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08 Sep 2023


Home remedies for hot flashes: Try these hacks for relief

Hot flashes are among the most common symptoms of many health conditions, including menopause and anxiety.

07 Sep 2023


5 health benefits of adventure sports in your life 

Adventure sports not only give you an adrenaline rush but also help overcome certain phobias within us including that of water or height.

25 Aug 2023

Health & Wellness

Hug it out: Exploring the health benefits of hugging

Hugging is a universal language of connection, comfort, and care.

Home remedies for effective respite from anxiety symptoms

Anxiety is one of the most rapidly increasing and common mental health disorders today.

10 Aug 2023


These workbooks can help you work on your anxiety

From job stress and exam pressure to the pandemic-induced negativity, anxiety has become one of the most common mental health issues that is affecting everyone from young children to adults.

31 Jul 2023

Mental Health

What is high-functioning anxiety? How to manage it

High-functioning anxiety, unlike the usual anxiety, isn't always obvious.

31 Jul 2023

Mental Health

Understanding misophonia: When sounds trigger psychological responses 

Have you ever experienced intense irritation, anger, or anxiety upon hearing certain sounds like chewing, tapping, or sniffling? If so, you might be one of the many individuals who suffer from misophonia, a lesser-known but significant condition that causes strong emotional and psychological responses to specific sounds.

20 Jul 2023


Do calls stress you? These signs indicate phone call anxiety

Did you know that a phone call can trigger anxiety in people?

16 Jul 2023

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5 common habits that can lead to hormonal imbalance 

Hormones are chemical messengers that help in coordinating bodily activities. You get an imbalance in your hormone levels when you either have too much or not enough of a particular hormone.

14 Jun 2023

Mental Health

Signs of serotonin deficiency you shouldn't ignore

Serotonin is an important chemical in our bodies that affects how we behave, feel, move, and learn.

05 Jun 2023

Mental Health

Signs you have productivity anxiety 

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you are never doing enough? No matter how much effort you put in, you never feel satisfied with what you have done...Well, you must be undergoing productivity anxiety.

25 Mar 2023


Dealing with anxiety? Remove these foods from your diet

Feeling anxious without a known trigger? It could be your food!

Don't start new session before April 1: CBSE warns schools

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notice to all its affiliated schools warning them against commencing the new academic session before April 1, 2023.

28 Feb 2023

Mental Health

Fear flying? Here's how you can calm your anxiety

Does just the thought of flying make your heart race?

21 Feb 2023

Mental Health

Here's how you can deal with panic attacks 

A panic attack is a sudden episode of anxiety and fear that might be caused due to major life stress, a traumatic event, smoking, or excessive caffeine intake.

10 Feb 2023

Mental Health

Anxiety myths that you must not believe

An anxiety disorder is a common condition and so are the misconceptions around it.

02 Feb 2023

Mental Health

Try these breathing exercises the next time you feel anxious

Breathing is the most involuntary act our body performs throughout our lives from birth to death. It is a basic involuntary action that keeps us alive.

31 Jan 2023


5 incredibly healthy things sandalwood can do to your body

Let's know more about this aromatic ingredient from the realm of Ayurveda.

06 Jan 2023

Mental Health

5 unhealthy coping mechanisms you need to discard in 2023

People often fall for unhealthy coping mechanisms during their tough times trying to get rid of negative emotions.

02 Jan 2023

Health & Wellness

Thyroid Awareness Month: Know all about this disease here

The thyroid is a small gland responsible for producing multiple hormones in the body.

16 Dec 2022


5 signs you are being manipulated by your partner

Emotional manipulation in relationships can not only cause stress and anxiety but also leave you confused and insecure about your emotions which can lead to mental health issues.

09 Dec 2022

Mental Health

All about seasonal affective disorder or winter depression

Our mental health is very much related to the environment.

10 Nov 2022


Read these 5 books to overcome anxiety and panic attacks

Life is different when panic "attacks" and anxiety hits!

17 Aug 2022

Health & Wellness

5 health benefits of lemongrass you must know

The incredibly aromatic lemongrass is a source of multiple nutrients that can help you stay healthy.

08 Aug 2022

Mental Health

National CBD Day 2022: 5 benefits of CBD oil

Observed on August 8 every year, National CBD Day aims to make people aware of the power, usage, and effectiveness of a hemp-based compound called cannabidiol.

01 Aug 2022


Know all about Alzheimer's disease: Symptoms, treatment, and care

Alzheimer's is a progressive neurological disorder that causes brain cells to die, destroying your memory and other mental functions over time.

05 Jul 2022


Top 5 benefits of reading that can change your life

With the dawn of the Internet and the smartphone era, people have practically lost the habit of reading books and newspapers as everything is available online and is more convenient for them.

04 Jul 2022


Storm-themed spa room in Italy has the Internet divided

How does the word spa create an image in your mind? Soothing music, dim lighting, and relaxation, right?

20 Dec 2020


Five simple ways to help relieve stress

Getting stressed is quite normal and happens to almost everyone. Unfortunately, it can badly impact your emotional as well as physical health. So, it is important that you learn to manage stress.

05 Sep 2020


#HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that can help you with anxiety

With our lifestyles taking a drastic turn, anxiety is on a rise everywhere.

17 Nov 2019


Five home decor tips for a calming and relaxing vibe

With our increasingly packed work schedules, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and perpetually falling air quality, our mental health is bound to take a toll.

31 Oct 2018


#HealthBytes: Top 5 food-items to help deal with anxiety

Characterized by continuous worry and nervousness, anxiety is a common psychological problem these days.

26 Feb 2018


Anxiety may help remember things: Study

Manageable levels of anxiety can actually help you remember more details of an event, claimed a study.