs. 3,400 for not creating 'good vibes'

In a surprising turn of events, a woman and her friends found themselves facing an additional charge of 300 yuan (Rs. 3400 approx.) at a pub in China.

19 Jun 2023


Strawberry biryani? Foodies having a hard time digesting this combo

Known for its aromatic spices and succulent meat, biryani holds a special place in every Indian's heart.

15 Jun 2023


Throw-up mornings: This 'tomato ice cream' is a foodie's nightmare

We live in an age where social media is accessible to everyone.

09 Jun 2023

Trending News

Man creates his own country with just Rs. 15 lakh

Randy "R Dub" Williams, a professional late-night 'slow jams' DJ, has recently made headlines for establishing his very own country called The Republic of Slowjamastan.

11 May 2023

Trending News

'Charpai' for Rs. 1 lakh? Yes, you read that right

Who thought that a regular Indian household item could trend on social media? Well, Indians certainly have a new thing to boast about (or not).

03 May 2023


Five mind-bending facts about magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, or shrooms, have been a subject of fascination for centuries due to their psychoactive properties.

21 Mar 2023


Marvel meets dosa: Spiderman dosa takes the internet by storm

People around the world love to experiment with food and create new and exciting dishes in their own style.

15 Mar 2023


Déjà rêvé, unlike déjà vu, is about dreams

The feeling of "I have experienced this before" is often associated with déjà vu.

13 Mar 2023

Health & Wellness

Did you know about these weird but real medical illnesses 

The world is a crazy place and it is not just people who make it so but several lesser-known and rare health conditions that are too bizarre to be true.

09 Mar 2023

Elon Musk

#ViralVideo: Elon Musk and Elaine Benes's dance-off is a laughathon

Divided by opinions, united by viral memes!

28 Feb 2023


All about the 'cartoon boot for a cool 3D world'

If you are wondering why everybody is wearing big fat red boots on social media, you are not alone. Priced at $350, this ridiculously funny footwear is going viral.

19 Jan 2023


5 most unusual currencies from around the world

As digital money transfers, UPI transactions, and cryptocurrency are making physical currencies less relevant today, we must acknowledge how currencies around the world have taken up many shapes and forms throughout history.

19 Jan 2023


Gujarat: 8-year-old daughter of diamond merchant embraces monkhood

Leaving behind all the material possessions and comforts of life is no mean feat! It is a rare sight in contemporary India, and when a pre-teen does so, it becomes more than unusual.

16 Jan 2023


MA English degree holder becomes tea-seller in Delhi; netizens react

We all have been encouraged to follow our dreams and carve our own paths, society's divisive reactions notwithstanding.

05 Jan 2023

Pakistan News

Pakistani man with 3 wives and 60 children, wants more

Someone's on a baby-producing spree!

03 Jan 2023


Missing late wife, Kolkata man installs her lifelike silicone statue

A 65-year-old man named Tapas Sandilya from Kolkata's Kaikhali area proved that love never dies even if the person passes away.

02 Jan 2023


Japanese man spends Rs. 18 lakh to transform into wolf

Do you remember the story of the Japanese man who spent Rs. 12 lakh to fulfill his dream of appearing like a dog?

06 Dec 2022


Irish man sues company because he has 'nothing to do'

While most of us are frustrated working round the clock, here's a man who sued his company for paying him but making him do "nothing." Shocking, innit?

14 Nov 2022


#SweetyWedsSheru: Gurugram couple hosts dog wedding, organizes dhols and 'haldi'

Here's probably the most pawesome wedding of this year!

13 Nov 2022

Home Decor

5 fascinating orchids that look like animals

Flowers bloom in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but there are some which look like animals!

07 Nov 2022


USA: Woman arrested for biting boyfriend over an adult toy

The world is a funny place and what makes it so are some really bizarre cases that keep happening time and again.

03 Nov 2022


Indonesia: Senior citizen set to remarry his 86th wife

Marriages are made in heaven, or so it was believed. But never have we in our wildest dreams thought of 88 divine interventions in one man's life!

03 Nov 2022


Family turns its dead golden retriever into a pelt rug

A family took 'preserving' the memories of their pet quite literally!

31 Oct 2022


Scottish homeowner fined Rs.19 lakh for painting her door pink!

A pink door let in a hefty fine for Miranda Dickson because apparently pink is the new "lakh."

27 Oct 2022


Data lists most misspelled words in the US, 'calendar' tops

The entire world is a big typo!

07 Oct 2022


Japanese YouTuber becomes 'world's blackest man'. Why though?

While it's not uncommon to see many wear black and declare it their favorite color, a Japanese man took things a step further by deciding to be the blackest man ever.

05 Oct 2022


This artist doodled his mansion and it looks incredible

How about living in a fully doodled world?

1 October 2022


International Coffee Day 2022: 5 most bizarre coffees ever

Let's acquaint you with the weird side of your favorite beverage.

29 Sep 2022


Throw up Thursday: 'Golgappa shake' leaves netizens in disgust

Foodies love to experiment with fusion food. However, when some get into the business of cooking one, it's not always for the best.

25 Aug 2022


Video of a multicolored Mandarin duck goes viral, netizens awestruck

If you thought ducks only featured a monochrome color palette, this video of a rare Mandarin duck will burst your bubble.

25 Aug 2022


'Dosa Printer': Machine 'printing' paper-thin dosas leaves Twitter divided

Remember the age-old dot matrix printers? Well, guess they are back but this time around, they print A4 size dosas instead of sheets!