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21 Nov 2023

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan's 'Oppenheimer' heads to OTT: When, where to watch

Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer—released in theaters on July 21—is set for its digital release.

21 Nov 2023

Upcoming Movies

New 'Bourne' movie in works with Matt Damon—everything to know

Universal Pictures is said to be in the early stages of developing a new addition to the Jason Bourne series, with talks of Edward Berger—the director behind the acclaimed All Quiet on the Western Front—taking the helm.

20 Nov 2023


Ridley Scott's best movies, per IMDb ratings 

Filmmaker Ridley Scott is nearing 50 years of making feature films in Hollywood and has crafted one of the most interesting filmographies in the industry.

31 Oct 2023

Michael Douglas

'Wall Street' to 'The Kominsky Method': Michael Douglas's best performances

In his prolific career of over 50 years, Michael Douglas received two Oscar nominations and won both of them, one for his acting and the other for co-producing One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), among numerous other accolades.

26 Oct 2023

Will Smith

'North By Northwest'-'Bridge of Spies': Best Hollywood spy movies

In the shadowy world of espionage filled with intrigue, deception, and high-stakes missions, Hollywood has woven a tapestry of thrilling narratives that transcends generations.

20 Oct 2023

Steven Spielberg

'Schindler's List' to 'Dunkirk': Best Hollywood World War II movies

World War II stands as one of the most pivotal and tumultuous periods in modern history, shaping the destiny of nations and individuals alike.

20 Oct 2023

Al Pacino

'Heat' to 'Ocean's Eleven': Best Hollywood heist movies

The subgenre of heist movies in Hollywood cinema is where crime drama, psychological thriller, and action sequences meet.

08 Oct 2023

Happy Birthday

Matt Damon birthday special: Movies that raked in over $100M

Hollywood actor-filmmaker-writer Matt Damon celebrates his 53rd birthday on Sunday.

06 Oct 2023


'Good Will Hunting' to 'Air': Matt Damon's best performances 

From humble beginnings to becoming one of Hollywood's most revered actors, Matt Damon is a name synonymous with versatility and excellence.

27 Sep 2023


'Emma' to 'Shakespeare in Love': Gwyneth Paltrow's best performances 

Although Gwyneth Paltrow has recently been known for building her wellness and lifestyle empire Goop, and has said she was "masquerading as an actor" in a New York Times interview, she is an Oscar-winning actor with over 50 films in her diverse filmography.

20 Sep 2023


'Interstellar' to 'Moon': Top 5 Hollywood space movies

The vast and mysterious cosmos has long served as a fascination and inspiration for both filmmakers and audiences alike.

29 Aug 2023

OTT releases

Know when to watch Christopher Nolan's 'Oppenheimer' on OTT

Oppenheimer is one of the milestone movies of this year. The critically acclaimed film is one of the most-watched movies and has emerged to be a commercial success.

15 Aug 2023


Decoding timeless watch pieces of 'Barbenheimer'

The craze for Barbenheimer, a nickname coined for one of the biggest Hollywood clashes at the box office involving the films Barbie and Oppenheimer in July, is far from over.

10 Aug 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' shows slight growth on weekdays

Christopher Nolan is a generation-defining filmmaker and over the years, he has produced some stellar work on celluloid. His recent release Oppenheimer is considered to be one of the best films of 2023 and the movie has been praised by critics and viewers.

08 Aug 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' is holding the fort strong

Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer has been one of the most anticipated films of 2023 and it has delivered right. The movie received rave reviews from critics and viewers across the world.

07 Aug 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' grows over the weekend

Oppenheimer has been a raging success and is on a money-minting spree. The film was pitted against Barbie at the worldwide box office and the latter surpassed Oppenheimer gracefully.

04 Aug 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' eyes another eventful weekend in India

Oppenheimer has been a monumental film of 2023 and certainly one of Christopher Nolan's best works. The movie received rave reviews, especially for Cillian Murphy's acting. The movie is pitted against Barbie at the global level and its overall collection has been quite good.

03 Aug 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' crosses the Rs. 100 crore mark in India

Christopher Nolan has a huge fan base in India and once again it has been proved with Oppenheimer.

02 Aug 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' surpasses $400M globally

Oppenheimer marked Christopher Nolan's comeback on celluloid and the film is receiving praise from viewers worldwide. The movie has been earning well at the global box office and has surpassed the $400M mark. In the US market, it has earned $174.1M.

01 Aug 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' passes the second Monday test smoothly

Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer was one of the most anticipated films of 2023 and it delivered with ease. The biopic has enthralled viewers and has been quite decent at the box office. It is pitted against Barbie at the global box office and being an R-rated film, it has earned comparatively lesser.

31 Jul 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' inching toward Rs. 100 crore mark in India

Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer craze never seems to cease, especially in India. The director has a huge fan base here and that has reflected on the box office collection. The biopic's second weekend collection has been great and it has maintained momentum.

28 Jul 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' is holding the fort quite strong

Christopher Nolan is one of the most celebrated filmmakers in the world. The director is known for his distinct non-linear storytelling and the way he mounts his films. His recently released film Oppenheimer is being touted as his career best and it has been raking in quite well as per box office collection.

27 Jul 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' is going to stay and slay

Christopher Nolan has built a consolidated fan base over the years. The adept filmmaker has the hype and this time he has delivered Oppenheimer which is touted to be his best work on celluloid.

26 Jul 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer' lags behind globally

Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer has been one of the most ambitious projects of all time and the ace director has delivered up to the expectations. It clashed with Barbie at the box office and has managed to rake in $209.3M globally.

25 Jul 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeCollection: 'Oppenheimer's success streak continues in India

Oppenheimer has been the talk of the town. The movie has fallen behind Barbie in terms of global box office collection, but it is being touted as Christopher Nolan's finest work to date.

21 Jul 2023

Movie Review

'Oppenheimer' review: Christopher Nolan delivers best film of 2023 

After making films such as The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Inception, etc, the bets on Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer were high. A biopic on "the father of the atomic bomb" J Robert Oppenheimer, it can rightly be termed as Nolan's finest.

20 Jul 2023

Christopher Nolan

'Oppenheimer' character guide: Key players in Christopher Nolan's historic thriller

The silver screen is about to ignite (quite literally) with the highly-anticipated debut of Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer on Friday.

19 Jul 2023

Box Office Collection

#BoxOfficeBuzz: 'Oppenheimer' to open with $100M globally

Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest filmmakers of our generation. From being a pioneer in many arenas of filmmaking to his distinct style of storytelling, the director is breaking boundaries with each film.

14 Jul 2023


Hollywood actors-writers launch strike for 1st time in 63 years

For the first time in 63 years, Hollywood has come to a halt following a double strike by writers and actors—led by the national board for the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)—over better pay and protection in a rapidly-changing era, among other issues.

04 Jul 2023


'Oppenheimer' sells over 22,500 tickets in India; advance bookings open

Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Oppenheimer has been in the buzz ever since its announcement. With the trailer and other promotional videos, the anticipation has gone higher for the Cillian Murphy starrer.

02 Jun 2023

Christopher Nolan

'Oppenheimer' makers release new BTS video; IMAX tickets out

Christopher Nolan is one of the most adept directors of our generation. The filmmaker is known for his distinct storytelling, high-concept films, and his way of using time as a concept.

27 May 2023

Ryan Gosling

'Project Hail Mary': Everything about Ryan Gosling's astronaut adventure film

The renowned filmmaking duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller is set to embark on another ambitious project titled Project Hail Mary.

08 May 2023

Christopher Nolan

'Oppenheimer' trailer: Explosive historical drama packed with visual spectacle

Christopher Nolan fans, rejoice! The new trailer for the acclaimed director's upcoming movie has been released.

08 Apr 2023


5 most memorable Hollywood cameos

When you talk about modern filmmaking, cameos have become an effective tool to create buzz around movies or shows.

14 Feb 2023

Hardik Pandya

Natasa-Hardik and 5 other celebrities who renewed their wedding vows 

After the beautiful wedding of Sidharth Malhotra-Kiara Advani, celebrity couple Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya are all set to tie the knot on Valentine's Day.

10 Feb 2023

Ben Affleck

'Air': Ben Affleck-Matt Damon reunite in film on Nike's rise

Sports and movie enthusiasts, take note!

17 Jan 2023


6 international sports dramas everyone should watch

Sports is one of those things which blurs borders, unites people across cultures, brings peace in some nations gives hope to many. Over the years, sports have been an integral part of our daily lives and many success stories have inspired us.

21 Aug 2022


Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck get married again in lavish ceremony

Actor-singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck got married, again!

20 Apr 2022


Nike-Michael Jordan deal inspires Ben Affleck, Matt Damon's third collaboration

After Good Will Hunting (1997) and The Last Duel (2021), actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are reuniting for their third movie.

30 Sep 2021

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck-Matt Damon's 'The Last Duel' releasing here next month

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's most-anticipated movie The Last Duel has found a release date in India.

21 Jul 2021

Ben Affleck

'The Last Duel' trailer shows 14th century's 'Me Too' story

Trailer of director Ridley Scott's The Last Duel has been released and it stars Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in lead roles.

28 Jan 2021


'Thor: Love and Thunder' shoot starts after welcome by Aboriginals

Last week, Matt Damon announced his entry to the shooting schedules of Thor: Love and Thunder, and this week, MCU's next big-screen outing began shooting with a lot of grandeur.

21 Jan 2021


'Ragnarok's Loki, Matt Damon, signed for 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

Matt Damon is returning to Marvel with the latest Asgardian offering of Thor: Love and Thunder.

17 Jan 2021

Donald Trump

Macaulay Culkin approves netizens' demand for Trump-less 'Home Alone 2'

Macaulay Culkin, the child-star from the Home Alone franchise, has taken a dig at an unexpected co-actor.

16 Oct 2020

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix, Ridley Scott reunite for Napoleon Bonaparte drama, 'Kitbag'

After the Oscar-winning performance in Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is ready for his next: A film on French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

14 May 2020


Matt Damon reveals his daughter Alexia had coronavirus

Matt Damon has revealed that his eldest daughter, Alexia, had earlier been infected with the coronavirus in New York City.

19 Sep 2019

Sylvester Stallone

Seven top sports movies even non-sports lovers will enjoy watching

Sports genre films are entertaining and inspiring at the same time, and don't show much gore.

30 Sep 2018

Saturday Night Live

Best-thing-today: Matt Damon playing Brett Kavanaugh on SNL is gold

Earlier this week, Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court of the US nominee, faced a Senate judiciary committee for sexual assault.

24 May 2018

Narendra Modi

5 times Elon Musk has over-promised and under-delivered

Elon Musk is like Narendra Modi in more ways than one. They both aren't driven by money or power, they just want to leave a legacy.

03 Apr 2017

Las Vegas

A look at the developments of CinemaCon 2017

CinemaCon 2017, which took place in Las Vegas from 27th to 30th March, saw film studios showcasing films to come, new technology, and debating about a shorter theatrical window in the face of a changing market.

17 Dec 2016


'The Great Wall' debuts in China

"The Great Wall" is a $150 million historical fantasy that has been co-produced by American and Chinese companies.