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27 Oct 2023


Former Chinese premier dies of heart attack at 68

Former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang suffered a sudden heart attack on Thursday and passed away in the early hours of Friday in Shanghai at 68, Xinhua reported.

20 Jun 2023


World's most expensive cities for luxurious living: Singapore tops list

After a few tumultuous pandemic years, the world is back to normal. The coronavirus is still there, but the world has learned to live with it without being affected.

11 Mar 2023


China: President Xi Jinping's confidant Li Qiang appointed new premier

China's parliament has formally elected President Xi Jinping's confidant and close ally, Li Qiang, as the country's new premier.

07 Mar 2023


President Xi Jinping's aide Li Qiang to become China's premier

Li Qiang—said to be Chinese President Xi Jinping's close aide who brought about Shanghai's strict two-month COVID-19 lockdown last year—is likely to formally become China's next premier at the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) this week.

29 Nov 2022


China readies 2.5 lakh COVID-19 quarantine beds in 'hotspot' Guangzhou

Mass quarantine camps and makeshift hospitals are reportedly coming up in Guangzhou, China to accommodate nearly 2.5 lakh people amid the country's recent COVID-19 spike, according to AP.

28 Nov 2022


Anti-lockdown protests intensify across China as demonstrators, police clash

As China is struggling to contain rising COVID-19 cases which are breaking records with every passing day, anti-lockdown protests are said to be growing in the country's major cities with reports of clashes.

27 Nov 2022


China: Fatal building blaze ignites protests against extreme COVID-19 curbs

Widespread protests erupted in China on Saturday against fresh COVID-19 curbs imposed by authorities, Reuters reported.

24 Nov 2022


China records highest daily COVID-19 cases since pandemic began

Despite strict restrictions, China on Wednesday recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases since the outbreak in the country in December 2019, Agence France-Presse reported.

13 Oct 2022


China: Fresh restrictions grip Shanghai as COVID-19 cases rise

The coronavirus is again flaring up in China's financial capital Shanghai as the city on Wednesday recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases since July, Bloomberg reported.

China: President Xi faces growing dissent over enforced COVID-19 lockdowns

Despite the Communist Party of China's iron-clad authoritarian leadership, led by President Xi Jinping, fissures between Beijing and the public are considered to be widening.

09 Jul 2022

Social Media

Shanghai: 4 stabbed at hospital by assailant, police open fire

A knife-wielding attacker wounded four people at a Shanghai hospital on Saturday, marking the second recorded stabbing incident since the COVID-19 lockdown of the economic hub was lifted in early June.

21 May 2022


Beijing: 13,000 COVID-19 negative people forced into quarantine

To achieve the "zero-COVID-19" goal in China, over 13,000 Beijing residents who tested negative have been forced into quarantine.

06 May 2022

Asian Games

Asian Games 2022 postponed as China battles COVID-19 wave

The Asian Games 2022, which were set to be held from September 10-25 in Hangzhou, have been postponed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

29 Apr 2022


China: Shanghai eases COVID-19 restrictions as cases decline

Chinese authorities on Friday said nearly half the population of Shanghai is now in lower-risk areas, meaning as many as 12.38M residents can now step out of their homes.

16 Apr 2022


China: COVID-19 cases surging in Shanghai unabated despite strict lockdown

Is Shanghai emerging as China's new COVID-19 epicenter two years after the Wuhan outbreak?

11 Apr 2022


Shanghai residents are 'asking for death' amid lockdown: Here's why

Residents of Shanghai, China, were heard screaming in despair—in a viral video on social media—amid the city's strictest-ever lockdown following a massive COVID-19 outbreak.

05 Apr 2022


COVID-19: At 16,412, China reports highest single-day cases so far

China registered a total of 16,412 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, the highest single-day spike since the pandemic began.

28 Mar 2022

Hong Kong

Shanghai begins phased lockdown amid rising COVID-19 cases in China

China's biggest city Shanghai has started a phased lockdown on Monday after it witnessed a record number of new COVID-19 cases.

17 Sep 2021


PM Modi calls for SCO template to fight radicalization, extremism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday pitched for developing a common template by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to fight radicalization, saying it is a challenge to peace, security, and trust deficit in the region as reflected by recent developments in Afghanistan.

13 Sep 2021


Shanghai curtails transport as Typhoon Chanthu closes in

Flights and train service are being canceled in Shanghai, China's largest city, as Typhoon Chanthu approached the mainland on Monday after bringing heavy rain and winds to Taiwan.

18 Aug 2019


India can become $5-trillion economy in 5 years: NDB President

KV Kamath, President of Shanghai-headquartered New Development Bank (NDB), said the Indian economy can become a $5-trillion economy in five years growing at an annual average rate of 10%.

27 Jun 2019


OPPO's under-screen camera unveiled: Here's how it works

In a bid to offer an all-screen design, smartphone manufacturers have experimented with everything--notches, punch-holes, and even pop-up cameras.

25 Nov 2018


#BlackMirrorInAction: China's rating system bans millions from flights

The ominous effects of China's controversial social rating system, which is set to roll-out across the country by 2020, are already coming to light.

09 Nov 2018


Now, Chinese authorities can identify people from their walking style

Chinese authorities are taking public surveillance to a whole new level by implementing a new 'gait recognition' technology.

17 Oct 2018


Tesla secures 1,200-acre plot for first overseas Gigafactory

In a new development, Tesla has secured 1,200 acres of land (approximately 860,000 square meters) in Shanghai to set up its first overseas Gigafactory.

Chinese national held at Delhi airport for entering with fake-ticket

A Chinese man was apprehended at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi for allegedly using a fake ticket to enter the terminal area, a senior official said today.

03 Apr 2018

Anurag Kashyap

I was a reluctant actor, says Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol was determined to create his own identity when he made his debut over a decade ago but coming from a film family, the actor says he was conflicted about fame.

09 Mar 2018


China: Toddler locks iPhone for 47years by entering wrong passcode

According to Chinese media reports, a two-year-old boy in Shanghai has locked his mother's iPhone for 47 years by repeatedly entering the wrong passcode.

26 Feb 2018


Aamchi Mumbai pays its expats the highest in the world

The financial capital of India has grabbed the top spot for expat salaries in a global survey. In other words, Mumbai pays its expats the highest as compared to other cities in the world.

25 Feb 2018

Hong Kong

More Chinese people are taking to a vegetarian diet

China, the world's largest market for beef, pork, and poultry, is steadily growing wary of meat as health-conscious Chinese are now taking to vegetarian diet. This has sparked mushrooming of vegan restaurants in the world's most populous country.

25 Jan 2018


Monkeys successfully cloned for first time: Are humans next?

In a historical breakthrough, Chinese scientists successfully cloned monkeys using the same technique as Dolly the sheep -first mammal cloned from an adult cell- in 1996.

13 Aug 2017


Doklam standoff: Amid heightened tension, Indian insulted at Shanghai airport

Indian and Chinese citizens seem to be facing the effects of heightened bilateral tension amid the months-long India-China standoff at Doklam.