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12 May 2024


Who is Nemo? First non-binary winner of Eurovision Song Contest

Swiss rapper and multi-instrumentalist Nemo has scripted history by becoming the first non-binary winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

19 Apr 2024


US vetoes Palestinian bid to gain statehood at UN 

The United States has utilized its veto power to block a Palestinian bid for full membership in the United Nations (UN), effectively stalling the global body's recognition of Palestine as a state.

10 Apr 2024


Who are elderly Swiss women who won landmark climate case

In a historic win, Europe's top human rights court ruled in favor of a group of elderly Swiss ladies who argued that their government had not done enough to tackle climate change.

28 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

Witness the Swiss Alps in Interlaken with these adventurous activities

Interlaken, a scenic town in Switzerland, lies between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and is the perfect spot for those seeking adventure or wishing to commune with nature.

22 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

A safety checklist for your alpine adventure in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich serves as a portal to the majestic Alps, situated at Switzerland's core.

14 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

Gstaad: Things to do in Switzerland's alpine gem in winter

Gstaad, nestled in the Swiss Alps, transforms into a winter wonderland as snow covers its picturesque chalets.

10 Mar 2024

Indian Government

India signs $100B trade deal with EFTA countries

India has inked a Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement (TEPA) with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), which includes Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

04 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

Thrilling escapes in Interlaken, Switzerland: Things to do

Interlaken, snugly situated between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, is a Swiss hotspot for those craving adventure.

17 Dec 2023

Travel And Tourism

Safest popular tourist destinations for solo female travelers

While solo travel brings its own joy, it also carries certain risks, especially for women.

29 Oct 2023

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Check out the world's top rock climbing destinations

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that lets enthusiasts overcome the world's most spectacular natural settings as well as physical challenges.

23 Oct 2023


Delhi Police probing human trafficking angle in Swiss woman's murder

The Delhi Police is reportedly exploring the "human trafficking angle" in the murder of 30-year-old Swiss woman Nina Berger, whose body was found in Delhi's Tilak Nagar area last week, NDTV reported.

21 Oct 2023


Suspecting affair, man calls long-distance lover from Switzerland, kills her

The Delhi Police has apprehended a man named Gurpreet Singh in connection with the murder of a 30-year-old Swiss woman.

31 Aug 2023


UBS to axe 3,000 employees as it integrates Credit Suisse

UBS Group will eliminate 3,000 jobs in Switzerland over the next couple of years.

25 Aug 2023


Claude Ruiz Picasso dies: Life, career of Picasso's son

Renowned Spanish painter Pablo Picasso's younger son, Claude Ruiz Picasso, died in Switzerland on Thursday. He was aged 76.

18 Aug 2023

Academy Awards

Oscars 2024: Estonia, others submit entry for Best International Feature

Estonia has submitted the documentary Smoke Sauna Sisterhood as its entry for the Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards 2024.

13 Aug 2023

Travel And Tourism

Must-visit Instagram-worthy destinations: Top 5 picks

Who wouldn't desire an invigorating Instagram feed that seamlessly blends visually captivating aesthetics with your exciting adventures?

25 Jul 2023


Tornado-like storm rips through Switzerland town, 1 dead; alert issued 

A powerful tornado-like storm caused devastation in La Chaux-de-Fonds town of Switzerland, killing one person and injuring 15 others.

28 Jun 2023


UBS to fire over 20,000 Credit Suisse employees

Deep cuts were expected at Credit Suisse from the moment the bank was acquired by UBS, its former local rival. Now, Bloomberg has reported that over half of Credit Suisse's employees will be fired starting next month.

19 Jun 2023


Apple, the tech company, wants to trademark apple, the fruit

Switzerland is the stage for a strange trademark battle. The main characters are the Fruit Union Suisse, a 111-year-old fruit farmer's organization in Switzerland and Apple, the world's most valuable company.

20 May 2023

Plane Crash

Switzerland: Tourist plane crashes in Neuchatel Mountains, several dead

In a tragic incident, a tourist plane crashed in western Switzerland on Saturday morning (local time), leaving several people dead.

18 May 2023


How much money you need to be among wealthiest 1%

We all have heard about the richest 1% in the world. The super-rich that grabbed nearly two-thirds of all wealth created in the world since 2020.

Credit Suisse's fall: Tale of scandals and poor choices

Credit Suisse, the once formidable investment banking giant, is all set to be acquired by its long-time rival UBS. The Switzerland-based lender has been struggling for a while, and the UBS takeover is the culmination of multiple scandals.

Why UBS agreed to acquire its rival Credit Suisse

UBS, Switzerland's largest bank, has agreed to buy its ailing rival Credit Suisse. The deal worth 3 billion Swiss francs was engineered by Swiss authorities to prevent the struggling financial sector from falling into more despair.

15 Mar 2023


Credit Suisse falls 29% as Saudi investor rules out funds

In the latest blow to Credit Suisse, its largest shareholder Saudi National Bank ruled out more financial assistance to the struggling bank.

24 Nov 2022


Credit Suisse to layoff 9,000 people, projects $1.6bn Q4 loss

A string of scandals this year has dogged Swiss bank Credit Suisse. Add to that the challenging economic environment, and we have a recipe for disaster.

24 Sep 2022

Travel And Tourism

5 stunningly thrilling hiking trails in Switzerland you should bookmark

Home to countless lakes, villages, and the high peaks of the Alps, it won't be an overstatement to call Switzerland a paradise for hikers.

22 Aug 2022

Travel And Tourism

5 things to get home from your trip to Switzerland

If you're planning a trip to Switzerland and wondering what all to bring home, your search ends here.

25 Jun 2022


Why is Swiss legend Toblerone chocolate undergoing this historic change?

Toblerone will have to remove the word "Switzerland" from its packaging for legal reasons since the mountain-shaped chocolate bar will no longer be produced solely in Switzerland from 2023.

14 Jun 2022

Travel And Tourism

5 must visit places in Switzerland

Have you been dreaming of when you can make a trip to the famed land of ski resorts, chocolates, and watches?

03 Jun 2022


5 most scenic rail routes in the world

Who loves a nice long train journey?

10 May 2022

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Switzerland? Know the necessary details here

Bollywood created a special corner in our hearts for Switzerland. It is every traveler's wish to visit this beautiful country at least once in their lives.

12 Aug 2021


Chinese media quotes 'inexistent' biologist to back COVID-19 origin study

Chinese media has removed comments of a Swiss biologist on reports about the origin of COVID-19 after the Switzerland Embassy in China questioned whether the biologist even existed.

16 Jun 2021

Russia News

US President Joe Biden meets Russia's Vladimir Putin in Geneva

United States President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin reached Geneva on Wednesday for a key diplomatic summit.

28 Dec 2020


UK to Japan: These countries have reported new coronavirus strain

Just as vaccines against COVID-19 were starting to roll out in parts of the world, a new strain of the coronavirus has stirred global panic.

19 Aug 2020


Chocolate 'snow' dusts town in Switzerland as Lindt factory malfunctions

Residents of a Swiss town were in for a surprise when they noticed their surroundings covered in what looked like chocolate snow.

16 Apr 2020


New test for COVID-19 could be more effective, says study

Around the world, millions have been tested for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) using RT-PCR technology.

04 Dec 2019


Best places in the world to embrace snow

If you are looking for a winter getaway to revamp your skiing and snow boarding skills, or just wish to enjoy some spellbinding views of snowfall while sipping piping hot tea, know that the world has no dearth of such snow-covered destinations.

09 Oct 2019


Heading to Zurich? Try these five lesser-known hidden gems

On the face of it - Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland may look like any other sophisticated European city with its own set of sights, museums and restaurants.

07 Oct 2019


Win for Modi government: India receives information on Swiss-bank accounts

For years now, Indians have been listening to the same thing over and over- A lot of money has been stashed in Swiss bank and soon it will return home.

30 Jun 2019


Money in #SwissBanks: UK tops, India down to 74th spot

Indian money parked in Swiss banks decreased in 2018 and the country's ranking slipped to 74 on the list while the UK retained its top position, showed data released by Swiss National Bank (SNB).

08 May 2019

Alia Bhatt

Ranbir-Alia vacationing in Switzerland. Possible wedding-venue hunt?

Bollywood's IT couple, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, have taken a break from their busy schedules, and are currently holidaying in Switzerland.

12 Mar 2019

Steve Jobs

6 interesting facts as World Wide Web turns 30

The first ever email was sent in 1971, but the internet wasn't truly accessible for nearly two decades.

04 Mar 2019


Here's everything you need to know about Akash Ambani's wedding

After Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's lavish pre-wedding bash in Switzerland, all eyes are on their grand wedding.

03 Mar 2019

Karan Johar

Ahead of Akash Ambani's wedding, Antilia dressed as new bride

It's just six days left for Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's big fat wedding and the preparations for their D-Day are going on in full swing.

02 Mar 2019

Karan Johar

Arjun Kapoor-Malaika Arora to have a church wedding next month?

Malaika Arora is in love with Arjun Kapoor and there's no denying it.

01 Mar 2019

Karan Johar

Watch: Karan Johar drops hints about Ranbir-Alia's wedding

For days, Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's pre-wedding bash in Switzerland has been the talk of the town.

27 Feb 2019

Mukesh Ambani

Watch: Mukesh-Nita Ambani shake a leg during Akash-Shloka's sangeet

The Ambanis are known to do everything with panache.

25 Feb 2019

Mukesh Ambani

Akash Ambani's Switzerland bachelor bash looks spectacular (see pics)

Mukesh Ambani's eldest son Akash is all set to marry fiancee Shloka Mehta on March 9.

24 Feb 2019

Karan Johar

Akash Ambani's bachelor-bash: Luxury venue, Maroon 5 performance, celebs' attendance

The festivities of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's wedding have officially begun.

24 Feb 2019


Remembering Sridevi: The enchanting beauty who can never be replaced

Yash Chopra used Switzerland as a character to narrate the love story of Rohit and Chandni in his 1989 movie Chandni.

22 Feb 2019

Karan Johar

Akash Ambani's bachelor party: KJo leaves for Switzerland (see pics)

In just a few days from now, Akash Ambani will tie the knot with Shloka Mehta in a grand function. For their March 9 wedding, festivities have already begun.

Soon, India will get details of Mallya's Swiss bank accounts

The Indian government may soon get details of money which embattled businessman Vijay Mallya kept in multiple Swiss bank accounts, reports HT.

15 Dec 2018

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas will go to Switzerland for honeymoon?

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are enjoying every moment of their married life.

27 Nov 2018


Man hangs for life as pilot 'forgets' to strap him

Today, adventurous sports are the new cool. It's in every young adults' bucket-list and the bar was raised after Bollywood released Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

13 Nov 2018


Samsung's TV to be controlled by your brain, not remote

In a bid to help people with disabilities, Samsung is working on a television that could be controlled via brainwaves.

01 Jul 2018

South Korea

#MoneyInSwissBanks: India witnesses 50% rise in funds; jumps to 73rd-place

India moved up to 73rd place in terms of money parked by its citizens/companies with Swiss banks in 2017, while the UK remains on the top.

29 Jun 2018


Indians' money in Swiss banks rises 50% in one year

Showing an extreme reverse trend, money held by Indians in Swiss banks increased a whopping 50.2% to Rs. 7,000cr in 2017, putting into doubt impact of the government's fight against black money.

18 May 2018


$1.8 million Harley-Davidson Blue Edition is world's most expensive motorcycle

The Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition is the most expensive motorcycle in the world at $1.8 million (Rs. 12 crore).

01 May 2018


'Ranveer On Tour': Swiss train named after Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh, who is the brand ambassador of Swiss Tourism, has brought hordes of Indian tourists to the country in the last one year.

11 Apr 2018


Budding entrepreneurs, these 5 countries are best for the start-ups

Building a company is always difficult, but in some countries, it is less challenging. Programmes in these countries give entrepreneurs the push they need to kick-start their dream projects.

04 Mar 2018


Toast to the world's largest whisky bar

The idea was neat, so to speak. A young man from Switzerland was suffering from a tummy bug in Mumbai when an Indian friend told him how to deal with it.

26 Feb 2018


Aamchi Mumbai pays its expats the highest in the world

The financial capital of India has grabbed the top spot for expat salaries in a global survey. In other words, Mumbai pays its expats the highest as compared to other cities in the world.

22 Dec 2017


India-Switzerland to start automatic sharing of tax info from 2019

India and Switzerland have signed a deal that would allow both to automatically share tax-related data from 2019.

27 Nov 2017


Live in Switzerland and get paid for it. Here's how

This might be for you if you've always dreamed of living in a picturesque, pristine mountain hamlet.

11 Sep 2017

Train Accident

30 injured after two trains collide in Switzerland

At least 30 people were injured after two trains collided in Switzerland's world-famous Matterhorn railway line.

03 Mar 2017

Russia News

Sweden re-introduces military conscription

The Swedish government has voted to bring back military conscription. According to sources, service will be made compulsory form 1 January 2018.

14 Feb 2017


Swiss vote to relax citizenship norms

Swiss citizens voted in favour of relaxing naturalization norms for third generation immigrants, in a recently held referendum.

04 Aug 2016

Sri Lanka

Researchers find evidence supporting India-Antarctica supercontinent hypothesis

Geologists from Switzerland and India found evidence that India was a part of Antarctica 1.5 billion years ago.