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31 Dec 2017


These astronauts will celebrate New Year 16 times in space!

Six astronauts will get to celebrate the New Year's Day 16 times aboard the International Space Station (ISS), at 402.3km above Earth, encircling our planet every 90 minutes, according to NASA.

NASA discovers Earth-like planet system using Artificial Intelligence!

The NASA has discovered the first star system apart from ours, with as many planets as our own. The biggest known system till now had seven planets.

25 Nov 2017


Man to launch himself in rocket to test Flat-Earth theory

Despite centuries of scientific work and ample modern-day evidence proving that the Earth is a sphere, California-based "Mad" Mike Hughes has decided to launch himself on a homemade rocket to prove that the Earth is flat.

21 Nov 2017


ISRO aims to launch first privately-produced rocket by 2021

The ISRO has said it plans to launch for the first time a rocket completely built by private players by 2020-21.

09 Nov 2017


1.39L Indians will be 'visiting' Mars next year

NASA has received 24.3L applications from around the world for its next Mars mission. Nearly 1.39L of them are Indians.

21 Oct 2017


NASA to auction decades-old vintage photos for upto $9000 each

NASA is putting up for auction vintage photographs of its space journey, including the first picture taken from the Moon and the first picture of Earth taken from space.

17 Oct 2017

Albert Einstein

Proven: Gold, platinum are created by collisions of dead stars!

In a major development in astronomy, scientists have detected the warping of space caused by collision of dead stars.

07 Oct 2017


Jeff Bezos-backed company to launch humans into space in 18-months!

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's space company, Blue Origin, would start taking tourists to space within the next 18 months i.e. by Apr'19.

28 Sep 2017


Russia-US to build first-ever space station orbiting Moon

Russia and the US have agreed to cooperate on a programme to build the first-ever space station orbiting the Earth's Moon.

28 Sep 2017


Scientists detect fourth gravitational wave from black hole collision

Scientists have successfully detected signals of gravitational waves -ripples in the fabric of space and time- for the fourth time from the collision of two black holes.

15 Sep 2017


NASA's $3.9-bn spacecraft crashes into Saturn, ends 20-year mission

NASA's Cassini spacecraft plunged into Saturn's atmosphere today, at a speed of over 120,000 km/hr, ending a $3.9-billion mission.

07 Sep 2017

Solar System

Is there a Mars-like 'Planet 9' hidden? Evidences say so!

There are currently eight planets in our solar system; but according to astronomers, there could be many more.

Record-breaking NASA astronaut and crew back home

After logging 196 kilometers in space and 4,623 orbits of Earth, 57-year old NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson returned to Earth with her crewmates.

02 Sep 2017

Solar System

Proof of aliens? Stephen Hawking mission detects mysterious signals

A mission to find alien life has picked up mysterious radio signals coming from a galaxy three billion light years away.

02 Sep 2017


Why did ISRO's recent PSLV mission fail?

ISRO's PSLV-C39 mission to propel the IRNSS-1H satellite into the orbit was unsuccessful as the heat shield didn't separate in the last few minutes of the mission.

31 Aug 2017


ISRO first private navigation satellite launch fails

ISRO launched its navigation satellite, IRNSS-1H at 7 pm today from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, but the mission was not successful.

20 Aug 2017


Voyager: The world's most audacious space mission

This August and September, humankind's most audacious space mission(s) turns 40.

15 Aug 2017


SpaceX sends icecream to astronauts, humanity is doing it right

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which was launched on Monday, had a very unlikely cargo. Along with 6,400 pounds of cargo, live mice and science experiments, one sweet treat for the six International Space Station astronauts is also there.

12 Aug 2017


China now sends unhackable messages from space to Earth

Only a month after breaking records by teleporting a photon into space, China has now set a new record by sending "hack-proof" messages from space.

08 Aug 2017

South Africa

Ghana's first satellite, GhanaSat-1 is now orbiting Earth

Ghana's first satellite GhanaSat-1, built by a Ghanaian engineering team at All Nations University, is now operational. It was made possible with a little help from others but it's still a significant achievement.

03 Aug 2017


New launchpad at Sriharikota to boost ISRO's launch capacity

ISRO's launch capacity will soon receive a boost as the launchpad center at the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota will get a second vehicle assembly building by the end of this year.

31 Jul 2017

Christopher Nolan

Can ISRO help realize interstellar travel?

Christopher Nolan fans may be familiar with his 2014 sci-fi masterpiece 'Interstellar', which took us on an exciting, emotional 'interstellar' quest to find another habitable planet.

28 Jul 2017

Solar System

Scientists might have made a significant discovery: The first exomoon

In what could be a significant discovery, a team of scientists has detected a signal from what is believed to be the first known "exomoon": a moon beyond our solar system.

28 Jul 2017


US calls Iran's space rocket launch test 'provocative'

On July 27, Iran launched a rocket which it claims can deliver a satellite into space, ratcheting tensions with the US.

22 Jul 2017


Google can now take you to outer-space! Find out how

Ever wondered what Earth looks like from space? Or wanted to take a tour of a spaceship?

14 Jul 2017


Indian scientists discover galaxy 'supercluster', calls it Saraswati

Taking a giant leap for Indian space research, Indian astronomers discovered a supercluster of galaxies located in the direction of Pisces.

First object teleported into space; Chinese scientists break records

Teleportation seemed a science fiction a few decades ago.

12 Jul 2017


'Astronauts in Mars may face fungal infection risk'

A recent study by NASA has discovered a "surprising" setback to the colonization of Mars.

09 Jul 2017


Milky Way could be home to 100 billion brown dwarfs

A study by scientists from Portugal's University of Lisbon and Scotland's University of St. Andrews has explained that our galaxy, the Milky Way, could be home to about a 100 billion brown dwarfs or "failed stars" as they are called.

How does ISRO protect its assets from space debris?

ISRO has made major strides in recent times capitalizing on the ability of its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles (PSLV) to launch massive payloads.

20 Jun 2017

Solar System

NASA discovers 10 Earth-like planets outside solar system

NASA detected 219 potential new planets just outside our solar system.

02 Jun 2017


NASA's Parker Solar Probe: Humanity's first mission to the sun

In 1969, when Neil Armstrong from NASA's Apollo 11 mission took the first step on the moon and made history, it was immortalized by the famous quote, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

30 May 2017


Maharashtra- HSC results to be declared today

The results of the Class 12 Maharashtra state board exams are set to be declared by 1 pm today.

28 Apr 2017


NASA spacesuits are outdated and pose severe risk, says report

NASA is spending nearly $200 million on new spacesuits but by the time they arrive it might be too late.

25 Apr 2017


ISRO develops app to compute solar potential of any place

ISRO's Space Applications Centre has developed an Android app to compute the solar energy potential of a particular location.

25 Apr 2017


ISRO's next space adventure to Venus is now seeking proposals

ISRO has announced that it will start accepting proposals regarding space-based experiments to study Venus, as it gears up to accomplish its first voyage to the planet.

24 Apr 2017


ISRO builds more satellites to increase launches to 12 annually

ISRO is trying to take up the number of launches per year from seven to 12, by building more satellites and lowering cost of operations.

Satellites at risk: Scientists warn of aggravating space debris problem

Scientists speaking at the seventh European Conference on Space, warned the international community on the increasing danger posed to space exploration by space debris from over 60 years of exploration.

14 Apr 2017

Solar System

Extraterrestrial life could possibly exist in our solar system

In a press conference last night, NASA shared its latest findings in the search for extraterrestrial life in our solar system.

23 Feb 2017

Solar System

7 new Earth-sized planets discovered

Astronomers have spotted 7 Earth-sized planets revolving around a star called TRAPPIST-1.

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