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19 Oct 2018

Narendra Modi

#23YearsOfDDLJ: DDLJ dekha to yeh jaana, reader!

Not watching 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge' is a cardinal sin (no kidding). The love story of Shah Rukh Khan's Raj and Kajol's Simran is epic in all ways there is.

17 Sep 2018


Naidu addresses Indians in Malta, hails contribution in bilateral ties

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu yesterday interacted with the Indian diaspora in Malta and hailed their contribution in strengthening India's relations with the Southern European island country.

14 Sep 2018


You can now download the data WhatsApp collects on you

WhatsApp has rolled out its data portability tool in the form of a "Request Account Info" feature using which you can download a copy of all your data that the chat app has.

400 students selected for studies in Europe under EU-funded scholarship

A total of 400 students have been selected for higher studies in Europe this year under the EU-funded Erasmus Mundus scholarship and 73 of them are joining this semester itself, said an official statement.

26 Aug 2018


You can now download the data WhatsApp collects on you

WhatsApp has rolled out its data portability tool in the form of a "Request Account Info" feature using which you can download a copy of all your data that the chat app has.

20 Aug 2018


Five best countries to visit in the Middle East

To many people, international travel simply means packing bags and heading to Europe.

04 Aug 2018


Explainer: The rules of classical chess

Chess, as the game we know today, evolved in the 15th century in Europe.

19 Jul 2018


Malaysia: AirAsia announces $30bn deal for 100 Airbus planes

Malaysian budget airline AirAsia today announced an additional order of 34 Airbus A330neo planes, bringing the total value of its expanded 100-plane order to $30 billion.

31 May 2018


Danish Parliament bans burqa and niqab in public places

The Denmark Parliament today voted in favor of banning the burqa and other face-covering clothing in public spaces. The ban will come into effect from August 1.

28 Apr 2018


You can now download the data WhatsApp collects on you

WhatsApp has rolled out its data portability tool in the form of a "Request Account Info" feature using which you can download a copy of all your data that the chat app has.

26 Apr 2018


You should be 16+ to access WhatsApp in Europe now

WhatsApp is increasing its minimum user age from 13 to 16 in Europe.

25 Apr 2018


Instagram now allows you to download your content

Instagram has started rolling out its data portability tool using which you can download a copy of everything you've shared on the photo-sharing app.

01 Apr 2018


Gates to Ireland's first nudist beach to open this month

A trip to Ireland usually involves packing more clothes, courtesy the country's chilling temperatures.

29 Mar 2018


Facebook's new privacy and data tools put 'You' in command

Days after the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal, the social networking giant has announced a new set of changes which allows you to easily find and manage privacy settings, while giving you more control over your saved data.

02 Mar 2018


As Britain battles freezing cold, 'snow baby' born on roadside

As Britain and other parts of Europe brave freezing cold, a story of an incredible birth has warmed hearts across.

01 Mar 2018


Europe under deep-freeze spell, 50 dead in a week

Nearly 50 people have died in a cold spell that has gripped Europe since a week.

23 Feb 2018


World's oldest cave art crafted by Neanderthals, not humans: Study

A latest study has revealed that the world's oldest known cave paintings were created by Neanderthals and not modern humans. It shows that our extinct cousins were far from being uncultured brutes as previously believed.

20 Dec 2017


European court declares Uber a 'transport-service'. What does this mean?

In a judgment that could have far-reaching consequences, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that Uber should be classified as a transport service and regulated like other cab services.

19 Dec 2017

Indian Air Force

#DefenseDiaries: How the IAF is losing its mid-air refueling capability

The Indian Air Force's (IAF) six Ilyushin IL-78 aircraft are used to refuel fighter jets in mid-air.

03 Dec 2017


New European satellite detects alarming pollution levels in North India

Satellite images captured by the European Space Agency (ESA) have revealed alarming levels of pollution in northern India on November 10, when Delhi was struggling with a crisis.

27 Nov 2017


Live in Switzerland and get paid for it. Here's how

This might be for you if you've always dreamed of living in a picturesque, pristine mountain hamlet.

25 Oct 2017

New Zealand

Chinese cheese lovers can finally gorge on European cheese!

In a new development, China reversed an import ban on several types of European stinky cheeses, including Danish Blue, Stilton and Roquefort.

17 Oct 2017

Panama Papers

Panama Papers journalist Daphne Caruana killed in car bomb explosion

Prominent investigative journalist-blogger of Europe's Malta, Daphne Caruana Galizia, who accused the nation's government of corruption and fearlessly led Panama Papers investigation, has been killed in a car bomb attack near her Bidnija residence.

20 Aug 2017


UK: Far right politician offers Indians money to leave

Far-right ideology has seen a resurgence in Europe and America in recent times.

18 Aug 2017


Migrant crisis: Spain rescues 600 Moroccan migrants in 24 hours

As migrants continue to pour into Europe from North Africa and Syria, the Spanish Coast Guard claims to have rescued 600 migrants from Morocco within 24 hours!

12 Aug 2017


Eggs scandal that is rocking 16 European countries

The European Commission said 15 EU countries, Hong Kong and Switzerland have received eggs contaminated with the insecticide fipronil.

27 Jun 2017


Google fined €2.4 billion by EU, for manipulating search results

The European Union after seven-year investigation into Google's shopping comparison service concluded that the US search giant has "abused its dominant position by systematically favoring" of its own services.

21 Jun 2017


Brussels railway station: Security forces shoot suspected suicide bomber

Belgian officials said a man suspected of being a would-be suicide bomber was shot by soldiers at Brussels Central Station.

06 Jun 2017

Bill Gates

Robot Tax? Bill says Yay, EU commissioner says Nay

My future colleague doesn't smile much, works 24 hours a day and never makes mistakes. He also doesn't have a social life, friends and, yes, he's also a robot.

31 May 2017


RBI wants to introduce bank account number portability

Mobile number portability has surely made our lives easier. But can the same apply to bank account numbers?

31 May 2017


Europe visit: PM Modi makes second stop in Spain

After a successful visit to Germany, PM Modi landed in Spain, hoping for strengthened engagement with the nation.

29 May 2017


Modi embarks upon Europe visit, makes first stop in Germany

Having completed three years in power at home, PM Modi has embarked upon a four-nation Euro-trip, making his first stop in Germany. He will also visit Russia, Spain and France.

02 May 2017


US issues travel alert for tourists visiting Europe

The US has issued a travel alert for Americans visiting Europe, citing continued threat of terror attacks.

30 Apr 2017


Desperate Syrian refugees sell organs for sustenance

The desperate state of Syrian refugees has led to a boom in organ trafficking as their desperation has forced them to sell organs for money.

IMAX partners with AMC to solidify European presence

IMAX, the premium movie theatre company, has recently struck a deal with the biggest movie operator in Europe, AMC.

27 Mar 2017

Angela Merkel

Germany: Merkel's Christian Democrats wins Saarland bellwether

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats party (CDU) won the state election in Saarland bellwether with a comfortable margin over their opponents.

07 Feb 2017


Rugby Six Nations 2017 : Opening weekend results

The first round of rugby Six Nations tournament kicked off with wins to Scotland, England and Wales.

31 Jan 2017


Volkswagen trumps Toyota to be world's largest carmaker

Japanese carmaker Toyota has lost its title of being the world's biggest carmaker to German giant, Volkswagen.

11 Dec 2016


Paolo Gentiloni appointed new Italian PM

Italy's Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni has been entrusted by the President, with forming a new government; he is a member of outgoing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's Democratic Party.

08 Dec 2016


Italian PM steps down, will stand for re-election

Italian PM Matteo Renzi stepped down after the referendum defeat in good spirits; he joked, "hopefully tomorrow I will have more luck in the Playstation battle with my sons."

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