Mexico City: News

08 May 2024

Travel And Tourism

Busting common myths about Mexico City's culinary landscape

Mexico City is a vibrant metropolis brimming with culture and history.

30 Apr 2024


Head over to Mexico City's volcanic weekend escapes

Nestled just beyond the energetic streets of Mexico City lies a world of volcanic splendor.

05 Apr 2024


Delve into Mexico City's market-hopping adventure

Mexico City buzzes with life, especially on weekends when its markets become hubs of activity.

02 Apr 2024

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Unveiling Mexico City's historic side with these recommendations

Mexico City is a tapestry of old and new, with its bustling streets layered atop ancient civilizations.

29 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

Explore Mexico City's vibrant mural arts

Mexico City boasts a tapestry of vibrant mural arts, each narrating tales of history, culture and revolution.

27 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

Witness the butterfly spectacle in Mexico City

Each year, the skies near Mexico City are painted with the colors of monarch butterflies.

22 Aug 2023

Music Industry

How was Spanish singer Miguel Bosé assaulted at home

In a shocking turn of events, Spanish singer Miguel Bosé has shared his ordeal of being allegedly robbed by 10 armed men who forcibly entered his home in Mexico on Friday.

10 Apr 2023

Music Industry

Who was Julián Figueroa, Mexican singer-songwriter who died at 27

Julián Figueroa, singer-songwriter and the son of world-renowned Mexican singer Joan Sebastian died on Sunday night. He was 27.

11 Nov 2022

Shooting Incident

Mexico: 9 die in bar shooting; police suspect gang war

Local authorities confirmed that a shooting incident inside a bar in central Mexico's Guanajuato state on Thursday left at least nine people dead and two others wounded.

04 Oct 2022

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5 heart-warming souvenirs from Mexico that you must buy

Shopping for souvenirs makes our travel diaries all the more memorable.

03 Jul 2022


Mexico: Mayor married alligator dressed as bride in age-old ritual

The Mayor of Mexico's San Pedro Huamelula, Victor Hugo Sosa, recently wed his "alligator bride" in a colorful traditional ceremony, with videos and photos of the rituals going viral on social media.

08 Sep 2021


Powerful earthquake near Mexico's Acapulco kills at least one

A powerful earthquake struck near the Pacific resort city of Acapulco on Tuesday night, killing at least one person and causing buildings to rock and sway in Mexico City hundreds of kilometers away.

08 Jan 2020


Five best cities for street food around the world

Street food is one of the best ways to experience the culture of a city/country.

28 Oct 2019


42 skulls, fetus, 'satanic' altar found from Mexico cartel's den

Over 40 skulls have been found from the den of a drug cartel in Mexico City during a police raid this week.

10 Sep 2019


Love street food? Head to these five cities

There's no better feeling than standing by a narrow lane, jam-packed with people and vehicles (with that unending honking), and savoring some of the best foods that the world has to offer.

22 Jan 2019


First in 2019: Mexico journalist found murdered, governor condemns killing

A Mexican journalist was found murdered in the northern state of Baja California Sur, the governor said yesterday, the first reporter to be killed this year in what has become one of the world's most dangerous countries for the press.

19 Jan 2019


Leaking fuel-pipeline triggers massive blaze in Mexico, kills 20

A leaking fuel-pipeline triggered a massive blaze in central Mexico today, killing at least 20 people and injuring another 54.

08 Dec 2018


#MissWorld: Mexico's Vanessa Ponce de Leon crowned 'Miss World 2018'

Miss Mexico Vanessa Ponce de Leon has been named the winner of the most coveted beauty pageant of the year, Miss World 2018.

20 Nov 2018


Story of 'Narcos' can be set anywhere: Producer Eric Newman

Showrunner Eric Newman says the story of 'Narcos' can be set anywhere in the world because drug business connects people beyond geographical and political boundaries.

07 Sep 2018

Hong Kong

Delhi Metro, second-most unaffordable service in the world: CSE

Environment think-tank Center for Science and Environment (CSE) clarified its study on falling ridership of the Delhi Metro wasn't only about trip cost but the total journey cost incurred by commuters, who because of poor integration of different systems, end up paying a lot.

Study: Delhi Metro is the world's second most unaffordable system

A comparative study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has revealed that the Delhi Metro is the second most unaffordable metro system in the world in terms of percentages of income spent.

01 Aug 2018


Plane crashes in Mexico, all 101 on board survive

A Mexican Embraer jet with 101 people onboard crashed while taking off from Durango yesterday amid a hail storm.

06 Jul 2018


Mexico: 24 killed, 49 injured in fireworks explosions

Twenty-four people were killed and at least 49 injured today when a series of explosions ripped through fireworks workshops in a town just north of Mexico City.

02 Jul 2018


Leftist 'AMLO' wins Mexico polls with 49% vote: Official projection

Anti-establishment leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador swept to victory in Mexico's Presidential election today with 49% vote, in a political sea change driven by voters' anger over corruption and violence.

18 Jun 2018

Russia News

FIFA'18: How Mexicans' celebrations triggered an artificial 'earthquake'?

There are celebrations and then there are celebrations of Mexican fans, that caused an earthquake (literally).

17 May 2018


UN: Delhi to be world's most populous city by 2028

A recently-released UN report on urban population estimates that around 68% of the world's population will be living in cities by 2050, and a bulk of that will be concentrated in three countries - India, China, and Nigeria.

22 Mar 2018


Bengaluru among 10 metros drying up fastest, severe crisis looming

That Bengaluru is facing water crisis is nothing new. But what's startling is that it is fast approaching 'Day Zero,' when taps start running dry.

16 Mar 2018

Google Maps

Google Maps introduces wheelchair accessible routes

Google Maps has introduced a new feature called 'wheelchair accessible routes' that will help users with mobility needs to easily navigate around a place.

17 Feb 2018


Powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico capital, Oaxaca state

A massive earthquake of a magnitude of 7.2 hit south and central Mexico with the epicenter in the country's Oaxaca state.

24 Sep 2017


Meet Frida, the dog that's saving people in earthquake-hit Mexico

Frida is a seven-year-old golden labrador recruited by the Mexican Navy to identify and rescue survivors of natural disasters. She has saved 52 lives so far.

22 Sep 2017


Mexico earthquake: Hopes fade for survivors, death toll hits 273

The death toll from the magnitude-7.1 earthquake that struck southern Mexico on Tuesday has risen to 273.

21 Sep 2017


Death toll from magnitude-7.1 earthquake in Mexico rises to 230

The death toll from the magnitude-7.1 earthquake which struck southern Mexico on Tuesday has risen to 230.

20 Sep 2017


Mexico: Powerful earthquake topples buildings, leaves at least 130 dead

A powerful earthquake has struck central Mexico; earlier this month an 8.1-magnitude earthquake had left the southern part of the country in shambles.

09 Sep 2017


Death toll from magnitude-8.1 earthquake in Mexico rises to 61

The death toll from the powerful earthquake that struck off Mexico's southern coast on Thursday has risen to 61.

08 Sep 2017


8.4 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico, tsunami warning issued

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 8.4 struck southern Mexico on September 7. At least five are confirmed dead.

15 Aug 2017


SpaceX sends icecream to astronauts, humanity is doing it right

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which was launched on Monday, had a very unlikely cargo. Along with 6,400 pounds of cargo, live mice and science experiments, one sweet treat for the six International Space Station astronauts is also there.

21 Dec 2016


Explosion in Mexico fireworks market kills 36

On Tuesday in the north of Mexico city, a fireworks market exploded killing at least 36 people and injured 72.