Ryan Reynolds: News

16 Sep 2022

Blake Lively

Baby onboard: Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds to welcome fourth child

Congratulations are in order for Hollywood's favorite couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds!

23 Jul 2022

Hollywood News

R-rated films 'Logan,' 'Deadpool' franchise streaming on 'family-friendly' Disney+

Well, look who arrived fashionably late to the party!

22 Jun 2022


Listing Netflix's top 5 most-watched movies ever

Netflix is a treasure trove of quality content.

04 Jun 2022


Disney clears R-rated 'Deadpool 3' for MCU, confirm writers

The quick-witted, regenerative, mutant superhero Deadpool will soon be back in Deadpool 3.

30 Apr 2022

Taylor Swift

Blake Lively to make directorial debut with 'Seconds' novel adaptation

After directing Taylor Swift's music video I Bet You Think About Me, Blake Lively is now set to make her feature directorial debut.

13 Mar 2022


'The Adam Project' review: This casual watch offers nothing new

Netflix dropped a brand new science-fiction comedy, titled The Adam Project, last Friday.

09 Mar 2022

Hollywood News

5 Hollywood couples celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary this year

Relationships in Hollywood are more often than not messy affairs with little hope for forever afters.

23 Jan 2022


These 5 actors have starred in both Marvel, DC movies

When it comes to superheroes, Marvel and DC comics have always been the top, arch-nemesis (kind-of) players.

14 Jan 2022


'Red Notice' will return with two sequels, back-to-back shoot planned

Back in November last year, reports had been abuzz with the possible sequels of the big-budget Netflix venture, Red Notice.

17 Nov 2021

Dwayne Johnson

Despite negative reviews, 'Red Notice' becoming Netflix's biggest film yet?

Despite receiving mostly negative reviews, Netflix's Red Notice is slowly on the path of being the most popular film ever on the streaming platform.

31 Oct 2021


John Krasinski-Ryan Reynolds to star in fantasy comedy 'Imaginary Friends'

John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds are teaming up for an upcoming fantasy comedy film titled Imaginary Friends.

19 Oct 2021


Ryan Reynolds taking a 'little' break after wrapping up 'Spirited'

Ryan Reynolds has expressed that he will be taking "a little sabbatical" from "movie making" after completing work for his upcoming Apple TV+ film Spirited.

05 Oct 2021

Free Guy

'Free Guy': Ryan Reynolds' film hitting Disney+ Hotstar next week

Finally, the wait is over for those fans of Ryan Reynolds who could not catch Free Guy in theaters.

02 Aug 2021

Morgan Freeman

'Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard' releasing on August 6 here, in theaters

Good news for Indian movie enthusiasts!

11 Jun 2021

Hollywood News

New trailer of Ryan Reynolds' 'Free Guy' shows 'trolls exist'

A new trailer of Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy was recently released, and his fans could easily connect his cheeky yet confused character of Guy to his Deadpool avatar.

15 Apr 2021

Morgan Freeman

'Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard' trailer: Hilarious pandemonium ensues amid great action

Bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and hitman Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) are back with the sequel to their 2017 action-comedy, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard.

30 Mar 2021

Upcoming Movies

'The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard' moves up release date to June

Upcoming action-comedy film The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard has moved up its release date from August 20 this year to June 16.

30 Dec 2020

Hollywood News

Unusual pairing! Channing Tatum may be cast opposite Sandra Bullock

Dancer-actor Channing Tatum is reportedly in final negotiatory talks to pair opposite Sandra Bullock for Paramount Pictures' latest project titled The Lost City of D.

29 Nov 2020


Author Ken Jennings becomes interim host of game show 'Jeopardy!'

Late game show host Alex Trebek has left behind a legacy in Jeopardy! but as the show must go on, executives have been hunting for the next best choice to replace him.

22 Nov 2020

Walt Disney

'Deadpool 3' gets 'Bob's Burgers' writer-duo to pen the script

It seems like Ryan Reynolds is retaining his unparalleled sense of humor in his latest Deadpool outing.

21 Oct 2020


'Fast and Furious' parent franchise to end with 11th film

The original Fast and Furious franchise is set to end.

06 Oct 2020

Stranger Things

Ryan Reynolds' 'Free Guy' trailer thrills with gamified lives

20th Century Studios has released the trailer of comedy flick Free Guy and we can't keep calm!

26 Sep 2020


Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney may buy out Welsh football club

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame have planned to venture into football.

16 Sep 2020


Ryan Reynolds wishes his pooch birthday, Blake Lively trolls him

Ryan Reynolds, who recently resumed shooting for Red Notice, has learned the lesson of "having a taste of his own medicine," the hard way.

16 Aug 2020

Akshay Kumar

Second Time Lucky: Dwayne Johnson becomes world's highest paid actor

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has won the bout again.

12 Aug 2020


Apple signs first-look film and TV deal with Martin Scorsese

Apple has roped Martin Scorsese in!

05 Aug 2020


Peter Thomas down with COVID-19, blames selfie ops for infection

Coronavirus is showing no signs of slowing down. This time, it has attacked former Bravo reality star Peter Thomas.

24 Mar 2020


Britney Spears vows to help fans suffering due to coronavirus

From heart-warming, mildly weird to downright outrageous, celebrity reactions to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have been pretty varied so far.

24 Jan 2020


#ComicBytes: Green Lantern facts which were not shown in films

In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern Corps have protected the universe since ages.

23 Aug 2019

Hollywood News

Tree, Island, wisdom tooth: Weird things celebrities gifted each other

When you are sitting on top of truckloads of money, sky is the limit for you, and your gifts.

30 Jul 2019

Hollywood News

Eight of the most-awaited Hollywood thrillers releasing this year

Thriller is a genre that excites all, since it keeps one on the edge of their seats, as the plot builds up.

22 Jun 2019


#GamingBytes: Know the best PC games featuring Marvel characters (ranked)

Marvel has a roster of thousands of characters but only a few can carry a video game on their super-shoulders.

11 May 2019


#GamingBytes: Pokémon fans rejoice! New smartphone game releasing soon

Pokémon are adorable and their games, fun. Soon, we will have a new Pokémon video game to play on our smartphones.

03 May 2019

Hollywood News

'Detective Pikachu' early reviews: A fun-filled adventure with Ryan Reynolds

Over time, Hollywood has released multiple films based on popular media franchises, especially video games.

25 Mar 2019


#ComicBytes: Green Lantern facts which were not shown in films

In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern Corps have protected the universe since ages.

01 Jan 2019


Marvel Cinematic Universe might make X-Men, Deadpool movies from 2019

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding and this time it is looking to include some Marvel superheroes who have been under Fox studios for a long time.

27 Dec 2018


'Avengers: Endgame' directors, Russo brothers, troll Marvel fans

Avengers: Endgame is coming up and the anticipating fans have not been able to pry much information about the movie.