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11 Mar 2019


Robotic caretaker: The machine that can feed you on command

We have already seen how good, not to mention productive, machines can be.

'Robot' doctor tells patient he's going to die

In a shocking piece of news, a doctor used a robot to inform his patient that he is going to die.

These researchers created nanorobots to work inside human bodies

Normally, it takes years to build a robot and make it smart enough to work in assembly lines or at airports.

08 Mar 2019


This robot announced its own 'death' prior to server shutdown

Robots are generally associated with their ability to nail cool stuff like backflips or skipping through hurdles.

07 Mar 2019


People in this 400-year-old temple worship a robot 'Goddess'

People visiting Japan's 400-year-old Kodaiji temple will soon be worshipping a new robot deity.

05 Mar 2019

Boston Dynamics

MIT's scary 'Mini Cheetah' robot can do backflips, resist kicks

In a major development, researchers at MIT have unveiled 'Mini Cheetah', a smaller counterpart of their four-legged Cheetah robot.

23 Feb 2019


Chinese girl gets robot to do her homework, stirs debate

Homework is something all kids hate; it can be tedious and, at times, too long to be completed easily.

06 Feb 2019


The first step towards self-aware machines?

Despite the advent of robots and artificial intelligence (AI), truly self-aware robots - a staple of science fiction - seem like they're light years away, given the prevalent levels of robot intelligence.

25 Jan 2019


Meet Centauro, the robot that could help during nuclear catastrophes

Today, even the smallest possibility of a nuclear emergency seems like a nightmare.

23 Jan 2019


Now, robots deliver pizza and coffee to students: Details here

Robotics is the future, and Starship Technologies is leveraging it for the benefit of students.

21 Jan 2019


Romantic love with machines is real: Here's all about it

The connection between man and machine has existed for years.

This smart robot could help elders live independently

Even with best intentions, it can sometimes be difficult to take care of elders in the family.

19 Jan 2019

New Jersey

Amazon has built vests to protect workers from warehouse robots

With robots at Amazon's warehouses increasingly becoming a hazard for the company's warehouse workers, Amazon Robotics has come up with a new vest to protect its employees.

18 Jan 2019


World's first 'robot hotel' fired over 100 robots from work

Many futurists fear that ever-evolving machines, powered by AI, will take away our jobs.

13 Jan 2019


#CES2019: Hyundai showed unreal four-legged 'walking car' project

CES 2019 hosted some really weird, off-the-beat gadgets, but in the automotive category, it was Hyundai that blew our minds.

Soon, robotic dogs could replace CISF's security dogs at airports

While the CISF currently uses dogs - German Shepherds, Labradors, and Belgian Malinois - for airport security, that could soon be a thing of the past.

12 Oct 2018

Boston Dynamics

This terrifying robot by Boston Dynamics can now chase you

Boston Dynamics' super robot Atlas is back. And, this time it's not just strolling or doing backflips, but also leaping over obstacles like a real commando.

10 Oct 2018


Suffering from constipation? These self-vibrating 'robotic pills' might help you

We all hate constipation and the pain it brings along.

05 Oct 2018


This robotic finger for smartphones is just plain creepy

In yet another bizarre by-product of technological advancement, a researcher in France has developed a touch-sensitive robotic finger that can attach itself to smartphones.

This freaky robot works out and sweats like us

People expect robots to perform complex tasks, but they don't realize that making a machine stronger at hands and rigid elsewhere couldn't be the way to bring efficiency.

Meet Moxi: Socially intelligent robot to help healthcare industry

In a bid to lend a helping hand to overburdened nurses and medics, hospitals in the US would start using Moxi, a socially intelligent robot that can assist the clinical staff in day-to-day tasks.

30 Aug 2018


Meet Vector: The robot with a 'soul'

Human imagination has long been engrossed with the idea of lifelike, humanoid robots someday inhabiting our world.

19 Aug 2018


IBM just paved the way for cheap mind-controlled robotic limbs

Controlling robotic objects through mind control in a dramatic fashion has been touted oft times in sci-fi movies.

03 Aug 2018


Rashmi, India's first humanoid robot, can speak Hindi, Bhojpuri, Marathi!

Taking a leaf out of Sophia's (popular human-like robot) book, a 38-year-old Ranchi man is on the verge of developing India's own humanoid robot.

31 Jul 2018

Tamil Nadu

Kerala's robotic scavenger to clean up Tamil Nadu's temple town

Robotic scavenger "Bandicoot", the product of a Kerala-based start-up, would soon be cleaning sewers in the temple town of Kumbakonam in neighboring Tamil Nadu.

06 Jul 2018


Blind Cheetah 3 robot can navigate obstacles, climb stairs

Researchers from MIT have developed a four-legged robot called Cheetah 3 that can run, jump onto desks, and climb obstacle-laden stairs without visual sensors.

06 Jul 2018


Bengaluru students create spider-like robot for rescue operations

Four students of the Sapthagiri College of Engineering in Bengaluru have developed a six-legged, spider-shaped robot.

30 Jun 2018


Sex robot Samantha will now become unresponsive, if treated inappropriately

Famous sex doll Samantha has been updated with a new feature.

22 Jun 2018

San Francisco

Start-up opens first restaurant where robot makes burgers

US-based start-up Creator, which deals in burger-making robots, has unveiled its first robot restaurant in San Francisco.

20 Jun 2018


In a first, surgeons use robot to conduct eye surgery

For the first time ever, robots have been used to conduct eye surgery.

This babysitting robot gives company to China's lonely children

China's young working parents are quite burdened, and have to face the pressures of taking care of their children without the help of large extended families, owing to the lingering impact of the country's one-child policy.

17 Jun 2018


In this restaurant by MIT engineers, robots prepare food

MIT graduates Brady Knight, Michael Farid, Luke Schlueter, and Kale Rogers have opened a new fast food restaurant in downtown Boston called Spyce, where all the meals are prepared by robot chefs in the kitchen.

13 Jun 2018


Scientists develop robots to hug humans

Researchers have developed a humanoid robot called "HuggieBot" that gives hugs to humans.

Boston Dynamics' dog-like SpotMini robot to start selling in 2019

US-based robotics company Boston Dynamics, known for machines that mimic real movements, will finally start selling some robots, starting with the dog-like SpotMini.

Boston Dynamics' robot Atlas learns to run like humans!

US-based robotics company Boston Dynamics' humanoid Atlas has learned to run and navigate autonomously.

24 Apr 2018


Amazon's big bet for the future: Your moving robot butler

According to reports, Amazon is developing a domestic, household robot.

21 Apr 2018


This robot can assemble IKEA chair without any human help

The Control Robotics Intelligence Group (CRI) at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, has developed a fully-automated, two-armed robot that can assemble an IKEA chair kit without human help.

19 Apr 2018

US Army

US Army building 3D-printed flexible robots for military use

The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has collaborated with the University of Minnesota to develop 3D-printed flexible robots that are practical for military use.

02 Apr 2018


Meet Vera, the Russian robot that is hiring humans

Last year, a McKinsey study found that automation would take '800 million jobs by 2030'. Fast-forward to today, Robots have found yet another job.

25 Mar 2018


5-foot English-speaking robot to guide visitors at Jaipur Wax Museum

Rajasthan's famous Jaipur Wax Museum, situated on the premises of the famous Nahargarh Fort on the Aravali Hills, is all set to introduce a robot to welcome its visitors.