Xi Jinping: News

Xi Jinping is the current President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission. Jinping’s father, Xi Zhongxun, was a senior CCP functionary who later fell out of favor with the Chinese establishment. Jinping worked as a peasant and manual laborer in a countryside village for seven years. After much struggle, he gained entry into the CCP in 1974 and graduated in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, in 1979. Over the next three decades, Jinping rose through the party ranks, and in 2007, became one of the select few members of the CCP Politburo’s Standing Committee. The next year, he was appointed as the Vice-President of China, and in 2012, he succeeded Hu Jintao as the General Secretary of the CCP. Jinping has been the President of PRC since 2013. Under his presidency, China has demonstrated a more assertive foreign policy and a rise in authoritarianism. After the two-term limit for presidency was removed in 2018 by the National People’s Congress, Jinping looks set to rule as president for life.

03 Jun 2024


China's Chang'e-6 lunar probe successfully lands on Moon's far side

China's Chang'e-6 lunar probe has made a successful landing on the far side of the Moon, as reported by Chinese state media agency Xinhua.

11 May 2024


New Chinese envoy says 'ready to work with India'

China's newly appointed envoy to India, Xu Feihong, said Beijing is ready to work with India to "accommodate" each other's concerns and find a mutually acceptable solution to "specific issues" through dialogue.

30 Apr 2024


China delivers first Hangor-class submarines to Pakistan

In a significant move, China has handed over the first of eight Hangor-class submarines to Pakistan.

26 Mar 2024


Pakistan: 5 Chinese engineers, local driver killed in suicide attack

Five Chinese nationals and their local driver lost their lives in a suicide bomb attack in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday.

CIA made fake internet identities to propagate anti-China rumors: Report

Two years into his presidency, Donald Trump authorized a covert operation by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

10 Mar 2024

Narendra Modi

India's intervention made Russia abandon nuclear strikes on Ukraine: Report

India and China might have played a key role in preventing Russia from using nuclear weapons in 2022 during its war with Ukraine, CNN reported, citing United States (US) officials.

29 Jan 2024


China's message on ties with France after Macron's India visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping is eager to "break new ground" in China-France relations.

14 Jan 2024


Maldives president sets deadline for Indian troop withdrawal

Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu has set a March 15 deadline for India to remove its military personnel from the island nation.

08 Jan 2024

Narendra Modi

Stay open-minded: China on ties with Maldives amid India row

China's state-run media has urged India to adopt an "open-minded" approach to South Asian affairs as Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu began a five-day state visit on Monday.

19 Dec 2023


China: 116 dead, nearly 400 injured in deadly 6.2-magnitude earthquake

At least 116 people were reportedly killed and nearly 400 people injured as a 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocked northwestern China's Gansu and Qinghai provinces on Monday night.

Violated sovereignty: China on US warship's presence in disputed SCS

China on Monday slammed the United States (US) after an American warship—USS Gabrielle Giffords—allegedly entered the disputed South China Sea near the Second Thomas Shoal.

22 Nov 2023

Climate Change

The world is now 2-degrees hotter. What does it mean?

The average global temperature crossed a threshold of two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels for the first time on Friday.

16 Nov 2023

Joe Biden

Biden-Jinping summit results in key agreements: Everything to know

United States (US) President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in San Francisco, US, for the first time since their summit in Bali, Indonesia last year.

16 Nov 2023


Biden calls Jinping 'dictator' again, just hours after 'productive' meeting

Hours after their first physical meeting in a year, United States (US) President Joe Biden on Wednesday reiterated his stance that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a dictator.

27 Oct 2023


Former Chinese premier dies of heart attack at 68

Former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang suffered a sudden heart attack on Thursday and passed away in the early hours of Friday in Shanghai at 68, Xinhua reported.

24 Oct 2023


China removes Defence Minister Li Shangfu 'missing' for 2 months

China has removed Li Shangfu as the defense minister and state councilor without providing any explanation, the country's state news agency Xinhua reported.

24 Oct 2023

Wang Yi

Israel-Hamas war: China shifts stance, acknowledges Israel's 'right to self-defense'

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has acknowledged Israel's right to defend itself against Palestinian terror group Hamas in a telephonic conversation with his Israeli counterpart Eli Cohen, state-run Chinese news agency Xinhua reported.

09 Oct 2023


China behind Khalistani leader Hardeep Nijjar's killing, claims activist

Chinese-born rights activist and independent blogger Jennifer Zeng has accused Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents of assassinating Khalistani leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada, ANI reported.

18 Sep 2023

S Jaishankar

Get over 'West is bad guy' syndrome: Jaishankar to China

External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar on Sunday took an indirect swipe at China, saying that there was a need to move beyond the "syndrome" of seeing the West as the "bad guy."

14 Sep 2023


Chinese G20 delegates had not one, but 20 'suspicious' bags

The controversy following the 12-hour-long standoff between the Chinese delegation and Indian security officials at the Taj Palace in Delhi during the G20 summit doesn't seem to have died down.

13 Sep 2023

G20 Summit

Chinese G20 delegate's suspicious bags triggered 12-hour drama in hotel

A 12-hour-long drama unfolded at the Taj Palace in Delhi on Thursday when security officers at the hotel— where Chinese delegates for the G20 Summit were staying—were alerted by the suspicious baggage of a team member.

11 Sep 2023

Vladimir Putin

Kremlin hints at Putin's 'win' in 2024 presidential polls

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Monday if Russian President Vladimir Putin runs for the 2024 presidential elections, no one will be able to compete with him as he has the absolute support of the people.

11 Sep 2023

G20 Summit

India 'exceptionally organized' G20 Summit: Brazilian president

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Monday reportedly lauded India's G20 Presidency after the culmination of the G20 Summit on Sunday.

09 Sep 2023

G20 Summit

G20 Summit: Full schedule of high-profile two-day meet in Delhi

The 18th G20 Summit officially kicked off on Saturday, with world leaders gathering in Delhi for the two-day event.

US urges China against playing 'spoiler' role at G20 Summit

United States (US) National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has cautioned China against playing the role of a "spoiler" at the upcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi.

04 Sep 2023

G20 Summit

China confirms Xi Jinping will not attend Delhi G20 Summit

In a major development ahead of the much-anticipated G20 Summit in New Delhi, China confirmed on Monday that President Xi Jinping would not be attending the upcoming two-day event this week.

04 Sep 2023

Joe Biden

Biden 'disappointed' by Xi's reported G20 Summit absence

United States (US) President Joe Biden has expressed disappointment over Chinese President Xi Jinping's reported decision not to attend the G20 Summit scheduled in New Delhi later this week.

03 Sep 2023

Narendra Modi

Modi dismisses China's objection to G20 meets in Kashmir, Arunachal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dismissed Pakistan and China's objections to India hosting G20 meetings in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh on Sunday and asserted the importance of holding meetings in all parts of the nation.

02 Sep 2023

Joe Biden

G20 Summit: Modi-Biden bilateral meeting on Friday, says White House

United States (US) President Joe Biden is set to travel to India next week for the G20 Summit, where he will have a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi next Friday, the White House said on Saturday.

31 Aug 2023


Xi Jinping likely to miss G20 Summit in Delhi: Report

Chinese President Xi Jinping is likely to skip the G20 Summit in Delhi, with Premier Li Qiang set to represent the country instead.

30 Aug 2023


China carves out bunkers in Aksai Chin to counter India

China has reportedly initiated major military construction activities in Aksai Chin, a region claimed by India to be its integral part.

29 Aug 2023

Narendra Modi

New Chinese map shows Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin in China

In a seemingly arbitrary move, China reportedly released the 2023 edition of its "standard map" on Monday, which wrongly showed parts of India as Chinese territories.

26 Aug 2023

Narendra Modi

Modi-Xi BRICS meeting: Differing statements cast doubts over LAC de-escalation 

India and China issued conflicting statements about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping's meeting at the BRICS Summit, raising doubts about the progress made in de-escalating tensions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), The Indian Express reported.

25 Aug 2023

Narendra Modi

PM Modi, Jinping discuss India-China relations at BRICS Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping engaged in a "candid and in-depth exchange of views" on the current state of India-China relations and other shared interests during the recent BRICS Summit in South Africa, the Chinese foreign ministry said.

Xi Jinping's mysterious absence at BRICS Business Forum raises questions

Chinese President Xi Jinping's "unexplained" absence from a scheduled key speech at the BRICS Business Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, has sparked rumors about his health and political standing.

22 Aug 2023


Why 40+ countries want to join BRICS

BRICS—a coalition of large emerging economies comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—reportedly aims to expand nearly 22 years after its inception.

22 Aug 2023


BRICS Summit: No confirmation yet on PM Modi meeting Jinping

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to attend the BRICS Summit, his first in-person appearance since the COVID-19 pandemic, in Johannesburg from August 22 to 24.

19 Aug 2023

Narendra Modi

LAC standoff: Major generals of India, China discuss outstanding disputes

India and China held major general-level talks on Friday to discuss the outstanding border issues, Hindustan Times reported on Saturday.

16 Aug 2023

Line of Control (LoC)

India, China say military talks 'positive,' but no immediate breakthrough

The 19th round of military talks between the senior commanders of India and China to resolve the standoff along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh failed to yield any immediate breakthrough, The Times of India reported.

14 Aug 2023

Narendra Modi

LAC standoff: 19th round of India-China military talks today

India and China are scheduled to hold their 19th round of military talks on Monday ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's face-to-face meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the BRICS Summit in South Africa.

28 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

What Modi, Jinping discussed at Bali G20 meet

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China's President Xi Jinping talked about the need to stabilize bilateral relations at the conclusion of the dinner hosted by the Indonesian president during the G20 Summit in Bali in November last year.

21 Jul 2023


Know why China is drilling another 10,000-meter hole

The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) reportedly began drilling the Shendi Chuanke 1 Well in the Sichuan province on Thursday, with a designed depth of 10,520 meters.

04 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

Putin, Jinping, Sharif to attend Modi's virtual SCO Summit today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to host the virtual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Tuesday.

22 Jun 2023


China: 31 killed in massive cooking gas explosion at restaurant

As many as 31 people were killed and seven sustained injuries in a massive cooking gas leak explosion at a restaurant in the city of Yinchuan in northwest China, the Associated Press reported, quoting officials.

21 Jun 2023

Joe Biden

Biden calls Jinping 'dictator' day after 'positive' bilateral talks

Poking fun at Chinese President Xi Jinping, United States President Joe Biden labeled him a "dictator" while speaking at a fundraiser event in California on Tuesday (local time).

17 Jun 2023

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Sri Lankan president to visit India, may seek financial support 

Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe is set to visit India on July 21 for the first time since the country's political chaos and economic crisis last year.

27 May 2023


Taipei claims Chinese aircraft carrier sailed through Taiwan Strait

The defense ministry of Taiwan claimed that the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday accompanied by two other ships.

19 Apr 2023


China preparing supersonic spy drone unit to target US: Report

A leaked assessment of the United States (US) military has revealed that China is planning to deploy a supersonic high-altitude spy drone to greatly increase its capacity to conduct surveillance activities, The Washington Post reported.

10 Apr 2023


China deploys 11 warships, 59 aircraft toward Taiwan: Report

China reportedly deployed 11 warships and 59 warplanes toward Taiwan on the third day of its military drill, the latter's defense ministry said, as per AFP.

06 Apr 2023

Emmanuel Macron

Relying on you to sway Russia: Emmanuel Macron tells Jinping

French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing and reportedly urged him to reason with close ally Russia and assist in ending the ongoing Ukraine war.

18 Mar 2023

Vladimir Putin

Arrest warrant issued against Putin, but can he be apprehended

An arrest warrant was issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday against Russian President Vladimir Putin over war crime allegations of illegally deporting children from Ukraine.

14 Mar 2023


China to resume issuing visas to foreigners after 3 years

Gradually doing away with its COVID-19 restrictions, China is set to resume issuing visas to foreigners from Wednesday, according to a statement by the Chinese embassy in the United States (US).

13 Mar 2023

Vladimir Putin

Xi Jinping to visit Russia soon, might mediate Ukraine conflict

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to visit Russia next week to hold bilateral talks with his counterpart Vladimir Putin.

11 Mar 2023


China: President Xi Jinping's confidant Li Qiang appointed new premier

China's parliament has formally elected President Xi Jinping's confidant and close ally, Li Qiang, as the country's new premier.

10 Mar 2023


Xi Jinping secures unprecedented 3rd term as Chinese president

Xi Jinping was elected as the president of China for an unprecedented third term on Friday, reported Reuters.

07 Mar 2023


President Xi Jinping's aide Li Qiang to become China's premier

Li Qiang—said to be Chinese President Xi Jinping's close aide who brought about Shanghai's strict two-month COVID-19 lockdown last year—is likely to formally become China's next premier at the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) this week.

02 Mar 2023

S Jaishankar

Jaishankar meets Chinese counterpart Qin Gang on G20 meet sidelines

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met his Chinese counterpart Qin Gang on the sidelines of the G20 Foreign Minister's Meeting in New Delhi on Thursday.

17 Feb 2023

Joe Biden

No apologies for taking down spy balloon: Joe Biden

President Joe Biden on Thursday said that he will discuss the issue of alleged Chinese spy balloons flying over the United States (US) airspace with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping during his first detailed conference on the issue.

22 Jan 2023


COVID-19 outbreak has infected 80% of Chinese population

A prominent government scientist claimed on Saturday that the possibility of a major COVID-19 rebound in China in the coming two or three months is unlikely, as the virus has infected 80% of its population.

03 Jan 2023


'Unreasonable': China slams overseas COVID-19 entry restrictions on its travelers

China on Tuesday denounced the new COVID-19 regulations, including mandatory test requirements, imposed by a dozen nations on travelers departing from its territory.

02 Jan 2023


China: Hospitals cancel New Year holidays to meet patients' requirements

Hospitals in several provinces of China, such as Shanxi, Hebei, Hunan, and Jiangsu, are working overtime without New Year holidays amid the rise of COVID-19 cases, reported Global Times.

01 Jan 2023


China can see 'light of hope' in COVID-19 battle: Jinping

In his New Year message on Saturday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the "light of hope is right in front" even as China continues to battle a spike in COVID-19 cases.

27 Dec 2022


COVID-19: Mock drills across India to test preparedness; more updates

Amid a COVID-19 surge in neighboring China, a mock drill is being conducted at hospitals/healthcare centers across all Indian states and union territories on Tuesday to check the operational preparedness for dealing with a potential COVID-19 wave.

26 Dec 2022


China deploys 71 warplanes, 7 naval ships toward Taiwan: Report

China deployed seven ships and 71 warplanes toward Taiwan in a 24-hour display of power, the latter's defense ministry said on Monday.

15 Dec 2022


China administers over 1 million COVID-19 vaccine doses a day

China raced to vaccinate its most vulnerable citizens on Thursday, expecting another spike in COVID-19 infections as many analysts predicted an increase in the death toll after the recent ease of strict restrictions that kept the novel virus' outspread at bay for almost three years.

30 Nov 2022

Jack Ma

Jack Ma living in Tokyo since Chinese crackdown on companies

Jack Ma, Chinese billionaire and the founder of Alibaba, has reportedly been living in Japan's Tokyo city for approximately six months, according to Financial Times reports on Tuesday.

30 Nov 2022


China warned US officials against interfering in Indo-China matters: Pentagon

China has warned the officials of its arch-rival US to not interfere in its relationship with India, the Pentagon claimed in its annual report submitted to the US Congress.

27 Nov 2022


China: Fatal building blaze ignites protests against extreme COVID-19 curbs

Widespread protests erupted in China on Saturday against fresh COVID-19 curbs imposed by authorities, Reuters reported.