Gmail: News

02 Sep 2019


Gmail can stop co-workers from emailing when you're on vacation

Though nobody likes to be bombarded by work emails while sipping cocktails on a beach vacation, we all know that things like that can happen.

23 Aug 2019


Now, Gmail will use AI to correct grammar, spelling mistakes

Writing an email with zero errors requires a lot of effort, especially for people who are no expert in English.

22 Aug 2019


Google Go app now available for all Android devices

A year and a half after its initial launch in select markets, Google has released the lightweight 'Go' app for users around the globe.

19 Aug 2019


Now, you can use simple gestures to switch Google accounts

In a bid to make its services more convenient to use, Google is adding a handy new capability into its Android/iOS apps - the ability to switch accounts with gestures.

01 Aug 2019

Google Maps

Here's how you can find your lost phone using Google

Given our smartphones are our wallets, our e-book readers, our means of socializing, and our single point of contact, losing them can be disastrous and tracking them, all the more difficult.

01 Jul 2019

San Francisco

Who would pay $30/month for super-fast emails? Apparently, Valley's VIPs

Over the last 15 years, Gmail has evolved into an excellent email solution - free and easy to use.

15 Jun 2019


Soon, you will get web page-like 'dynamic emails' in Gmail

Google's popular email product, Gmail, is all set to change in a big way.

01 Jun 2019


#TechBytes: How to send confidential emails on Gmail

Since mid-2018, Gmail has been offering a handy 'confidential mode' for sending emails.

07 May 2019


Want to schedule email on Gmail? Here's a step-by-step guide

Just recently, Gmail, the popular emailing service from Google, received a handy new feature -scheduling.

29 Apr 2019


Now, you can clear Gmail's clutter: Here's how

Google's Gmail emailing service offers a bunch of features but even after years of development and evolution, the product remains somewhat cluttered.

29 Apr 2019


Want to schedule email on Gmail? Here's a step-by-step guide

Just recently, Gmail, the popular emailing service from Google, received a handy new feature -scheduling.

07 Apr 2019


Want to use Gmail's 'auto-writing' features? Here's the way

Over the last few months, Google has been improving Gmail with some rather interesting features, including a cleaner new design and some useful productivity tools.

06 Apr 2019


Now, Gmail will suggest subject for your email

Following Inbox's departure on April 2, Google is doing everything in its power to make Gmail smarter than ever and retain the user-base of the now-dead email app.

01 Apr 2019


#TechBytes: 5 interesting facts as Gmail turns 15 today

On April 1, 2004, Google, a search company, took a leap of faith when it launched Gmail, a free consumer-focused email service.

29 Mar 2019


Now, iPhone users can manage Gmail messages with swipe actions

Gmail, one of the most used email services in the world, is finally adding a long-awaited capability for iOS users - swipe action.

28 Mar 2019


Now, enjoy web page-like interaction right inside Gmail: Here's how

With the impending departure of Inbox email service, Google is doing everything it can to overhaul the standard version of Gmail.

30 Jan 2019


Google's Material theme gives Gmail fresh new look: See here

Google has pushed an update giving Gmail a fresh new look.

01 Dec 2018


You may not be able to use Google Hangouts soon

If reports are to be believed, Google is planning to shut down its Hangouts service for consumers in 2020.

15 Sep 2018


Google is killing the Inbox app by March 2019

After four years of glorious service, working as a testing ground for to-be-announced Gmail features, Google is pulling the plug on its Inbox app.

25 Aug 2018


#TechBytes: 5 new Gmail features worth checking out

Gmail recently revamped its service with a redesigned UI, new features, added functionalities, and of course, AI support to make your emailing experience better.

19 Aug 2018


How to use Gmail's 'Confidential Mode' on smartphones

After bringing major changes to its design and introducing new features for desktops, including the much talked about 'Confidential Mode', Gmail is now bringing the feature to smartphones.

23 Jul 2018


Vulnerability in Gmail feature could expose users' data

Gmail is in the midst of a redesign drive involving addition of new features, but US officials are concerned about a vulnerability that could potentially expose personal data of the users.

21 Jul 2018


Google's Move Mirror AI experiment matches your moves with photos

Google loves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and uses it to power its Gmail, smart Assistant and even advertising business.

04 Jul 2018


Forget machines, even humans read your Gmail messages

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, third-party app developers can read the e-mails of Gmail users who sign up for these email-based apps and services.

16 Jun 2018


Gmail for iOS gets AI-based high priority push notifications

Google has introduced a new feature that will ensure your Gmail app only sends you notifications when important emails come in.

10 Jun 2018


Gmail for Android now lets you customize swipe actions

Over the past few weeks, Google has updated Gmail with a new design and with features like Smart Compose and self-destruct mode, among others.

18 May 2018


Everything you should know about Gmail's new "confidential mode"

Gmail recently rolled out its biggest redesign ever which brought a huge set of changes to the popular e-mail service.

14 May 2018


Gmail's new Smart Compose feature: Details, activation and more

At the recently concluded annual developer conference Google I/O 2018, the company announced a "Smart Compose" feature for Gmail which will help you write e-mails using machine learning (ML).

09 May 2018


Gmail's new feature will help you write emails, using Machine-Learning

Over the past few weeks, Google has revamped its Gmail with new design changes and features such as confidentiality mode, e-mail snoozing and a convenient hover bar tool.

06 May 2018


Here's what to expect at Google I/O 2018 conference

If Mobile World Congress is a Mecca for mobile technology pundits, Google's I/O is the holy pilgrim for software developers, Android lovers and Google enthusiasts.

25 Apr 2018


Gmail for web gets its biggest design update: Details here

Gmail has rolled out its biggest redesign ever which brings a huge set of changes, both visual and operational, to the popular e-mail service that has a user base of 1.4 billion people.

23 Apr 2018


Gmail users receiving spam e-mails from their own e-mail ID

Several Gmail users have reported that they are receiving spam e-mails from their own e-mail ID.

14 Apr 2018


Google to bring self-destructing emails in new Gmail

It has been reported that Google is working on a major Gmail redesign for the web.

12 Apr 2018


Google working on redesigning Gmail for web

Google is working on redesigning Gmail for the web.

31 Mar 2018


16-year-old Delhi boy informed CBSE of Class-10 Maths paper leak

A 16-year-old Class 10 student living in West Delhi informed the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of the Maths paper leak hours before the scheduled exam on March 28.

27 Mar 2018


Here's how to find out what Google knows about you

Due to the recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, it has been highlighted how much of our data is stored and used without our knowledge.

28 Feb 2018


Lava Z50 becomes India's first Android Go smartphone

Indian phone maker Lava International has launched the first Android Go smartphone in the country called the Z50.

14 Feb 2018


Google has changed emails massively, and it's here to stay

Google is bringing its accelerated mobile pages (AMP) capabilities to email through a developer preview for Gmail.

25 Oct 2017


Google launches third-party add-ons for Gmail on web, Android

Google has finally launched third-party add-ons for Gmail, making its email service more engaging, especially for enterprise users.

15 Mar 2017


Gmail rolls out new feature to send and request money

Gmail users can now send, receive and request money through their Gmail app on Android.