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04 Jul 2024


ISRO chief's warning: Asteroid impact real possibility, we must prepare

Dr. S Somanath, the chief of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), has emphasized the real possibility of an asteroid hitting Earth and causing mass extinction.

29 Jun 2024

Space News

Earth acquires new 'quasi-satellite' expected to stay for millennia

Scientists have discovered a new asteroid, 2023 FW13, that orbits the Sun alongside Earth.

24 Jun 2024


NASA says we're not prepared to handle asteroid strikes

NASA recently conducted a hypothetical exercise, revealing significant gaps in Earth's readiness for a potential asteroid impact.

23 Jun 2024


NASA study finds asteroid with 72% chance of hitting Earth

NASA recently conducted a study that revealed a potential asteroid threat with a 72% chance of hitting Earth.

James Webb telescope spots evidence of gigantic asteroid collision

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has discovered signs of a massive collision, between two enormous asteroids in the Beta Pictoris star system.

01 Jun 2024


Tiny moon revealed as two in disguise; astronomers astonished

In a surprising revelation last year, astronomers discovered that a tiny moon orbiting an asteroid, fondly referred to as "Dinky," was actually two moons fused together.

24 Apr 2024


This start-up is planning to mine asteroids for precious metals

AstroForge, a California-based start-up founded by Matt Gialich and Jose Acain in 2022, is making strides in the burgeoning field of asteroid mining.

23 Apr 2024


Asteroid Kamo'oalewa may have originated from Moon, astronomers claim

A team of astronomers led by Yifei Jiao at Tsinghua University has proposed that the near-Earth asteroid Kamo'oalewa, measuring between 130-328 feet in diameter, may have originated from the Moon.

19 Oct 2023


Five asteroids to fly past Earth today, NASA reveals details

As many as five asteroids will make a close approach to our planet today, per NASA.

13 Oct 2023


NASA's Psyche mission to explore metal asteroid takes to space

NASA has kicked off a mission to explore a mysterious metallic world by launching the Psyche spacecraft on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

12 Oct 2023


NASA's Psyche mission delayed to October 13: Here's why

NASA has pushed the launch of its Psyche asteroid mission to Friday, October 13, at 10:19am EDT (7:49pm IST) due to unfavorable weather conditions coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

11 Oct 2023


OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample offers clues to solar system's origins

NASA has revealed an exciting sample from near-Earth asteroid Bennu, which could act as a time capsule from our solar system's early days.

11 Oct 2023


NASA to unveil OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample today: How to watch

Today, NASA will reveal the first findings from the asteroid sample collected by its OSIRIS-REx mission.

09 Oct 2023


Key facts about NASA's Psyche mission launching on October 12

NASA is preparing for the launch of its Psyche mission, touted to be the first mission to explore a metal-rich asteroid.

09 Oct 2023


NASA to reveal 4.5 billion-year-old asteroid sample on October 11

NASA is gearing up to unveil the sample collected from the Bennu asteroid during the groundbreaking OSIRIS-REx mission on October 11.

02 Oct 2023


Giant 2,200-foot asteroid to whizz past Earth tomorrow 

A colossal 2,200-foot asteroid, termed 349507 (2008 QY), is set to make a close encounter with Earth tomorrow.

29 Sep 2023


NASA's Psyche mission launch delayed to October 12: Here's why

NASA has announced it is pushing the launch of its Psyche mission, by one week. The spacecraft will now liftoff on October 12, whereas the original plan was for October 5.

29 Sep 2023


Exploring 'new type of world': Everything about NASA's Psyche mission

NASA is looking forward to launching its Psyche spacecraft on October 5. It will take off aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

25 Sep 2023


NASA scientists to analyze Bennu asteroid samples: What to expect

After seven years and a journey spanning 6.21 billion kilometers, NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission returned to Earth successfully on Sunday, delivering a capsule containing samples collected from asteroid Bennu.

24 Sep 2023


NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission delivers 4.5bn-year-old asteroid samples to Earth

NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe has successfully returned a capsule containing samples of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, marking a significant milestone in space exploration.

24 Sep 2023


NASA's OSIRIS-REx releases asteroid sample capsule for landing on Earth

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has released the capsule containing a sample from asteroid Bennu, collected in 2020.

24 Sep 2023


NASA's OSIRIS-REx to deliver asteroid samples today: How to watch

In a few hours from now, NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission will conclude as a capsule containing regolith samples from the asteroid Bennu will land in Utah's desert at around 8:25pm IST.

19 Sep 2023


Two massive asteroids to make close approach to Earth today

According to NASA, two asteroids, both of which measure well over 100 feet, are bound to make a close approach to Earth today.

07 Sep 2023


NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission to return asteroid samples on September 24

Later this month, NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission will return to Earth, bringing back samples from an asteroid, called Bennu.

20 Aug 2023

Space News

Asteroid 2023 QR's high-speed encounter with Earth today

Asteroid 2023 QR, a member of the Apollo group of asteroids, is approaching Earth at a staggering speed of 75,165km/h.

19 Aug 2023


NASA reports a 220-foot wide asteroid hurtling toward Earth

NASA has issued a warning about asteroid 2023 PM1, which is hurtling toward Earth at a staggering speed of 66,860km/h.

AI algorithm uncovers hidden asteroid threat that was left undiscovered

An AI algorithm called HelioLinc3D recently discovered a 600-foot-wide asteroid, 2022 GN1, which had gone unnoticed until now.

21 Jul 2023


NASA's Hubble captures space rocks dislodged due to DART mission

Using the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have more interesting findings on the DART mission that happened in September 2022.

After 2 asteroids yesterday, 3 more are approaching Earth today

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has tracked five asteroids hurtling toward Earth in the second half of July.

13 Jul 2023

Space News

NP to UQ3: Five asteroids headed our way this week

Five asteroids, ranging from 46 feet to as large as 890 feet, will make a close approach to our home planet in the coming days. Out of the five, two space rocks will head closer to us than the Moon.

26 Jun 2023


How NASA's OSIRIS-REx will return 4.5 billion-year-old asteroid sample

NASA's OSIRIS-REx (Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security -Regolith Explorer) will bring back sample from an early solar system asteroid, called Bennu, this September.

22 May 2023


NASA shares details of 5 asteroids hurtling toward Earth today

As many as five asteroids, ranging from 36 to 300 feet, are headed in the direction of our home planet.

24 Mar 2023

Space News

Skyscraper-sized asteroid to cross between Earth and Moon's orbit tomorrow

An asteroid, large enough to wipe out an entire city, will cross between the Earth and Moon's orbit on March 25.

21 Feb 2023


Bridge-sized asteroid will come close to Earth today, warns NASA

A massive bridge-sized asteroid, dubbed VB 1993, will make a close approach to Earth today (February 21).

NASA's James Webb telescope "serendipitously" spots extremely small main-belt asteroid

Using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), an international team of European astronomers has spotted an asteroid in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter.

30 Jan 2023


Asteroid's sudden Earth flyby calls for robust planetary threat detection

On January 26, a truck-sized asteroid zoomed past our home planet from pretty close by, fortunately causing no harm.

30 Jan 2023


NASA's Webb provides fresh insights into the ringed asteroid Chariklo

Scientists have been able to peer closer at a ringed asteroid named Chariklo by using the James Webb Space Telescope.

28 Jan 2023


Attention! This 120-feet asteroid may pose a threat to Earth

A gigantic 120-feet wide asteroid, dubbed 2023 BC, is heading toward the Earth.

27 Jan 2023


NASA's Lucy team picks new asteroid target for closer inspection

NASA's Lucy spacecraft now has a new asteroid target on its 4-billion-mile journey. The spacecraft is designed to probe some of the "mysterious" Trojan asteroids, which are thought to have originated from the outer solar system.

26 Jan 2023

Space News

Truck-sized asteroid to make "extraordinarily close approach with Earth" today

Asteroid 2023 BU, the size of a box truck, is estimated to make one of the closest approaches to our home planet, coming well within the orbit of geosynchronous satellites.

17 Jan 2023


NASA Psyche to launch in October: Facts about asteroid-probing mission

NASA's Psyche mission is now scheduled for launch in October. The space probe is built to explore a unique, metal-rich asteroid called Psyche 16 which lies in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

05 Jan 2023


NASA's NEO Surveyor will look for the hardest-to-find asteroids

NASA is developing a space telescope called Near-Earth Object (NEO) Surveyor, that will look for asteroids and comets that serve as potential threats to our home planet.

05 Jan 2023


NASA's agenda for 2023: From OSIRIS-REX to Earth Information Center

NASA had an eventful 2022, headlined by the successes of the Artemis 1 and DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) missions.

31 Dec 2022

Space News

A 72-ft asteroid will approach Earth on January 1: NASA

A 72-feet wide asteroid called 2022 YR1 is heading toward the Earth.

29 Dec 2022

Space News

Quadrantids meteor shower 2023: How and when to watch

The Quadrantids meteor shower is considered one of the best annual meteor showers. However, unlike other meteor showers, the peak lasts only a few hours.

26 Dec 2022


NASA prioritizes asteroid defense; puts NEO Surveyor project into development

US space agency NASA is finally making defense from asteroids a priority.