Slovakia: News

25 Jun 2022


Why is Swiss legend Toblerone chocolate undergoing this historic change?

Toblerone will have to remove the word "Switzerland" from its packaging for legal reasons since the mountain-shaped chocolate bar will no longer be produced solely in Switzerland from 2023.

01 Apr 2022


Szoborpark: Where Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary meet

Remember how one of Jamie's wishes in A Walk to Remember was to be in two places at the same time, and how smartly Landon fulfilled it?

25 Oct 2019


Europa League, gameweek 3: Here are the key takeaways

Gameweek 3 of the UEFA Europa League produced some crucial results to light up the competition.

14 Feb 2018


Valentine's Day: An ode to Slovakia's Romeo-Juliet and their love

Slovakia's Banska Stiavnica is the home to a historic love story, of poet Andrej Sladkovic and Maria Pischlova.