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'Will collapse like USSR': Hamas issues warning to US

Palestinian terror group Hamas has reportedly issued a warning to the United States (US) for supporting Israel in Gaza.

29 Oct 2023


'Crossed redline': Iran warns Israel of possible action in Gaza

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi on Sunday warned Israel about potential intervention from other countries due to its continued counterattacks against the Palestinian terror group Hamas in Gaza.

Flee or be seen as 'terrorist partners': Israel warns Gazans

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) issued fresh warnings to the residents of northern Gaza on Sunday, asking them to relocate to the southern part of the strip or they would be seen as supporters of "terrorist organizations," Reuters reported.

19 Oct 2023


All about Hezbollah and its role in the Israel-Hamas war

Amid the Israel-Hamas war, neighboring Lebanon's Hezbollah has attracted the spotlight after reports that, behind the scenes, the United States (US) has urged Israel not to start a war with the party.

Pro-Palestine protests erupt in West Asia following Gaza hospital strike

Pro-Palestine protests have erupted across West Asia following a recent airstrike on a hospital in Gaza.

16 Oct 2023


Iran ordered Hezbollah attacks at Lebanon border, alleges Israel

The Israeli military on Monday accused Iran of ordering the attacks by Hezbollah at the Israel and Lebanon border on Sunday.

12 Oct 2023


Israel strikes Syrian airports amid ongoing conflict with Hamas

Amidst its ongoing war with Hamas, Israel on Thursday struck two major airports in Syria.

12 Oct 2023


Every Hamas member is a dead man: Israel's PM Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Palestinian group Hamas that each of its members is "a dead man."

08 Oct 2023


What is Iron Dome, Israel's flagship missile defense system

Israel is currently at war after a surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Saturday morning.

03 Jul 2023


If you are traveling to Lebanon, get these souvenirs home

Known for its well-preserved castles and stunning beaches, Lebanon is a beautiful travel destination that has so much to offer.

20 Apr 2023


London: Indian arrested on suspicion of terror funding, faces extradition

Sundar Nagarajan, a 66-year-old Indian citizen, has been arrested in London, United Kingdom, for his alleged involvement in funding the banned terrorist organization Hezbollah, reported ANI.

07 Apr 2023


Israel launches air strikes on Lebanon, Gaza after rocket attack

Israel has launched airstrikes in Gaza and struck targets that belonged to the Palestinian militant group Hamas in southern Lebanon on Friday morning, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said.

09 Aug 2022


National Rice Pudding Day 2022: Check out 5 must-try recipes

If a bowl of chilly kheer warms your heart, this is the day to indulge.

13 May 2022


5 Lebanese dishes you must try

Originating from Lebanon, Lebanese cuisine is basically a fusion of spicy Arabic flavors with the color and texture of Mediterranean food as the country is located along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

10 Sep 2020


Fire at Beirut port month after blast that killed 190

A massive fire broke out at the port of Beirut in Lebanon on Thursday, a month after a deadly explosion jolted the city. It was not immediately clear what caused the fire.

06 Aug 2020


Lebanon: Bride, whose wedding video captured Beirut's explosion, recalls horror

On Tuesday, when Lebanon's capital Beirut was jolted by a catastrophic explosion, US-based doctor, Israa Seblani, was getting herself filmed in her white dress. Her wedding video captured parts of the blast, that overturned cars and shook buildings miles away from the seaside city.

05 Aug 2020


Explosion jolts Lebanese capital Beirut, over 70 killed, thousands injured

Lebanon slipped into mourning after a massive explosion ripped capital Beirut apart, killing at least 78 and injuring nearly 4,000 people on Tuesday.

07 Oct 2017

Saudi Arabia

Lebanon's 'most powerful woman' fired reportedly over anti-Saudi Arabia tweet

Major Suzan Hajj Hobeiche, popular as "Lebanon's most powerful woman", has been fired from her position as head of the Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Bureau.

30 Apr 2017


Desperate Syrian refugees sell organs for sustenance

The desperate state of Syrian refugees has led to a boom in organ trafficking as their desperation has forced them to sell organs for money.