Green Card: News

17 May 2022

US Immigration Policy

Process Green Cards within 6 months: US presidential panel

In what could bring cheer to thousands of Indian-Americans, a US presidential advisory commission has unanimously recommended the Joe Biden Administration process all Green Cards or permanent residency applications within six months.

25 Feb 2021

Donald Trump

Biden cancels Trump-era ban on green card applicants

On Wednesday, United States President Joe Biden revoked a proclamation from Donald Trump, his predecessor, that banned the issuance of green cards. Known as Presidential Proclamation 100014, the order from the former President spoke about protecting jobs in the US amid the coronavirus pandemic.

23 Jul 2020

H-1B Visa

Green Card waitlist over 195 years for Indians: US Senator

An Indian national hoping for a Green Card would have to wait for over 195 years, said a top United States Senator.

02 May 2020

Donald Trump

60-day grace period for H-1B visa holders, green card applicants

The United States on Friday announced a grace period of 60 days to H-1B visa holders and green card applicants, who have been asked to produce various documents.

22 Apr 2020

Donald Trump

Trump halts immigration for 60-days, will affect green card seekers

A day after he announced the plans to halt immigration into the United States "temporarily", President Donald Trump said there will be a ban on those seeking permanent residency for 60 days.

10 Nov 2019

Barack Obama

Spouses of H-1B visa holders can continue working in US

A United States court has refused to strike down an Obama-era visa regulation which permits the spouses of H-1B visa holders to work, albeit temporarily.

05 Oct 2019


US: President Trump's new immigration rule could affect 23,000 Indians

Immigrants applying for visas to United States could be denied entry into the country, unless they can prove that they have health insurance or can cover their medical costs, according to a rule signed by US President Donald Trump on Friday.

13 Aug 2019

Donald Trump

Poor people can't legally immigrate to Trump's America anymore

In what could cut legal immigration to the United States by half, the Trump administration said yesterday that those seeking public benefits could be denied green cards.

18 Oct 2018


60,394 of 600,000 Indians received Green Cards in 2017: US

Out of over 600,000 Indians waiting for the most sought-after Green Card, only 60,394 have received the legal permanent residency last year which allows them to live and work in the US, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

13 Sep 2018

H-1B Visa

The US has found another way to deny H-1B visas

On Tuesday, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) implemented a new rule that allows US authorities to reject visa applications, petitions, and requests over mistakes and missing documents without giving an applicant the chance to correct the error.

US: EB-2 Indian-immigrants to wait for 151-years for Green Card

Indians with advanced degrees may have to wait for 151 years for a Green Card which authorizes them to live and work in the US permanently.

24 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

H-1B visa changes: No place for Indians in Trump's America

Donald Trump's new policy on H-1B visa rules will make it more difficult for tech giants to import Indians to the US for work.

04 Feb 2018

Donald Trump

Indian-Americans support Trump's merit-based immigration plan at White House rally

In a rare pro-Trump rally, hundreds of skilled Indian workers and their families gathered outside the White House in Washington on Saturday to support the American President's plan for a merit-based immigration system.

09 Jan 2018

H-1B Visa

Relief for Indians: US denies considering changing H-1B extension policy

A week after reports emerged that the Trump administration was considering tightening H-1B visa rules that could lead to deportation of 7,50,000 Indians, the US has denied them.

04 Jan 2018


US' curb on H-1B visas a golden opportunity for India?

The US' curb on H-1B visas might be bad news for Indians wishing to settle there, but it might turn out to be a golden opportunity for the Indian government.

02 Jan 2018


Trump's H-1B changes may lead to deportation of 7,50,000 Indians

The Donald Trump administration is taking another step in its "Buy American, Hire American" initiative, possibly affecting 7,50,000 Indians.