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10 Aug 2023


Woman with two vaginas gives birth to 'miracle baby' 

Adel Varga, a 29-year-old Hungarian woman with not one, but two uteruses, two vaginas, and two cervixes, has just made her dream come true.

12 Dec 2022

Google Doodle

Google Doodle: Celebrating Maria Telkes, the Sun Queen

Google Doodle today celebrates Hungarian-American scientist and biophysicist Dr. Maria Telkes, one of the first pioneers of solar energy.

21 Sep 2022


5 unique accommodations in Hungary to book your stay

Filled with natural beauty, stunning lakes, rich culture, and beautiful spa towns, Hungary is a must-visit country in central Europe.

13 Sep 2022

Travel And Tourism

You just can't return from Budapest without these 5 souvenirs

Souvenirs are the best way to #throwback to your travel diaries.

04 Aug 2022


Your savings won't vanish if you visit these European countries!

Surrounded by stunning natural wonders, incredible scenery, and important cultural landmarks, Europe is a great place to explore.

01 Apr 2022

Travel And Tourism

Szoborpark: Where Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary meet

Remember how one of Jamie's wishes in A Walk to Remember was to be in two places at the same time, and how smartly Landon fulfilled it?

21 Mar 2022

Russia-Ukraine crisis

Ex-Ukrainian MP's wife tries to flee with $28M, €1.3M cash

The wife of former Ukrainian Member of Parliament Kotvytskyy allegedly attempted to escape the war-torn country with $28 million and €1.3 million in cash stashed in suitcases.