Articles about Weird Stories

06 Dec 2022

Irish man sues company because he has 'nothing to do'

While most of us are frustrated working round the clock, here's a man who sued his company for paying him but making him do "nothing." Shocking, innit?

14 Nov 2022

#SweetyWedsSheru: Gurugram couple hosts dog wedding, organizes dhols and 'haldi'

Here's probably the most pawesome wedding of this year!

13 Nov 2022

5 fascinating orchids that look like animals

Flowers bloom in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but there are some which look like animals!

USA: Woman arrested for biting boyfriend over an adult toy

The world is a funny place and what makes it so are some really bizarre cases that keep happening time and again.

03 Nov 2022

Indonesia: Senior citizen set to remarry his 86th wife

Marriages are made in heaven, or so it was believed. But never have we in our wildest dreams thought of 88 divine interventions in one man's life!

03 Nov 2022

Family turns its dead golden retriever into a pelt rug

A family took 'preserving' the memories of their pet quite literally!

31 Oct 2022

Scottish homeowner fined Rs.19 lakh for painting her door pink!

A pink door let in a hefty fine for Miranda Dickson because apparently pink is the new "lakh."

27 Oct 2022

Data lists most misspelled words in the US, 'calendar' tops

The entire world is a big typo!

07 Oct 2022

Japanese YouTuber becomes 'world's blackest man'. Why though?

While it's not uncommon to see many wear black and declare it their favorite color, a Japanese man took things a step further by deciding to be the blackest man ever.

05 Oct 2022

This artist doodled his mansion and it looks incredible

How about living in a fully doodled world?

1 October 2022

International Coffee Day 2022: 5 most bizarre coffees ever

Let's acquaint you with the weird side of your favorite beverage.

29 Sep 2022

Throw up Thursday: 'Golgappa shake' leaves netizens in disgust

Foodies love to experiment with fusion food. However, when some get into the business of cooking one, it's not always for the best.

04 Sep 2022

Hilarious! UK couple names their baby 'Pakora'; internet in splits

A baby's arrival is one of the brightest days of the parents' lives, and there are numerous ways to commemorate it.

25 Aug 2022

Video of a multicolored Mandarin duck goes viral, netizens awestruck

If you thought ducks only featured a monochrome color palette, this video of a rare Mandarin duck will burst your bubble.

25 Aug 2022

'Dosa Printer': Machine 'printing' paper-thin dosas leaves Twitter divided

Remember the age-old dot matrix printers? Well, guess they are back but this time around, they print A4 size dosas instead of sheets!