Tinder: News

Tinder is an American online dating application that allows users to anonymously swipe left or right on displayed profiles to dislike or like them respectively. Profiles generally comprise of short bio, a photograph, and personal interests. Once users match, they can message each other on the Tinder app. Tinder first launched in 2012 as a startup incubated by Hach Labs. By 2014, the platform recorded around 1 billion "swipes" per day. Users can sign up for this using their Facebook account or phone number. Today, Tinder is available on iOS and Android. Additionally, Tinder displays potential matches based on the profile's geographic proximity to the user. The platform operates in the freemium business model where users can sign up and get started for free but highlighting their profile and other similar services are available for an additional in-app purchase. Meanwhile, the company has been criticized for its safety issues, data privacy concerns, and even public health concerns.

07 Feb 2023


Tinder launches slew of safety features on Safer Internet Day

To mark Safer Internet Day (SID), popular online dating platform Tinder is rolling out a slew of safety features to make it easier for users to control how they interact with others.

24 Jan 2023


Online dating: Questions to ask before you meet in real

Dating online on apps like Tinder and Bumble is no mean feat! If you are genuinely looking to build a meaningful relationship, it is a whole new ballgame.

09 Aug 2022


Mumbai man seeks sisters on Tinder for Raksha Bandhan

Apps like Tinder have made finding dates much easier and faster, but does it always have to be romantic love?

11 May 2022


Hinge, Tinder's parent company sues Google over restrictive billing practices

Tinder's parent company Match Group has sued Google, alleging that its Android apps are being forced to use Google Play Store billing for payments and pay a 30% royalty on each transaction.

17 Aug 2021


Tinder will soon start offering ID verification. What changes, then?

Twitter halted its account verification process but popular dating app Tinder has begun rolling out a similar idea called ID verification. Using this, Tinder users can show the platform a government or official ID to verify that they are the person they claim to be on Tinder.

08 Jun 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Tinder makes it easier for cheaters, and more

Tinder's very nature makes it unviable for cheaters. While fake profiles don't get you anywhere, using your real identity will get you spotted and ratted out by common friends.

07 Jun 2021


Tinder finally unveils feature to block people on the app

With the growing availability of COVID-19 vaccinations, the popular dating app Tinder is anticipating a "post-pandemic uncuffing season" to follow.

02 Sep 2020

Pakistan News

Pakistan bans Tinder, Grindr over 'immoral' content

Pakistan is launching a crackdown on popular online dating services.

Tinder will soon allow global matches, video calling: Details here

The outbreak of COVID-19, the worst health crisis of our time, has made social distancing a must in different parts of the world.

07 May 2020


Facebook led to crashing of several popular apps on iOS

A few hours ago, Spotify, Tinder, TikTok, Pinterest, and many other popular apps started crashing on iOS.

24 Jan 2020


Not feeling safe on a date? Use Tinder's 'panic' button

Tinder has grown into one of the biggest dating platforms, with millions shelling out money to use the service.

06 Sep 2019


Now, more people can use Facebook Dating: Here's how

Facebook Dating, the dedicated service to find love and matches the likes of Tinder and OkCupid, has been launched to a wider set of users.

17 Aug 2019


Top 5 dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community in India

For the longest time, India's queer community has been forced underground as the police once tracked "homosexual gangs," traced people on online chatrooms and booked them under IPC Section 377.

28 Jul 2019


Tinder's new feature will protect LGBTQ community from being criminalized

A month ago, Tinder introduced the option to let people reveal their sexual orientation on the dating platform.

15 Jul 2019


Soon, big brands could advertise on WhatsApp via GIFs, stickers

After staying ad-free for years, WhatsApp is finally looking to monetize by showing ads.

06 Jul 2019


Tinder beats YouTube, Netflix to become highest earning non-game app

Tinder has beaten popular services like Netflix and YouTube to become the highest grossing non-game app in the first half of 2019, according to the latest figures from Sensor Tower.

19 Jun 2019


Bengaluru techie jailed after one-night stand with Tinder date

Online dating culture is a tricky mess. While you may come across fake profiles and sex offenders galore, minding the fine line between serious and casual is usually the hardest.

13 Jun 2019

San Francisco

How Snapchat's 'gender swap' filter helped arrest this pedophile cop

Although Snapchat has increasingly become less popular since Instagram introduced Stories, its recent 'gender swap' filter made it popular once again.

25 Apr 2019


Dating app Bumble's AI will save you from unwanted nudes

Priyanka Chopra-backed Bumble dating app will soon use artificial intelligence to save people from unwanted nudes.

05 Apr 2019


Soon, your Snapchat stories will come on Tinder: Here's how

Snapchat's iconic 'Stories' feature is heading over to Tinder.

01 Apr 2019

April Fools

Prank or not? Tinder claims to be adding height verification

Amid several April Fools' Day pranks, Tinder has made the claim of mandating height verification.

18 Feb 2019


Tinder reveals what women, men find most-desirable in each other

In an era of social media websites and apps, finding love is just a finger swipe away.

15 Feb 2019


Tudder, the Tinder for cattle where cows 'find' their perfect-match

Previously, we reported how there is a Tinder-like app for dogs, where people can date a dog before adopting them.

14 Feb 2019


50% Indians don't want anything special on V-Day: Survey

We know how Indian aashiqs love to express their feelings through teddy bears, flowers, and romantic dates, courtesy projection of 'love' in Bollywood, but a recent survey by dating app OkCupid revealed startling results.

07 Feb 2019


Tinder for dogs: An app to choose the perfect pet

In what will come as good news for dog lovers, there exists an app through which you can date a 'dog', before adopting it.

30 Jan 2019


Here's what Google India, Tinder, Amazon Prime "really really really...want"

A new meme fest has emerged on social media with the "We really really really..." format in which people have expressed their exclusive and unfulfilled wishes.

11 Jan 2019


Young-Indians choose to discover themselves over getting married, says Tinder

For generations, the goals of Indians in their 20s have been to get a job, which provides a stable income, and get "settled".

15 Nov 2018


Brokers are selling Tinder, OkCupid data; details like sexual-orientation available

Millions of dating profiles from sites like Tinder and OkCupid are being auctioned by shady data brokers.

10 Nov 2018


Facebook Dating comes to Canada, Thailand: Details here

Nearly two months after taking off in Colombia, Facebook Dating is coming to two new countries - Thailand and Canada.

25 Sep 2018


Women getting first 'move' liberty, thanks to new Tinder feature

Tinder is rolling out a new feature in India, one that only lets women open a conversation with a guy on the famous dating app.

22 Aug 2018


#WeirdestDateEver: Woman convinces dozens of men to participate in 'live-Tinder'

On Sunday, scenes at New York's Union Square were unprecedented. Thousands of men had come to meet their Tinder date, who was actually the same woman!

15 Aug 2018


Tinder founders sue parent companies Match Group, IAC for $2bn

Tinder co-founders Sean Rad and Jonathan Badeen, along with eight other former and current Tinder employees, have sued parent company Match Group, and its holders IAC for a whopping $2bn.

23 Jun 2018


Tinder introduces Picks to find you matches with common interests

Tinder is testing a new feature called "Tinder Picks" that aims at helping users find more matches based on common interests.

18 Jun 2018


The Crown dating app from Tinder's creators gamifies dating

If you thought Tinder was shallow for promoting its 'hot-or-not' approach in the online dating space, you might not be ready for what's coming next.

16 May 2018


Tinder's location-tracking feature is spooky: Details here

Tinder is developing a new feature called Places that tracks your location and allows potential matches to see where you've been.

03 May 2018


Facebook employee brags on Tinder about being 'professional stalker,' fired

Facebook is fighting a challenging battle. On one hand, Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to dispel notions that the social media platform is infringing upon users' privacy.

06 Apr 2018


Tinder logs out users after Facebook updates data privacy policies

After Facebook recently revealed that a maximum of 87 million users could have been affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and updated its data privacy policies against third-party apps, Tinder users who had signed up through Facebook Login have been booted off the dating app.

17 Mar 2018


Tinder sues rival dating app Bumble over patents

Tinder's parent company Match.com has sued rival dating app Bumble over alleged patent infringement and misappropriation of intellectual property.

26 Feb 2018


Tinder helping youngsters cheat on their partners: Study

Dating app Tinder, which is supposed to help people form new relationships, is increasingly helping youngsters cheat on their partners, a study claims.

22 Feb 2018


Woah! Tinder flaw allowed access to accounts through phone number

According to the findings of security agency Appsecure, a Tinder login flaw allowed anyone to access an account just by using the registered phone number.