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18 May 2024


Exploring the future of Hulu's 'Shōgun' in Seasons 2, 3

The historical drama series Shōgun, a joint production by Hulu and FX, has been officially renewed for a second and third season.

24 Apr 2024

Travel And Tourism

Japan's bullet trains likely to get 'private rooms' from 2026

Japan's renowned Shinkansen trains (or the "bullet trains" as known to the world) are all set for a significant upgrade.

17 Apr 2024

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Taste a slice of Osaka with its culinary specialties

Osaka is celebrated as "Japan's kitchen", a city alive with culinary promise.

10 Apr 2024

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Experience the best of Osaka's unique culinary landscape

Osaka, Japan's third-largest city, is a vibrant metropolis known for its dynamic food scene.

05 Apr 2024

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Discover Osaka's izakaya alleys with this travel guide

Osaka, known as Japan's kitchen, boasts charming alleyways filled with izakayas, the traditional Japanese pubs.

22 Mar 2024


Osaka's cherry blossom havens are worth visiting

Every spring, the bustling metropolis of Osaka is transformed into a pastel paradise, as the cherry blossoms, or Sakura, start their short-lived but awe-inspiring bloom.

15 Mar 2024

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Witness Osaka's cherry blossom extravaganza: A springtime must-see

Each spring, Osaka, Japan, is transformed as cherry blossoms create a pastel spectacle.

22 Feb 2024


Japan's World Expo restrooms spark controversy over astronomical costs

Japan is set to host World Exposition 2025, yet even with a year left before the event, it has already sparked public backlash.

29 Jun 2022


Drunk Japanese man loses entire Amagasaki city's personal data

Getting drunk can turn everything upside down in the blink of an eye.

29 Apr 2020


Japanese firm offers separate rooms to bickering couples amid lockdown

As more than half of humanity is under lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, families are spending more time with each other, irrespective of whether they like it.

06 Apr 2020


Lockdown- No, Emergency- Yes: How Japan plans to handle coronavirus

The first stage to curtail the coronavirus pandemic is a lockdown, as countries that have been hammered by COVID-19 have shown. Italy has shut everything, so has France and so did epicenter China (although only worst-affected cities were shut).

11 Sep 2018

Serena Williams

#SerenaWilliamsMeltdown: "Upset people are offended, but won't take cartoon down"

An Australian cartoonist, Mark Knight is under public fire for drawing a cartoon of Serena Williams' meltdown in the US Open Final which is supposedly "racist and repugnant".

18 Jun 2018


Japan: 3 dead, dozens injured as 6.1 quake hits Osaka

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake knocked over walls around metropolitan Osaka in western Japan today, killing at least three people and injuring dozens.

29 Jun 2017


Disabled man forced to crawl on-board by Japanese airline

In a horrific incident, a wheel-chair bound Japanese man Hideto Kijima, was forced to crawl upto 17 stairs to get on-board a Vanilla Air flight.