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23 Feb 2024

Health & Wellness

Achieve pelvic floor relaxation with five simple exercises

Discover the key to pelvic floor relaxation through these five simple and effective exercises.

22 Feb 2024


Couple yoga poses for physical and emotional harmony

Couple yoga is a beautiful practice that not only nurtures physical well-being but also deepens the connection between partners.

20 Feb 2024

Health & Wellness

Women experience greater benefits from exercise than men, study finds

Recent research indicates that women reap more health advantages from regular exercise than men, including a reduced risk of early death.

18 Feb 2024

Health & Wellness

A guide to intuitive eating

Intuitive eating is an approach to eating that encourages individuals to listen to their body's hunger and fullness cues to make food choices that are satisfying and nourishing.

13 Feb 2024


Wonders of kissing: How it burns calories and boosts health

Kissing, the age-old expression of love, transcends its romantic charm to offer surprising health benefits.

05 Feb 2024

Fitness and Health

Cozy cardio: TikTok trend revolutionizing home workouts

"Cozy cardio," one of the latest fitness trend sweeping across social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, has become a go-to activity for those seeking a unique blend of physical exertion, self-pampering, and relaxation.

01 Feb 2024

Fitness and Health

Guide to strengthening the weaker side of your body 

It's a common scenario — one side of your body feels more capable and coordinated than the other. However, when this natural asymmetry turns into an imbalance, problems arise.

23 Jan 2024

Fitness and Health

Effective ab exercises for a solid core

Achieving sculpted and strong abdominal muscles is a fitness goal that many aspire to, but not all ab exercises are created equal.

22 Jan 2024

Fitness and Health

Off-road bliss: Benefits of mountain biking

Taking your mountain bike out for a spin, and giving it a good dust-off, is a fantastic way to engage in physical activity, elevate your heart rate, and discover the wonders of your surroundings.

19 Jan 2024

Fitness and Health

How to master the art of completing 10k steps daily

Reaching 10,000 steps a day has long been regarded as the benchmark for fitness tracking.

16 Jan 2024

Fitness and Health

Unlocking strength: Timeless benefits of practicing mugdal

The mugdal exercise has a rich history, dating back to ancient times when people relied on it for their fitness routines.

16 Jan 2024

Fitness and Health

Happy birthday, Sidharth Malhotra! Gushing over his fittest onscreen looks

Sidharth Malhotra is a handsome mix of talent and looks.

15 Jan 2024


Try these exercises for a slim, toned face

A common fitness goal for many people is to achieve a toned and sculpted face. Incorporating facial exercises into your routine can help improve general facial muscle power and tone.

13 Jan 2024

Fitness and Health

Happy Birthday, Liam Hemsworth! Here's how the actor stays fit

Liam Hemsworth, known for his chiseled physique and on-screen charisma, has long been a beacon of fitness inspiration.

09 Jan 2024

Weight loss

Sustainable weight loss: Tips for long-term results

Weight loss is indeed commendable, yet the true challenge lies in sustaining the progress over the long term.

07 Jan 2024

Fitness and Health

Happy birthday, Lewis Hamilton!  Revealing the F1 champion's fitness secrets

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, is not only known for his prowess on the racetrack but also for his commitment to physical fitness.

05 Jan 2024

Hair Care

Gym-ready hairstyles: Tame your tresses and exercise with confidence

Ever found yourself grappling with unruly hair mid-workout? Bid farewell to post-exercise hair woes with our curated collection of gym-friendly hairstyles.

04 Jan 2024


Exploring wall Pilates: A new dimension to Pilates fitness

Pilates provides a means to tone and develop your core, without requiring a lot of room or equipment.

04 Jan 2024

Health & Wellness

How to budget for a healthy lifestyle

In the fast-paced lives that we lead, prioritizing wellness is not just a luxury but a necessity. However, embarking on a journey towards better health need not break the bank.

29 Dec 2023

Pulkit Samrat

Happy birthday, Pulkit Samrat! Revealing secrets behind his chiseled body

In the current Bollywood business, where physical fitness is often considered as crucial as acting prowess, Pulkit Samrat stands out as a testament to the power of dedication and a disciplined lifestyle.

28 Dec 2023

Weight loss

Weight loss woes: Common mistakes to avoid

Beginning on a weight loss journey is no walk in the park, often riddled with pitfalls that can hinder progress.

25 Dec 2023

Health & Wellness

See how Kourtney Kardashian bounced back in just 7 weeks! 

Kourtney Kardashian, renowned as a reality star is setting a remarkable example by showcasing her commitment to postpartum fitness.

24 Dec 2023

Fitness and Health

Year-ender 2023: Health and fitness trends that went viral

This year has seen a wide range of trends that have drawn interest and excitement in fitness and health, from cutting-edge technologies to holistic lifestyle approaches.

20 Dec 2023

Fitness and Health

Are you a jogging enthusiast? Keep these things in mind

Jogging transcends being just a fitness trend; it's an activity that offers numerous health benefits and an excellent way to embrace a proactive lifestyle.

19 Dec 2023

Health & Wellness

Lifestyle habits that contribute to premature aging

Although aging is a natural process, it can happen more quickly if our bodies don't function well in our younger years.

12 Dec 2023


Winter: Ways to stay active and fit during the season

As the world embraces a serene frosty embrace during winter, the allure of hibernating indoors becomes irresistible. However, staying active during this season is not only invigorating but also crucial for overall well-being.

12 Dec 2023

Fitness and Health

Happy birthday, Yuvraj Singh! Revealing the former cricketer's fitness secrets

Former Indian cricket player Yuvraj Singh is renowned for his extraordinary agility and physical fitness.

08 Dec 2023


These face exercises can give you glowing skin 

In the relentless pursuit of flawless skin, face exercises emerge as a powerful and often underestimated tool.

05 Dec 2023


Gym wear guide for men: Dos and don'ts

The significance of choosing the right workout wear goes beyond fashion as it profoundly influences your overall performance.

29 Nov 2023

Mark Zuckerberg

4,000 calories; 8 hours sleep: Mark Zuckerberg reveals his routine

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently offered a sneak peek into his daily routine during a Facebook live Q&A session.

29 Nov 2023

Health & Wellness

Four couch potato exercises that truly work

For those who cringe at the idea of the gym but still aspire to stay fit, we've got the perfect solution - a workout tailored for the committed couch potato.

23 Nov 2023


'That Girl' trend embraces a realistic and healthy routing

Its never late to become that girl, the girl you have always drawn inspiration from.

21 Nov 2023


Winter wellness: Essential tips for caring for your furry friends

As the winter season envelops the nation in a cool embrace, pet owners need to be particularly mindful of their furry companions' well-being.

21 Nov 2023


Here's how you can clean your gym equipment at home

Working out at home is all things fun as you can freely do your favorite exercises to achieve your fitness goals.

19 Nov 2023

Health & Wellness

Easy ways to decrease cortisol levels in your body

Cortisol, also called the stress hormone, is released by the adrenal glands during stressful situations.

17 Nov 2023

Health & Wellness

Exercise safely: Essential tips to prevent injuries

Starting on a fitness journey is commendable, but safeguarding yourself from potential injuries is imperative.

17 Nov 2023


Winter weight woes: Stay slim and fit with these tips

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, many of us succumb to the temptation of hearty, calorie-laden comfort foods.

17 Nov 2023

Fitness and Health

Understanding plyometric workouts: Techniques and benefits

In the world of fitness and health, there exist thousands of different workout forms that have been designed to help people enjoyably achieve their fitness goals.

16 Nov 2023

Fitness and Health

Fitness on the go: Understanding the art of 'exercise snacks'

In a world filled with busy schedules and constant demands, finding time for a full workout can be challenging.

16 Nov 2023

Home Decor

Lifestyle benefits of a tidy home you didn't know about

In a relentless world of perpetual hustle, the upkeep of a tidy home can feel daunting.

15 Nov 2023


Stay fit with these underrated exercises

When it comes to fitness and health, most of us like to indulge in exercises that are trendy and everyone's favorite.

15 Nov 2023


Relationship weight gain and how can you avoid it 

In the embrace of love, amidst shared laughter and intimate moments, it's deceptively easy to disregard the subtle transformations that can impact our overall well-being.

15 Nov 2023

Fitness and Health

Happy Birthday, Sania Mirza! Know how the champion stays fit

Sania Mirza, the trailblazing tennis sensation, not only dazzles on the court with her powerful strokes and strategic prowess but also inspires with her commitment to fitness.

13 Nov 2023


Boost your immunity this winter with these tips 

As winter arrives, the need to fortify our immune systems becomes paramount in defending against seasonal flu and colds.

13 Nov 2023

Fitness and Health

Happy birthday, Gerard Butler! Here's how the actor stays fit

Gerard Butler is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood who wins hearts with each film he does.

07 Nov 2023

Kamal Haasan

Happy Birthday, Kamal Haasan! Here's how the veteran stays fit

Age is no barrier for the legendary actor, director, and producer Kamal Haasan. At 69, he continues to defy aging with his remarkable fitness and agility.

04 Nov 2023

Fitness and Health

Happy birthday, Milind Soman! Revealing his best-kept fitness secrets

Milind Soman is an irresistibly handsome combination of fitness and dedication that's second to none.

02 Nov 2023

Shah Rukh Khan

Happy birthday, Shah Rukh Khan! Admiring his fittest onscreen looks

Shah Rukh Khan, the country's biggest superstar and the fourth richest actor in the world whose talent, charm, and chivalry know no bounds, celebrates his birthday on November 2.

26 Oct 2023

Fitness and Health

5 fitness challenges that went viral on social media 

Social media has become a source of unique fitness challenges, fostering creativity in workout routines.

16 Oct 2023

Health & Wellness

World Spine Day: 5 exercises that keep your spine healthy

A healthy spine is essential as it supports your body, shields your spinal cord, and gives you freedom of movement.