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Pentagon poured $53 billion into tech companies; backing AI innovations

The Pentagon is significantly investing in Big Tech and emerging Silicon Valley companies, specifically targeting artificial intelligence (AI) innovations.

04 Apr 2024


Explained: Did Israel use AI tool to generate kill list

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) may have used an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, Lavender, to identify potential Hamas militants after the October 7 attacks.

15 Jan 2020


#BugAlert: Critical security vulnerability flagged in Windows 10; update now

After Firefox, Windows 10 has been plagued by a security vulnerability.

08 Jun 2019


Sonam Kapoor and filmmaker Ashoke Pandit argue over Aligarh murder-case

When a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was brutally murdered in Aligarh over a petty sum of Rs. 10,000, the entire country wept.

06 May 2018

Edward Snowden

Spy agency NSA collected over 500 million phone call records

The United States' National Security Agency (NSA) collected over 500 million phone call records of Americans last year, more than triple of what was gathered in 2016, said a US intelligence agency report.

26 Nov 2017


Pathankot attack: In confidential NSA-level talks, India confronts Pakistan

Reports have surfaced about a secret dialogue between Indian NSA Ajit Doval and his Pakistani counterpart, Lieutenant-General Nasser Khan Janjua.

15 Jun 2017

Michael Flynn

Reports: Special counsel to investigate Trump over obstruction of justice

Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating US President Donald Trump over possible obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense.

15 May 2017


Microsoft lambasts NSA for WannaCry, time for a "wake-up call"

Although Microsoft has released a patch update to counter the ransomware WannaCry, it is now fuming at how all this came to fruition owing to the software vulnerabilities, which were exploited but not reported by the NSA.

09 May 2017

Michael Flynn

Obama had warned Trump not to hire Flynn in November

In November'16, the then President-elect Donald Trump was warned by President Barack Obama against appointing Michael Flynn as national security adviser, according to the White House.

03 May 2017


America, NSA is still eavesdropping on you

USA's national anthem's lyrics say that America is "land of the free and the home of the brave"; now ironically it is also of the "closely watched" thanks to NSA, which despite Congress limitation, collated 151 million records of phone calls by American citizens last year.

15 Apr 2017


Leaks suggest America's NSA may have hacked global banking system

Hacking group Shadow Brokers have leaked spy tools allegedly created and used by the US National Security Agency (NSA).