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07 Sep 2023


Top Hollywood movies with enemies-turned-lovers trope

There are some cliche storylines when it comes to rom-coms or the entire genre of romantic movies. And the enemies-turned-lovers trope is one of them.

31 Aug 2023


Top 5 treasure hunt movies to watch 

Since the love for treasure-hunting stories was triggered by Treasure Island, there was no looking back from this genre for most of us.

30 Aug 2023


Top 5 female-led Hollywood action movies to watch

The genre of action has long been a male-dominated field in the film industry. Still, Hollywood has given us female-led action movies like Aliens in the 1980s.

22 Aug 2023


Sandra Bullock's best rom-com movies

From debuting in a minor role in the 1987 thriller Hangmen to bagging an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, among several other accolades, actor and producer Sandra Bullock has come a long way.

09 Aug 2023


'Miss Congeniality,' 'Little Miss Sunshine': Hollywood's must-watch beauty pageant films

We accept the fact that indulging in films that capture the glitz and glamor of beauty pageants serves as a guilty pleasure for many of us!

08 Aug 2023


Sandra Bullock's partner Bryan Randall dies: His life, career, relationships

Hollywood star Sandra Bullock's longtime boyfriend Bryan Randall passed away on Saturday (August 5) at the age of 57.

08 Aug 2023

Health & Wellness

What is ALS, the disease that killed Sandra Bullock's partner

Hollywood actor Sandra Bullock lost her longtime partner Bryan Randall to a disease named Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) on August 5.

26 Jul 2023

Academy Awards

Sandra Bullock's birthday special: Top 5 films you can't miss 

Sandra Bullock, the American actor and producer who has been one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, turned 59 today (July 26).

26 Jul 2022


Happy birthday, Sandra Bullock! Looking at actor's noteworthy performances

One of the leading Hollywood actors of contemporary times, Sandra Bullock has made an exceptional mark in the industry in a career spanning over three decades.

24 May 2022


Top 5 fashion movies we got from Hollywood

Although a plethora of reasons makes a film worth remembering, a few movies are best applauded for the sartorial opulence and elegance they bring onscreen.

24 Mar 2022


When is 'The Lost City' hitting the theaters in India?

We finally will get to watch The Lost City.

07 Mar 2022

Mark Wahlberg

5 Hollywood stars who are successful restaurant owners as well

Hollywood celebrities entering the pretty-profitable restaurant business is nothing new. There are many who have opened food outlets over the years.

03 Jan 2022


5 strange habits of Hollywood actors that will shock you

Hollywood stars are considered no less than demigods, but once you learn of their weird, often cringe-worthy habits, you realize they are human beings as well.

18 Dec 2021


'The Lost City' trailer: Embark on thoroughly engaging, hilarious 'mis'adventure

Paramount Pictures is bringing together epic names like Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe for an epic, hilarious ride through the jungle.

27 Oct 2021


'The Unforgivable' trailer: Incarceration, murder, familial love take center stage

Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock is back with a complex tale of a real-world mess.

12 Feb 2021


Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt to clash in action-thriller 'Bullet Train'

A clash of Hollywood biggies Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt is imminent now.

30 Dec 2020


Unusual pairing! Channing Tatum may be cast opposite Sandra Bullock

Dancer-actor Channing Tatum is reportedly in final negotiatory talks to pair opposite Sandra Bullock for Paramount Pictures' latest project titled The Lost City of D.

16 Sep 2019

George Clooney

Six awesome science-fiction films that are worth watching repeatedly

With their visuals, futuristic approach, and speculative depictions, sci-fi films appeal to all.

21 Aug 2019


Top 7 thriller movies that you can stream on Netflix

Grab your favorite snack, hit the sack, and Netflix the entire day: Sounds like a good off-day plan?

03 Jan 2019


Do not try the #BirdBoxChallenge, Netflix warns

Bird Box is the latest Netflix horror movie starring Sandra Bullock.

04 Sep 2017

Donald Trump

Trump's movie career: Won the "Worst Supporting Actor" award

Did you know Donald Trump almost played the US President even before he ran for it? He was offered the role in the 2015 TV-film Sharknado 3.