Boston Dynamics: News

Boston Dynamics is a technology and robotics company based in the United States. The company was founded in 1992 as a spin-off startup from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Since December 2020, Boston Dynamics is owned by the Hyundai Motor Group. Boston Dynamics is best known for its development of a quadruped robot known as Spot. It is the company's first commercially available robot that helps in industrial investigations, although the French military used Spot in combat training activities as well. The company has also developed other mobile robots including BigDog, Atlas, and Handle. Boston Dynamics claims that its mission is to imagine and create exceptional robots that enrich people's lives. It claims that the grand challenge is to build machines that can approximate the mobility, dexterity, and agility of people and animals in the real world. Before Hyundai Motor Group took ownership of the company, Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. owned Boston Dynamics from 2013 to 2017 before SoftBank Group took over the company in 2017, until 2020.

01 May 2024


Boston Dynamics unveils its fur-covered dancing robot dog 'Sparkles'

US-based Boston Dynamics, a leading robotics company, recently showcased its Spot Mini robot dog, donning a unique fur suit.

24 Apr 2024

Elon Musk

Tesla could sell Optimus robots by next year: Elon Musk

Tesla, the electric vehicle giant, is currently developing a humanoid robot named Optimus.

17 Apr 2024


Meet Menteebot, a human-sized AI robot you can mentor

Israeli tech company Mentee Robotics has launched a human-sized robot called 'Menteebot.'

17 Apr 2024


Boston Dynamics bids farewell to iconic humanoid robot, Atlas

Boston Dynamics has announced the retirement of its renowned humanoid robot, Atlas, after nearly 11 years of service.

19 Mar 2024


NVIDIA unveils Project GR00T, an AI platform for humanoid robotics

NVIDIA, a trailblazer in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), has launched its newest endeavor in humanoid robotics: Project GR00T.

19 Jan 2023


Boston Dynamics showcases robot Atlas's new skills and acrobatic moves

Atlas, the human-like robot developed by Boston Dynamics, is once again grabbing headlines. This time, the bipedal robot has wowed us by performing not-so-easy tasks with astonishing ease and speed.

Boston Dynamics flexes its Atlas robot's parkour skills on camera

A video of three robots dancing to Do you Love Me went viral on the internet late last year. Now, the company behind those antics, Boston Dynamics, has shown off its creations' mastery over a parkour routine.

11 Aug 2021


Xiaomi has launched a strange, robotic pet called CyberDog

Chinese technology conglomerate Xiaomi has unveiled a quadruped robot that bears striking resemblance to Boston Dynamics' Spot robot dog.

Bipedal robot Cassie runs five kilometers on single charge, untethered

A team of engineers from the Dynamics Robotics Laboratory at the Oregon State University (OSU) revealed that their bipedal robot, called Cassie, has successfully run five kilometers on a single charge without being tethered.

15 Apr 2021


YouTuber teaches Spot robot dog to pee beer on command

What better way to find use-cases for robots than to make them publicly available, right? Well, that does come with a few trade-offs, including control over how the robot is used.

13 Apr 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Facebook data leak gets much worse, and more

Facebook just can't seem to get a break. After the embarrassing leak where CEO Mark Zuckerberg's phone number was found linked to Signal messenger app, it appears the 533 million user accounts compromised might just have been the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

11 Apr 2021


French Army is testing robot dog Spot from Boston Dynamics

The foremost military school of France, École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, has posted on Twitter about a recent combat training exercise utilizing robots in offensive operations.

29 Mar 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Google bats for the terrorists, and more

Google faced some internal turmoil over the contentious issue of foiling a nine-month-long counterterrorism operation run by an unnamed US ally.

19 Sep 2020


Soon, Boston Dynamics will announce new robots for logistics

Boston Dynamics, the SoftBank-owned company that has made headlines for its mind-boggling robots, is set to unveil new machines pretty soon.

17 Jun 2020

Tesla Model S

Boston Dynamics' robo-dog available at a whopping Rs. 57 lakh

Boston Dynamics' creepy 'Spot' robo-dog is set to become widely available.

11 May 2020


Singapore deploys 'robo-dog' to make sure people observe social distancing

The spread of COVID-19 has made human-to-human interaction a risky affair.

How Boston Dynamics' robot-dog is helping COVID-19 patients

When COVID-19 proliferated in China, we all saw how the country deployed its fleet of robots and drones to test, treat, and inform people more aggressively.

05 Mar 2020


Watch: These robots handle warehouse jobs like real pros

From Apple to Tesla, most tech giants use robots to automate internal activities like product assembly/disassembly.

19 Feb 2020

SoftBank Group

Boston Dynamics' robo-dog turns into a rickshaw puller

Boston Dynamics' Spot robo-dog has been in the news for plenty of reasons, be it teaming up with a bomb squad or working to detect leaks at an oil rig.

12 Feb 2020


Boston Dynamics robo-dog bags a real job. What?

After making waves with some mind-boggling YouTube videos, Spot, the super-cool robo-dog built by Boston Dynamics, is going for a real job.

02 Dec 2019


Boston Dynamics' robo-dog joined a police bomb squad

Boston Dynamics' highly-capable (and scary) range of humanoids and robo-dogs have drawn a lot of attention lately.

11 Nov 2019


Watch: MIT's 'robo-dogs' playing soccer, flipping (and tripping) excitedly

Just like Boston Dynamics, the folks at MIT have also been working on four-legged 'mini cheetah' robots.

01 Oct 2019


Engineers are making robo-dogs more realistic: Here's how

Robo-dogs like SpotMini have evolved significantly over the years, but even with all the advancements, they are far from their real-world counterparts.

28 Sep 2019


Watch: Boston Dynamics Atlas humanoid turns into a ninja

Three years back, Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid tumbled while trying to stand on its feet; it couldn't even walk.

Meet Astro, 'robo-dog' that trains, behaves like a real dog

After Boston Dynamics' creepy SpotMini and Sony's sweet Aibo, we have another four-legged robo-dog on the block - Astro.

08 Jun 2019


Soon, this 'robot-dog' from Boston Dynamics will go on sale

Boston Dynamics' robots can do some insane stuff, including things like backflips, parkour, even warehouse jobs.

17 Apr 2019

SoftBank Group

Watch: Boston Dynamics' army of 'robo-dogs' hauls a real truck

SoftBank-owned robotics giant Boston Dynamics has long been showing off capabilities of its machines in some hilarious, sometimes even creepy, videos.

Soon, Boston Dynamics' robots will 'see' in 3D: Here's how

Soon, Atlas, SpotMini, and all other robots made by Boston Dynamics could get an advanced technology to 'see' and navigate in different environments.

29 Mar 2019


This dino-like robot can do warehouse jobs better than you

From Atlas to SpotMini, Boston Dynamics' 'robotic children' are known to leave a mark with their impeccable skills.

05 Mar 2019


MIT's scary 'Mini Cheetah' robot can do backflips, resist kicks

In a major development, researchers at MIT have unveiled 'Mini Cheetah', a smaller counterpart of their four-legged Cheetah robot.

12 Oct 2018


This terrifying robot by Boston Dynamics can now chase you

Boston Dynamics' super robot Atlas is back. And, this time it's not just strolling or doing backflips, but also leaping over obstacles like a real commando.

02 Oct 2018


'Black Mirror': A reflection of technology and human emotions

I am an emotional geek. I love technology and I find music in it. That's why, 'Black Mirror' is a perfect amalgamation of technology and human emotions, for me.

13 May 2018


Boston Dynamics' dog-like SpotMini robot to start selling in 2019

US-based robotics company Boston Dynamics, known for machines that mimic real movements, will finally start selling some robots, starting with the dog-like SpotMini.

11 May 2018


Boston Dynamics' robot Atlas learns to run like humans!

US-based robotics company Boston Dynamics' humanoid Atlas has learned to run and navigate autonomously.

13 Feb 2018


Meet Boston Dynamics' four-legged robot which can open doors

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has released a video of its latest four-legged creation, SpotMini, opening doors.

13 Jul 2017


India's Halli Labs joins Google's Next Billion Users team

M&A (mergers and acquisitions) is the flavor of the season, it appears.The latest one was Google acquiring Bengaluru-based Halli Labs, a relatively new start-up which made its presence known on May 22 this year.