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23 Oct 2019


Firmware update breaks Google Home, Home Mini smart speakers

If you own a Google Home or Home Mini smart speaker, better refrain from installing any new update.

07 Oct 2019


Soon, you could have a soft, breathable raincoat: Here's how

If you've ever worn a raincoat (which I think you have), you know how uncomfortable that thing is.

13 Sep 2019


MIT scientists just created the blackest material ever known

Can dark black ever be darker?

22 May 2019


Sony's PlayStation 5 will be insanely faster than PS4

We all know that Sony is developing the next generation of its gaming console, the PlayStation 5.

13 May 2019


Soon, you'd be able to use Tinder on weak connection

Following the footsteps of Twitter and Facebook, popular dating giant Tinder is gearing up to launch a lite version of its mobile app.

25 Apr 2019


Dating app Bumble's AI will save you from unwanted nudes

Priyanka Chopra-backed Bumble dating app will soon use artificial intelligence to save people from unwanted nudes.

11 Apr 2019


MIT's new robot has a sense of touch, detects objects

Sorting waste material before recycling is a hazardous labor-intensive job.

Now, McDonald's will use AI to recommend you right meals

In a major move, McDonald's has acquired a machine learning start-up to better recommend food items.

07 Mar 2019


'Zero' holeless phone was a marketing stunt, says Meizu CEO

Back in January, Chinese smartphone maker Meizu made major headlines for launching a crowdfunding campaign for Zero, the "World's First Holeless Phone".

02 Nov 2018


LG could unveil rollable TV, foldable phone at CES 2019

At the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, aka CES 2019, LG might bring two products leveraging its display technology - a rollable OLED TV and a foldable smartphone.