Guinness World Records: News

29 May 2023


'Jimin is coming': ARMYs soar with anticipation after mysterious announcement

K-pop boy band BTS's official Twitter account, BANGTAN TV recently shared an intriguing post on Twitter that has captured the attention of BTS fans worldwide.

25 May 2023


World's largest T-shirt, made of 500,000 recycled bottles breaks record

We have witnessed many fascinating records being set over the years that have been included in the Guinness World Records. The latest of the lot is the largest T-shirt in the world!

23 May 2023


Discover the most expensive ice creams ever created

Cellato, the renowned Japanese ice cream brand, has shattered records by selling ice cream for a mind-boggling 873,400 Japanese yen (approximately Rs. 5.2 lakh).

14 May 2023


Bridal dress with 50,000+ crystals sets new Guinness World Record 

A modest yet incredibly sparkling wedding dress astonished the crowd at the Si Sposaitalia Collezioni fashion show held in Milan, Italy, last month.

13 May 2023


'Black Swan' crosses 400M Spotify streams: Revisiting BTS's most-streamed tracks

K-pop group BTS has been dominating the music industry since its debut in 2013, topping charts worldwide.

09 May 2023


NewJeans breaks Guinness World Record: Tracing K-pop band's phenomenal journey

HYBE-owned ADOR label's newest girl group NewJeans has scripted history by breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest K-pop act to reach 1B streams on Spotify.

12 Mar 2023


BTS breaks own Guinness World Record of Spotify's most-streamed group

South Korean boy band BTS is on a record-breaking spree!

01 Mar 2023

Justin Bieber

Happy birthday Justin Bieber: 5 record-breaking moments of the popstar

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous singers of all time who has been at the top of the charts from a very young age. Be it breaking the internet with his songs to focus on his personal life, Beliebers (Bieber fans) track every minute detail of the singer's life.

03 Feb 2023


Swiss baker sets Guinness World Record, makes largest wearable cake

You must have come across videos of hyperrealistic-looking cakes on social media, but have you ever considered wearing a dress made of cake?

29 Jan 2023


Alka Yagnik becomes YouTube's most-streamed artist of 2022; beats BTS

Acclaimed Indian playback singer Alka Yagnik has emerged as the most streamed artist on YouTube for 2022, as per Guinness World Records.

22 Dec 2022


Woman breaks record by delivering nine babies in single birth

A woman in Morocco recently broke the Guinness World Record by giving birth to five girls and four boys in a single birth.

25 Nov 2022


'Hungry Couple' breaks record for speed-eating hot dogs and burritos

Eating one delicious frank is great but how about gorging on 18 flavorful franks in a few minutes?

07 Nov 2022


Airline removes 6 seats to accommodate the world's tallest woman

This airline actually went the extra mile for the tallest woman passenger.

24 Oct 2022


Deepotsav: Ayodhya creates new Guinness record by lighting 15.76L 'diyas'

The city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh has broken its own Guinness World Record by lighting over 15.76 lakh clay oil lamps on the eve of Diwali—the festival of lights!

06 Oct 2022


RIP Pebbles! World's oldest dog dies at 22

The most tragic moment of a pet parent's life is when they lose their pawesome kid to death.

05 Oct 2022


Guinness World Records: Savannah cat declared tallest in the world

Ever wondered how your pets can make you a proud parent? Cat parents out there, this one will get you cheering.

28 Sep 2022


Meet the world's 'oldest living siblings' as per Guinness

Aging is not about fine lines, but about fine wines when it's celebrated.

11 Aug 2022


Woman with fractured knee runs 106 marathons in 106 days!

With hard work and dedication, you can achieve any goal; this British woman has proved that right and how!

11 Aug 2022


US woman lifts 735 kg; breaks powerlifting Guinness World Record

Tamara Walcott from Mayland, USA recently broke the Guinness World Records after lifting a total of 1,620.4 pounds or 735 kg at a weightlifting competition held in Virginia.

03 Aug 2022

Health & Wellness

National Watermelon Day: Benefits, facts, and how to grow

It is National Watermelon Day today in the US and we cannot get enough of this juicy red bundle of deliciousness. It's a shame we don't get it year-round!

15 Jul 2022


Canada: Joggler breaks Guinness World Record running with three objects

You must be aware of jogging, but have you ever heard of joggling?

11 Jul 2022


French fries at Rs. 15,000/plate: Can you afford it?

How much would you spend for a plate of fries, even at the fanciest place? Here's a dish of gourmet fries costing someone's salary!

01 Jul 2022

American Airlines

86-year-old recognized as world's longest-serving flight attendant

Recently, an 86-year-old American woman was recognized as the longest-serving and oldest flight attendant in the world by the Guinness World Records.

01 Jul 2022


Pune woman cycles 430 km to set new world record

You may have dreamt of riding your motorbike from Manali to Leh, but this woman from Pune wanted to enjoy the ride on her cycle.

01 June 2022


World's largest whisky bottle sold for $1.4 million at auction

According to Lyon and Turnbull, the world's largest whiskey bottle, dubbed "The Intrepid," has sold for around $1.4 million.

04 May 2022


Porsche Taycan does 69 donuts; sets new Guinness World Record

Porsche's Taycan Cross Turismo shod in winter tires has set a Guinness World Record for the maximum number of consecutive donuts by an EV on ice.

01 Mar 2022

Cricket News

Mumbai teen spends over 72 hours at crease, scripts history

Mumbai teenager Siddarth Mohite could enter the Guinness World Record books after spending over 72 hours while batting during a marathon net session.

25 Aug 2021


From heaviest to lightest baby: A list of record-breaking births

Childbirth is a miracle unto itself.

14 Aug 2021


Odisha: Man balances hockey stick on index finger for hours

Indians are bringing laurels for the country not only from the hockey astroturf but off it too.

14 Jul 2021


Ford Mustang Mach-E sets Guinness World Record for EV efficiency

Ford Mustang Mach-E has created a Guinness World Record for efficiency in EVs by achieving a range of 10.52km per kWh during a 1,352km road trip between John o' Groats and Land's End in the UK.

01 Jul 2021

Puerto Rico

At 112, Puerto Rican man named world's oldest living person

The Guinness World Records on Wednesday confirmed Emilio Flores Marquez from Puerto Rico as the oldest living person (male) in the world; his age is 112 years and 326 days.

23 Jun 2021

Trending News

Matters of tongue: TN youth might have world's longest tongue

A 20-year-old engineering student from Tamil Nadu, K Praveen, is looking to enter the Guinness World Records for the longest tongue in the world.

03 Apr 2021


Soldier eyes Guinness record, begins 4,300-km run under 50 days

Indian soldier Naik Velu is all set to make his 30th birthday memorable as he left for a mission to enter his name in the Guinness Book of World Records by running from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, a distance of about 4,300 km, under 50 days.

18 Mar 2021


BTS's 'Dynamite' sets another Guinness World Record

The South Korean boyband BTS, which is making waves globally, has now added another feather to its hat. On Tuesday, the Guinness World Records announced that the septet has secured another record with their song Dynamite.

25 Oct 2020


Indian sets world record for creating ring with 7,800 diamonds

An Indian jeweler has set the Guinness World Record for creating a ring with the most number of diamonds.

16 Oct 2019


Ranking the top career-defining moments of Michael Phelps

When it comes to the sport of swimming, USA's Michael Phelps is the first name that comes to one's mind, owing to his rich history in the Olympics.

19 May 2019


Mumbai youth solves pyramid-shaped Rubik's cubes underwater; sets Guinness Record

While the rest of us would struggle with a regular 3x3 Rubik's cube, a 20-year-old Mumbai resident has set a new Guinness world record by solving the maximum number of pyraminx (pyramid-shaped Rubik's cubes) underwater.

05 May 2019


Girl dances for 5 days non-stop; sets Guinness World Record

A Nepali teenager has broken the world record for dancing.

03 May 2019


'Game of Thrones' Season 8 breaks Guinness World Records

Game of Thrones is the most popular show on television right now.