Tesla Model S: News

12 May 2022


Tesla recalls 130,000 cars due to infotainment system overheating issue

Tesla has recalled 1.3 lakh cars in the US due to an overheating issue which might cause the display of the central infotainment system to malfunction.

31 Dec 2021


Tesla recalls 4,75,318 cars over camera and front trunk issues

Tesla has issued a massive recall for Model 3 and Model S in the US, covering as many as 4,75,318 vehicles.

19 Aug 2021


Federal investigation launched into Tesla Autopilot-related crashes

The US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has commenced an investigation into the Tesla Autopilot system.

22 Apr 2021

Elon Musk

Tesla crash kills two, CEO Musk denies Autopilot use

On April 18, two men aged 59 and 69 years old met a fiery demise when the 2019 Tesla Model S that they were traveling in collided with a tree and went up in flames just outside Houston.

04 Apr 2021

Elon Musk

Tesla sold more cars than it produced in Q1 2021

Tesla has announced that it has delivered more cars in the first quarter of 2021 than it produced in the same period.

03 Feb 2021


Tesla to recall 1.35 lakh cars over touchscreen issue

Tesla will recall 1,34,951 Model S and Model X cars with touchscreen displays that could fail and raise the risk of a crash.

28 Jan 2021

Elon Musk

Plaid+ Model S is world's fastest-accelerating production car: Elon Musk

Tesla's quarterly earnings call saw the launch of the updated Model S with a glass roof to show off the fancy interiors.

17 Jun 2020

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics' robo-dog available at a whopping Rs. 57 lakh

Boston Dynamics' creepy 'Spot' robo-dog is set to become widely available.

24 Oct 2019


Doctor burns to death as Tesla doors fail to open

The futuristic doors of the electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc. have now landed the company in hot water.

28 Aug 2019

Elon Musk

5 lesser-known but interesting facts about Tesla

In the automotive world, Tesla has truly pushed the envelope and made the pipe dream of driving an all-electric car come true.

07 Aug 2019


'Iron Man,' to 'Simpsons': Eight of Elon Musk's best cameos

Elon Musk is beyond introduction.

30 Mar 2018


Tesla recalls 123,000 Model S cars over faulty power steering

Tesla is voluntarily recalling 123,000 Model S cars over a power steering issue.

21 Apr 2017

Electric Vehicles

Electric carmaker Tesla recalls 53,000 cars over parking brake issue

US electric automobile manufacturer Tesla has issued a global-recall for some of its Model S and Model X vehicles to fix a parking brake issue.

16 Mar 2017


Intel acquires self-driving tech firm MobilEye for $15.3 bn

Intel announced the acquisition of Israeli company MobilEye, one of the biggest players in autonomous vehicle technology, for $15.3 billion.

18 Feb 2017

Tesla Model 3

Premium sedan Lucid Air eyes Tesla Model 3 market

California-based Lucid Motors is the latest automotive vehicle manufacturer to foray into the luxury electric sedan segment with their debut product 'Lucid Air'.