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27 Oct 2017


Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft financial results: Everything you need to know

Tech giants Amazon, Google's parent Alphabet, and Microsoft have reported their third-quarter earnings.

22 Oct 2017


Tech giants take a stand against extremist content

Tech giants Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have agreed to take stricter action regarding extremist content posted on their platforms.

21 Oct 2017


Google, Microsoft, Amazon are considered most authentic brands in India

Google is considered the most authentic brand in India, claims a recent report by New York-based global communications firm Cohn & Wolfe.

18 Oct 2017


Microsoft launches two variants of 2-in-1 Surface Book 2 laptop

Microsoft finally unveiled Surface Book 2, the long-awaited second-generation of 2-in-1 laptop-tablet hybrid 13.5-inch Surface Book.

10 Oct 2017

Bill Gates

Microsoft calls it a day for Windows 10 Mobile

Sometimes the mature thing to do is to let go of something that didn't work great, to begin with, and direct focus elsewhere. It's just the smart thing to do.

17 Sep 2017

Donald Trump

Trump's visa-policy hits IITians' US dreams; students prefer other countries

President Donald Trump's visa policy has shattered the US dreams of IITians who bagged crore-plus offers from software-giants last year.

10 Sep 2017


Lakhs of ATMs in India vulnerable to hackers

Over 202,000 ATM machines in India run on Microsoft XP software that hasn't been upgraded in over two years, making them vulnerable to hackers.

08 Sep 2017


Satya Nadella turns author with 'Hit Refresh'

More than three years ago, on a cold February day, Microsoft's board of directors placed a huge responsibility on Indian-origin business executive Satya Nadella.

03 Sep 2017

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft confirms the date for next major Windows 10 upgrade

It's official! Microsoft's next major update for Windows 10 is set to be released on 17th October this year.

21 Aug 2017


Microsoft Xbox One X pre-orders start with limited-edition 'Project Scorpio'

Microsoft has started pre-orders for its flagship Xbox One X: Project Scorpio edition from today. The sale will start from November 7.

16 Aug 2017

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has made his largest donation since 2000

According to a recently released Securities & Exchange Commission filing, Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently made his biggest donation since 2000.

08 Aug 2017


Facebook edges past Microsoft, Google in profit per employee

If reports are to be believed, it's not the old-school behemoths Microsoft and Google's parent company Alphabet but the new age social media platform Facebook, that made the maximum moolah per employee in the second quarter of 2017.

03 Aug 2017

Elon Musk

Tech promises that never came true, much to our disappointment

When it comes to technology, I am a believer. However, there is a big difference in believing and being blind.

25 Jul 2017


Microsoft mulls on investing $100 million in Ola's parent firm

According to reports, Microsoft is now mulling on investing $50-100 million (Rs. 320-640 crore) to acquire a minority stake in ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which runs Ola, the home-grown ride hailing platform.

12 Jul 2017


Can smart-tech and robotics eradicate mosquito-borne diseases?

As mosquito-borne diseases including Zika and dengue are spreading at an alarming rate, American tech giants plan on bringing robotics and smart technology to fight mosquitoes.

10 Jul 2017


Flying cars feature in hackathon to solve Bengaluru's traffic problem

It's raining ideas at Gridlock Hackathon, a contest kickstarted by Flipkart that aims to address the traffic woes of India's IT capital, Bengaluru.

08 Jul 2017


Microsoft is firing people, rumours have now been confirmed

Putting rumors to rest, tech giant Microsoft confirmed that it will, indeed, let go of several employees. The extent of these layoffs is expected to run in thousands.

04 Jul 2017


Apple, Google, Microsoft stocks fell prey to a data glitch

Prices of several big-wig stocks like Apple, Google and Microsoft listed on NASDAQ appeared to have gone through an unprecedented spike or plummet after the market closed on Monday.

02 Jul 2017


Cyber-attacks: India pushes Microsoft to sell Windows 10 at discount

In the wake of ransomware attacks around the world, India is, meanwhile, pushing Microsoft to offer a sharply-discounted one-time deal to users for upgradation to the latest Windows 10.

29 Jun 2017


Microsoft is banking on artificial intelligence to tackle malware attacks

In the last few months, there's been a continuous outbreak of malware attacks.

26 Jun 2017


Telangana's realty scam worth Rs. 15,000crore; Google, Microsoft also affected

Global and domestic companies in Hyderabad are now in panic mode regarding the valuation of their real estate holdings, as Telangana government commences legal proceedings to cross-examine private and government-auctioned land ownership legitimacy.

19 Jun 2017


YouTube is bringing its A game to tackle terrorism online

YouTube has often been blamed for not doing enough to curb some of the offensive content (mainly terrorist propaganda videos) that makes its way into the channel and spreads extremism online.

12 Jun 2017


Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio, it's the Xbox One X!

Electronic Entertainment Expo had its first big moment when Microsoft took the stage to unveil the Xbox One X, which was kept under wraps since its announcement at E3 last year and boy, was the wait worth it.

01 Jun 2017


Microsoft co-founder launches world's largest airplane

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has completed work on the world's largest airplane, the Stratolaunch. The beast emerged out of its California hangar for the first time on May 31.

29 May 2017


DNA storage for data, Microsoft is taking the leap

The problem at hand is "current storage technologies can no longer keep pace with exponentially growing amounts of data," therefore, the solution is "DNA data storage."

23 May 2017


Project Sangam- Microsoft signs MoU for skill development in India

Microsoft India has signed an MoU with the Telecom Sector Skill Council for Project Sangam, which aims to give a boost to the telecom industry by focusing on skill development.

17 May 2017


Millennials are changing India, one decision at a time

It is expected that within the next four years, India will have 64% of its population within the working age group, fuelling its growth.

17 May 2017


WannaCry ransomware shuts down Bengaluru's ATMs

According to a bank official, hundreds of ATMs across Bengaluru remained shut for the second day on Tuesday due to a potential virus attack by WannaCry ransomware.

16 May 2017

Nokia Mobiles

Nokia 3310 to return in new-avatar, available for Rs. 3310

The classic Nokia 3310 will return on May 18 in a new avatar, and will be available for Rs. 3,310.

Microsoft lambasts NSA for WannaCry, time for a "wake-up call"

Although Microsoft has released a patch update to counter the ransomware WannaCry, it is now fuming at how all this came to fruition owing to the software vulnerabilities, which were exploited but not reported by the NSA.

03 May 2017


Microsoft's new Laptop and OS will compete with Apple, Chromebooks

Microsoft with its Surface Laptop, which comes with a new OS Windows 10 S, aims to take over the education market that is currently dominated by Google Chromebooks and Apple MacBook Pro.

28 Apr 2017

Russia News

Microsoft finally solves its bug problem, nine months after discovery

When a Windows bug without a fix is on the prowl, mayhem is inevitable.

23 Apr 2017


Microsoft rehashes leave policy keeping fathers in mind

Microsoft India, in a welcoming change, has extended the time period of their paternity leave allocated to the male employees and has also introduced a family caregiver policy.

Leaks suggest America's NSA may have hacked global banking system

Hacking group Shadow Brokers have leaked spy tools allegedly created and used by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

18 Mar 2017


29 lakh debit cards compromised last year

The government said that over 29 lakh debit cards were the victims of malware attacks in 2016. The cards in question were those used on ATM machines operated by Hitachi.

22 Feb 2017

Andhra Pradesh

Satya Nadella announces 'Skype Lite' for India

On the second day of Future Decoded event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled the 'Skype Lite' application designed exclusively for Indian users.

27 Jan 2017

Donald Trump

Madeleine Albright, Big Bang actress 'ready to join Muslim registry'

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Mayim Bialik from 'The Big Bang Theory' both vowed to register themselves as Muslim if Donald Trump creates a database of Muslim Americans.

13 Dec 2016

Apple MacBook

Microsoft's consumer Surface sales hit a high

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that consumer Surface sales hit a high in the month of November.

12 Dec 2016


Lakhs of ATMs in India vulnerable to hackers

Over 202,000 ATM machines in India run on Microsoft XP software that hasn't been upgraded in over two years, making them vulnerable to hackers.

05 Dec 2016

Donald Trump

Twitter says "no" to Trump's idea of national Muslim registry

American corporations, from the largest conglomerate to the smallest firm, are facing a question: "Will we do business with the Trump administration to further its most extreme, draconian goals? (and ideas) Or will we resist?"

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