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08 May 2021

IBM unveils industry's first 2nm chip technology

In a major step forward for silicon chip technology, IBM claims it has successfully made a chip using a two-nanometer (2nm) process. The company asserts that the processors made using this technology will be more power-efficient, delivering around 45 percent better performance than the current 7nm process.

29 Nov 2020

Author Ken Jennings becomes interim host of game show 'Jeopardy!'

Late game show host Alex Trebek has left behind a legacy in Jeopardy! but as the show must go on, executives have been hunting for the next best choice to replace him.

29 Sep 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Microsoft 365 suffered an outage, and more

Last night, Microsoft 365 suffered a major outage due to an internal change and left essential web services down for hours, including Microsoft Office 365, Teams, and Outlook.

18 Aug 2020

Why are Apple, Google and Epic Games fighting?

Apple, Google, and Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, are engaged in a dramatic row for the last few days.

10 Aug 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: TikTok plans to sue Trump administration, and more

Over the weekend, TikTok was reported to be planning legal action against Trump administration.

21 Jul 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Zuckerberg says no deal with Trump and more

Since last evening, the world of technology has seen some notable developments.

17 Jul 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: FBI probes Twitter hack; Netflix gets new CEO

In the last few hours, several developments have been reported from the world of technology.

12 Apr 2020

#WeeklyRecap: New CoronaOven, Apple-Google collaboration, WhatsApp's restrictions, and more

This week, the tech industry continued its fight against coronavirus with innovative new solutions and technologies.

07 Apr 2020

IBM is sharing its AI tools to fight COVID-19 crisis

Following the lead of Google, Apple, and Facebook, tech giant IBM has also joined the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

25 Feb 2020

Clever 'AI suitcase' will help visually impaired people navigate

Japan is developing a one-of-a-kind robot to help visually impaired people navigate.

06 Feb 2020

Meet Ryan Roslansky: The new CEO of LinkedIn

After International Business Machines (IBM), LinkedIn, the social network for working professionals with over 600 million users, is witnessing a major management change.

04 Feb 2020

Hackers using fears over coronavirus to spread malware, steal data

After using late basketball legend Kobe Bryant's wallpaper to make money, hackers are now exploiting the deadly outbreak of coronavirus to spread malware.

31 Jan 2020

Who is Arvind Krishna? Little-known facts about IBM's new CEO

After Alphabet and Microsoft, International Business Machines (IBM) has decided to bring an Indian-origin Chief Executive.

15 Jan 2020

#CareerBytes: Top online courses that techies are pursuing on Coursera

E-learning has been on the rise in recent years, and online courses have become hugely popular, especially in the tech field.

30 Dec 2019

#ThatWas2019: 6 mind-boggling moments witnessed in science and tech

2019 was a year of major scientific and technological advancements.

IBM: Google didn't achieve Quantum Supremacy

Last month, a leaked paper from Google made the claim of having achieved quantum supremacy, a major benchmark in the world of quantum computing.

06 Sep 2019

New Jersey
Cognizant CEO plans downsizing; may cut jobs in October

Cognizant Technologies CEO Brian Humphries has disclosed that the US-based IT services firm would soon witness a slew of job cuts.

IBM patents a smartwatch that can transform into a tablet

Thanks to the arrival of foldable displays, leading OEMs are already changing our smartphones, televisions, laptops, and smartwatches.

30 Jan 2019

Here's what Google India, Tinder, Amazon Prime "really really really...want"

A new meme fest has emerged on social media with the "We really really really..." format in which people have expressed their exclusive and unfulfilled wishes.

25 Dec 2018

#TechBytes: 5 amazing technologies patented this month

Every month, tens of thousands of technologies/systems are patented with the goal of augmenting human capabilities, simplifying lives.

22 Nov 2018

Indian Railways
Railways to use AI for crowd control during Kumbh-Mela 2019

Apart from deploying 800 special trains for pilgrims, the Indian Railways is planning to use future-forward technology, including AI, for crowd management in next year's Kumbh Mela.

29 Oct 2018

IBM acquiring Red Hat in 'game-changing' $34 billion deal

In a bid to expand its reach in enterprise cloud computing, IBM will acquire Red Hat, the world's leading distributor of open source cloud software.

19 Oct 2018

#CareerBytes: Top online courses to prepare for campus placements

Campus placement is one of the most important phases of a college student's academic journey.

16 Oct 2018

Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, dies aged 65

Paul Allen, the man who started Microsoft alongside Bill Gates, has passed away at the age of 65.

11 Oct 2018

Google techie held for stealing money at luxury-hotel for girlfriend

A 24-year-old engineer working for Google, Garvit Sahni of Haryana's Ambala, was arrested for allegedly stealing money from a luxury hotel to meet his girlfriend's expenses.

10 Oct 2018

Mumbai: IBM techie dies while boarding a local train

A software engineer, working with IBM, was crushed under a Mumbai local train after he lost his balance while boarding it.

22 Sep 2018

If you can seal $100mn business deals, Infosys wants you

Since 2014, Infosys has had a bad deal sealing spell, and just seems unable to close mega business deals. Meanwhile, its competitors have marched ahead.

27 Aug 2018

Warren Buffett set to invest Rs. 2,000+ cr in Paytm

If reports are to be believed, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway are in talks with Paytm parent company, One97 Communications to invest around Rs. 2,200-2,500cr ($300-350mn) in the digital payments company.

19 Aug 2018

IBM just paved the way for cheap mind-controlled robotic limbs

Controlling robotic objects through mind control in a dramatic fashion has been touted oft times in sci-fi movies.

14 Aug 2018

A book on Warren Buffett's investing style

Since the 1950s, Warren Buffett and his partners have backed some of the 20th century's most profitable, trendsetting companies and a new book seeks to uncover the key insights of his investments by journeying through his career that began in the late 1950s.

08 Aug 2018

Workplace messaging service Slack is raising $400mn in new round

On the back of acquiring its rivals just a couple of weeks back, workplace messaging service Slack is reportedly raising more funding, this time around $400mn.

29 Jul 2018

5 best chess games of all time

In the history of chess, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of masterpieces that can be studied to learn the beauty of the game.

15 Jul 2018

#CareerBytes: Top 6 IITs and their placement numbers this season

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are the most premier public institutes offering the best engineering and technology education in India.

24 Jun 2018

#CareerBytes: Top 6 IITs and their placement numbers this season

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are the most premier public institutes offering the best engineering and technology education in India.

23 Jun 2018

Michigan University develops world's smallest computer, smaller than rice grain

Engineers at the University of Michigan have developed the smallest computer in the world. It's 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm in size and can stand on the tip of a rice grain.

21 Jun 2018

San Francisco
IBM develops AI that can successfully debate with humans

IBM has developed an AI system called "Project Debater" than can rationally debate with humans.

Meet IBM's Summit, the world's most powerful supercomputer

The US has retaken its place as the country with the most powerful supercomputer after the Department of Energy, on Friday, unveiled the new IBM-made Summit.

05 Jun 2018

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways Chief says CEO-position "very-challenging" for women. Is it?

After making giant leaps, women are now leading global conglomerates, including many dealing in traditionally "masculine" products (think General Motors, IBM, Lockheed Martin and more).

30 May 2018

NITI Aayog
NITI Aayog's portal to give start-ups access to public data

Government think-tank NITI Aayog has plans to launch a new online portal through which public data will be made available to private entities, including start-ups, announced NITI Aayog's CEO Amitabh Kant at an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up conclave.

24 May 2018

Google and Coursera launch advanced online course on machine learning

Google and Coursera have launched a new online course on machine learning (ML) called "Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization."