Channing Tatum: News

07 Sep 2023


Hollywood romcoms where the girl falls in love first

For eternity, Hollywood romcoms have showcased the timeless trope of love at first sight or the guy's pursuit of affection. But it is a breath of fresh air when women take charge of things and become the leading ladies who take the reins of their hearts.

22 Aug 2023

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's best rom-com movies

From debuting in a minor role in the 1987 thriller Hangmen to bagging an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, among several other accolades, actor and producer Sandra Bullock has come a long way.

26 Apr 2023


Best roles of birthday boy Channing Tatum

What is a better way to celebrate your favorite star's birthday than to watch some of their best films? Thus, on Channing Tatum's 43rd birthday on Wednesday, we bring you a list of films that you should watch to celebrate his birthday.

24 Mar 2022


When is 'The Lost City' hitting the theaters in India?

We finally will get to watch The Lost City.

07 Mar 2022

Mark Wahlberg

5 Hollywood stars who are successful restaurant owners as well

Hollywood celebrities entering the pretty-profitable restaurant business is nothing new. There are many who have opened food outlets over the years.

30 Nov 2021


'Magic Mike 3' being made, Channing Tatum returns as lead

Michael "Magic Mike" Lane is coming back, people!

30 Dec 2020


Unusual pairing! Channing Tatum may be cast opposite Sandra Bullock

Dancer-actor Channing Tatum is reportedly in final negotiatory talks to pair opposite Sandra Bullock for Paramount Pictures' latest project titled The Lost City of D.

18 Oct 2018


WWE superstars who played the weirdest roles in movies

Over the years, numerous WWE superstars have played roles in movies. They were usually cast because of their huge sizes rather than their acting prowess.