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16 Apr 2024


Sydney church stabbing 'religiously motivated terror attack', says police

The knife attack at a church in Sydney, was a "religiously motivated terror attack," police in Australia said on Tuesday.

15 Apr 2024


Sydney knife attack: Who are 6 victims of mass stabbing

Following the tragic mass stabbing at the Westfield shopping center in Sydney's Bondi Junction, Australia on Saturday, the identities of the six victims have been revealed.

World's heaviest blueberry which weighs 20.4gm earns Guinness World Record

A blueberry grown in Corindi, New South Wales, has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world's heaviest.

05 Jun 2023


'Australia's worst female serial killer' pardoned after 20 years

Kathleen Folbigg, previously dubbed the worst female serial killer in Australia, was pardoned by a court in New South Wales and released on Monday after doubts emerged over her earlier conviction.

14 Oct 2022


Australia: Indian student critical after being stabbed in 'racial attack'

An Indian student is said to be critical after being stabbed multiple times in an apparent 'racial attack' in Sydney, Australia on October 6, TOI reported.

21 Jan 2021


'Ragnarok's Loki, Matt Damon, signed for 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

Matt Damon is returning to Marvel with the latest Asgardian offering of Thor: Love and Thunder.

19 Jun 2020


Australia hit by 'sophisticated' cyber-attacks. Is China to be blamed?

In a worrisome development, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has revealed that all levels of the government as well as its private sector, including businesses providing essential services, are facing sophisticated state-sponsored cyber attacks.

16 May 2020


Coronavirus: Aussies rush to book restaurants, bars as lockdown eases

After around two months, restaurants, bars, and pubs reopened in Australia's New South Wales and Northern Territory on Friday as the government eased coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

13 Jan 2020


Australian government air-drops 1,000kg food to save animals amid bushfires

As the dreadful bushfires continue to rage across Eastern Australia, the government has stepped up to save the affected wildlife.

17 Nov 2019

Steve Smith

WATCH: Steve Smith dismisses batsman in a weird fashion

In case one does not remember, prolific Australian cricketer Steve Smith started his career as a leg-spinner, before going on to become the batsman the world knows today.

22 Sep 2019


Australia runs out of water, braces for 'Day Zero'

As climate change continues to escalate globally, over a dozen towns in Australia are nearing Day Zero, the day when the taps run dry.

06 Mar 2019


Indian-origin dentist murdered in Australia, body found in suitcase

A 32-year-old Indian-origin woman dentist's body has been found dead with stab wounds in Australia, days after she went missing from Sydney's busiest area under mysterious circumstances.

01 Mar 2019


Australia: Second case of semi-identical twins, a rare phenomenon, found

In Australia, a pair of twins have been identified as semi-identical or sesquizygotic twins, which is a rare phenomenon, in which two sperms fertilize the same egg.

Watch: One of the most bizarre dismissals in women's cricket

We have all witnessed some bizarre dismissals in the game of cricket.

04 Dec 2018


Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja's brother arrested over fake terror plot

Arsalan Khawaja, the brother of Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja, has been arrested in Sydney by counter-terrorism forces over a fake terror plot.

22 Nov 2018


India, Australia ink 5 pacts as Kovind meets PM Morrison

India and Australia signed five agreements today to boost investments and enhance cooperation in key sectors like disability, agricultural research and education as President Ram Nath Kovind met Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, in Sydney, capital of New South Wales.

24 Jul 2018


How much longer before humans conquer ageing?

Countless researches, superfoods, cosmetics and exercises claim to have found the way to achieve human's most wishful desire - to enhance longevity or at least our health spans.

23 May 2018


Australian Archbishop guilty of covering up pedophilia incident stands down

An Australian archbishop who was found guilty of covering up child sex abuse has announced today that he will stand down from his official duties.

22 May 2018


Top Australian Catholic convicted of hiding sexual abuse of minors

In a major win for the fight against sexual abuse of children in institutions, Philip Wilson, the archbishop of Australia's Adelaide, has become the world's most senior Catholic to be convicted.

21 Apr 2018


'Cocaine babe' off to prison for trying to smuggle drugs

24-year-old Melina Roberge was recently sentenced to eight years prison time for trying to smuggle 95 kilos of cocaine into the Sydney Harbour in 2016.

02 Feb 2018


How much longer before humans conquer ageing?

Countless researches, superfoods, cosmetics and exercises claim to have found the way to achieve human's most wishful desire - to enhance longevity or at least our health spans.

20 Nov 2016


Setting up microfactories to recycle e-waste

Several studies revealed old cellphones, tablets, computers and other electronic waste could be converted into "gold mines".

14 Oct 2016


Australian teens arrested in attempted 'IS inspired' attack

Two 16-year old boys were arrested by a counter-terrorism team in Sydney, Australia just before they were about to commit an Islamic-State-inspired attack.