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29 Feb 2020


Cortana loses key skills as Microsoft focuses on 'personal productivity'

Cortana, the Microsoft-built digital assistant that goes against the likes of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, is backing out of the match now.

29 Feb 2020


GDC 2020 postponed over coronavirus fears: Details here

This year's Game Developers Conference, aka GDC 2020, has been postponed.

29 Feb 2020


Microsoft's Surface Duo will let you 'peek' at notifications

Microsoft's Surface Duo, the Android-based phone we saw last year, lacks an external screen for showing notifications. However, the company is making up for this by allowing you to 'peek' at call alerts and notifications.

28 Feb 2020


It's a weird world when LinkedIn works on Snapchat-like stories

In a major surprise, LinkedIn has announced the plan to bring self-disappearing Snapchat-like stories to its website/app.

22 Feb 2020


Google is warning Edge users against installing extensions. But why?

A month ago, Microsoft took the decision of ditching its own web browsing platform for Google's Chromium.

21 Feb 2020


Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Laptop 3, X listed in India

Microsoft has officially listed the Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, and Surface Pro X in India. Of the three, the Surface Pro 7 is already available for purchase on Amazon and Flipkart while the other two devices are expected to go on sale soon.

18 Feb 2020


Microsoft opens a new engineering center in India

In a bid to expand its footprint in the Indian market, Microsoft has launched a new engineering hub in the country.

17 Feb 2020


#BugAlert: Don't update! Windows 10 hides your personal files

Microsoft is just not getting a grip on Windows 10 and its issues.

12 Feb 2020


Internet Explorer (if you haven't abandoned it) is not safe

Even though Internet Explorer is a thing of the past, Microsoft is requesting Windows users to install a major update associated with it.

10 Feb 2020

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is buying a $600 million futuristic eco-friendly superyacht

Microsoft co-founder and the world's second-richest man, Bill Gates, is reportedly spending a whopping $645 million on a futuristic yacht.

10 Feb 2020


Windows 7 bug preventing shutdown: How to fix it

Within a month of losing official Microsoft support, Windows 7 has started creating major problems for its users.

03 Feb 2020


Don't update! Latest Windows release causes 'blue screen of death'

Microsoft recently pushed a cumulative update fixing a long-existing File Explorer glitch on Windows 10.

01 Feb 2020


Flag bugs in Xbox, win up to Rs. 14 lakh

After Google and Apple, Microsoft is also doubling down on the security of its products.

01 Feb 2020


Avast shutting down company that sold user data without permission

A few days back, anti-virus giant Avast was caught selling PC activity of its users through its subsidiary, a company named Jumpshot.

01 Feb 2020


Hackers are exploiting Kobe Bryant's wallpaper to mine cryptocurrency

As the world mourns the unexpected demise of legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant, hackers are using the tragedy to make money.

31 Jan 2020


Who is Arvind Krishna? Little-known facts about IBM's new CEO

After Alphabet and Microsoft, International Business Machines (IBM) has decided to bring an Indian-origin Chief Executive.

31 Jan 2020


Apparently, Siri and Cortana are really bad at first-aid advice

While modern-day smart assistants can handle a number of queries, they are not really good at first-aid advice.

30 Jan 2020

United Nations (UN)

400GB-data stolen from UN servers in July; organization remained mum

The United Nations has confirmed to have been hacked in, what looks like, a state-sponsored espionage operation.

30 Jan 2020

Windows 10

You can fix Windows 10's broken file explorer: Here's how

A few months back, Microsoft released Windows 10 November 2019 Update (version 1909) with a few bug fixes and handy new features.

29 Jan 2020

Windows 10

#TechBytes: Tricks to become more productive while using Windows 10

Now that Windows 7 has lost support and Windows 10 is the only option to stay in Microsoft's ecosystem, you need some essential hacks to get the most out of the OS.

28 Jan 2020


Avast sold user-data to Google, Microsoft for millions of dollars

Avast, one of the leading providers of anti-virus and internet security solutions, is facing flak for engaging in some shady data business.

23 Jan 2020


#LeakAlert: Microsoft exposed over 250 million customer support records

Microsoft is facing flak for exposing over 250 million customer service records on several open servers.

18 Jan 2020


Soon, Microsoft could enable wireless phone-to-PC content transfer capabilities

When you have to move some data from your phone to PC (or reverse), the go-to options are fairly limited - Bluetooth, USB cable, or a third-party transfer like via SHAREit.

19 Jan 2020


#NewsBytesWeeklyRecap: Living robots, Windows 10 bug, AI-based Maths Solver, more

This week, we have witnessed some major developments in tech.

17 Jan 2020


Microsoft's new app uses AI to help with math problems

After offering a way to digitize real-world tables, Microsoft has launched 'Maths Solver,' a smart app capable of solving complicated mathematical problems.

16 Jan 2020


Microsoft is playing a catch-up game, launches a Chrome-like browser

More than a year after announcing the plan to switch Edge to Chromium, Microsoft has made the stable version of the upgraded browser available on Windows and macOS.

#BugAlert: Critical security vulnerability flagged in Windows 10; update now

After Firefox, Windows 10 has been plagued by a security vulnerability.

14 Jan 2020

Satya Nadella

It's just bad: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks on CAA

Hyderabad-born Satya Nadella, who is leading Microsoft, has become the first CEO of a tech giant to weigh-in on India's new law of citizenship that has sparked protests.

13 Jan 2020

Windows 10

Windows 7 losing support! Get free Windows 10 upgrade immediately

If you are still using the decade-old Windows 7 operating system, now is the time to upgrade to the newer, fancier Windows 10.

12 Jan 2020


Sensitive Skype, Cortana recordings reviewed on insecured PCs in China

A few months ago, Motherboard made a shocking revelation that Microsoft has been sending "poorly secured" Cortana and Skype recordings to human contractors.

10 Jan 2020


Flipkart forays into laptop segment with a mid-range offering

Flipkart has forayed into the laptop segment by launching a new mid-range Falkon Aerbook model under its private brand MarQ, which already sells home appliances, televisions, and other electronic goods.

04 Jan 2020

Windows 10

Microsoft will soon fix Windows 10 File Explorer bugs

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 10 November 2019 update, users of the platform have been experiencing certain issues with File Explorer, the core of the OS.

25 Dec 2019

Windows 10

Soon, Microsoft could change how Windows Updates are delivered

Microsoft has long been pushing biannual feature upgrades for Windows 10.

18 Dec 2019

San Francisco

Ed-tech start-up Springboard raises $11 million

Springboard, a San Francisco-headquartered company that provides career upscaling solutions with courses for data science, design, analytics, etc, has raised $11 million in post-Series A funding round.

17 Dec 2019


Windows 10 users can now make phone calls from PC

After a long wait, Microsoft has confirmed that calling capabilities are being rolled out for all Windows 10 users.

15 Dec 2019


#NewsBytesWeeklyRecap: Next-gen Xbox, OPPO AR glasses, iOS issues, and more

This week in tech we saw some tempting hardware announcements, including that of the next-generation Xbox Series X console and OPPO's AR glasses.

14 Dec 2019


This is Microsoft's fancy new Windows logo

Last year, Microsoft unveiled a bunch of new Office Suite icons as part of an effort to modernize its software and services under a new 'Fluent Design' concept.

14 Dec 2019


Xbox Series X: What makes it better, more powerful?

Microsoft's next-generation Xbox console, codenamed Project Scarlett, has finally come to life as the Xbox Series X.

02 Dec 2019


IIT-Delhi witnesses record high placement offers on Day 1

The final placement season at IIT-Delhi is off to a great start as the institute witnessed the highest ever number of offers on the first day.

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