Google Meet: News

Google Meet, a video conferencing service offered by the Internet giant, has become a handy tool for people these days who are working from home amid the lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier only G Suite users and educators could use it, but now it has been made free for all users. This is however till September, after which meeting length will be restricted to 60mins. Stated to be giving a tough competition to its counterpart Zoom, G-Meet can hold up to 100 participants for a particular video conference. Also, Zoom’s video conferencing services are free till 40mins, whereas no such limit is imposed by G-Meet. Further, reports suggest that till May, G-Meet hosted 3bn minutes of video meetings.

13 May 2024


How to use on-the-go mode on Google Meet?

Google Meet, renowned for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Google products, has an on-the-go feature specifically designed for mobile users.

10 Apr 2024


Google announces AI upgrades for Gmail, Sheets, and Docs 

Google has announced a series of enhancements to its Workspace suite at the Cloud Next 2024 event.

16 Mar 2024


Google Meet introduces face touch-up filters for desktop users

Google Meet is expanding its feature set with the introduction of face touch-up filters for desktop users.

21 Jan 2024


Google Maps' new feature helps diners make informed decisions

Google Maps has rolled out an innovative feature that connects user-generated food photos with their respective menu items.

18 Jan 2024


Google Meet has made video calling more fun: Here's how

Google Meet is stepping up its video calling game with new personalization features, including a revamped user interface (UI) for easier access to effects.

22 Nov 2023


Google Meet can detect when you raise hands during calls

Google Meet is making group video calls more interactive with a new feature that detects when a participant raises their hand physically, eliminating the need to click the "hand raise" button on the screen.

04 Nov 2023


Google Meet update allows direct calls for enterprise users

Google Meet has launched an update for enterprise Workspace users, enabling direct one-on-one calls without needing a link.

11 Oct 2023


Google Meet now offers group calls in 1080p video quality

Google Meet has expanded its 1080p video quality feature to group calls for Workspace subscribers, after initially introducing the high-quality video option for one-on-one sessions back in April.

29 Aug 2023


Google Meet's AI feature will attend conference calls for you 

Google Meet is transforming the meeting experience with innovative AI-powered features, including real-time note-taking by Duet AI and one that attends meetings for you.

10 Jun 2023


Google Meet to get "On-the-Go" mode: Know how it works

Do you attend Google Meet calls when walking? It may not be the best practice if you do so.

20 Feb 2023


Google Meet brings 360-degree virtual background to iOS, Android

Google's instant video conferencing app, Meet, has now introduced a 360-degree virtual background for both iOS and Android clients.

12 Jan 2023


Google Meet finally gets emoji reactions; 360-degree background feature incoming

Google Meet has been steadily improving over the past few months. What it lacked was the ability to send emoji reactions to make routine video conference calls more fun. Well, not anymore.

28 Jul 2022


Google rolls out redesigned Gmail: Check all the new features

Google first gave us a sneak peek at the integrated Gmail back in January. Now, the company has announced that the redesigned Gmail is rolling out to everyone.

02 Jun 2022


Google Duo and Meet to be merged into one app

Google will soon merge its personal video chat service, Duo, with its business-oriented video chat system, Meet. The company has announced the upcoming changes on the Google Workspace blog.

09 Sep 2021


Soon, you can place Google Meet VoIP calls from Gmail

It appears that Google wants the Gmail app to do everything for Workspace users. Announcing new features, Google said that Gmail will receive a redesign to unmask its true identity as a central hub for every Google communication app.

27 Jun 2021


Here's how you can share audio on Google Meet

When it comes to hosting a virtual video or audio call, Google Meet is one of the most preferred platforms for people today.

16 Jun 2021


Google Meet will get Companion Mode for more engaging conferences

Since Google opened up its enterprise-grade video conferencing solution called Google Meet to the general public in April last year, it has constantly improved its feature set to compete with rivals Zoom and Microsoft Teams, among others.

18 May 2021


Microsoft Teams now available for everyone, offers free 24-hour calling

Following in the footsteps of other enterprise-grade video calling solutions that opened their doors to the masses amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has launched a version of Teams for personal use today.

22 Apr 2021


Google Meet receives feature updates, user interface improvements

Observing video calling platform Zoom's pandemic-fuelled popularity, Google opened up its enterprise-only video conferencing tool called Google Meet to all Gmail users.

10 Oct 2020


Google Meet picks up new 'breakout rooms' feature: Details here

Google Meet, the dedicated video conferencing product owned and operated by Google, is getting a major new feature - breakout rooms.

30 Sep 2020


Google will not limit Meet calls, extends offer till 2021

Google is extending its unlimited access offer for Meet video conferencing service.

27 Sep 2020


Soon, free Google Meet calls will have this restriction

Google Meet, the dedicated video conferencing platform owned and managed by Google, has evolved into one of the most sophisticated, secure, and popular virtual meeting tools out there.

25 Sep 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: Amazon announces ball-shaped Echo products, and more

Last night, Amazon made major headlines by showcasing plenty of products.

12 Sep 2020


Google Meet app gets a new look: Details here

Countries are opening up, but video conferencing continues to be the most suited (and safest) way for one-to-one and one-to-many communication.

13 Aug 2020


#TechBytes: Handy new features announced for Google Meet classes

Google has announced a new set of features to make Google Meet, its famous virtual conferencing solution, more useful for educators.

08 Jul 2020


Now, you can have a Duo call with 32 people

In light of the ongoing global pandemic and social distancing requirements, leading technology companies have doubled down on video calling and conferencing.

17 Jun 2020


Now, you can have Google Meet calls via Gmail app

As the need for video-conferencing continues to surge due to the coronavirus pandemic, Google is doubling down on Meet, its premium virtual meeting platform.

10 Jun 2020


Google Meet gets AI-powered noise cancellation: Here's how it works

In a bid to take on Zoom and cash in on the exploding demand for video conferencing, Google is updating its premium virtual meeting app, Google Meet, with the much-needed noise cancellation capability.

13 May 2020


Google Meet now free in India: How to use it?

A few weeks ago, Google had announced its plan to make Google Meet, its premium video-conferencing service, free for all.

12 May 2020


Hackers are using Zoom, Google Meet for phishing attacks

The spread of COVID-19 has surged the global demand for video-conferencing services like Zoom and Google Meet.

30 Apr 2020


Microsoft Teams' daily active users surge by 70% to 75mn

As the novel coronavirus pandemic forces more and more people to switch to the routine of remote meetings and chats, work communication tools continue to gain benefits.

29 Apr 2020


Google Meet video conferencing service is now free for everyone

Google Meet, the premium video conferencing service operated by Google, is now free for everyone around the world.

23 Apr 2020


Google Meet, Duo updated with handy new features: Details here

Given the growing demand for virtual meeting services, Google is racing to upgrade its video calling products and take on the likes of players like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

17 Apr 2020


Zoom v/s Google Meet: Which one is better?

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, more and more people are rushing to handle most of their jobs from the safety of their homes.

15 Apr 2020


This Chrome extension lets you express yourself in virtual meetings

As coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the world, more and more people are adjusting to the routine of video chats and virtual meetings.

09 Apr 2020


Hangouts Meet is now called 'Google Meet'

Google's Hangouts Meet, the service that goes against Zoom in the video-conferencing arena, has been given a new title - Google Meet.