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06 Mar 2024


NASA seeks new astronauts for first time in 4 years

NASA is once again searching for new astronaut candidates, the first time in four years.

Gaganyaan's first test flight on October 21: Know timings, significance

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has announced the first test flight of the Gaganyaan mission is set for Saturday (October 21) between 7:00am and 9:00am IST.

02 Aug 2023


What happens if astronaut dies in space? Know NASA's protocols

NASA's protocols for handling astronaut deaths are designed to be dignified.

09 Jun 2023


Space trips mess with human brains: Study

A new study, backed by NASA, shows that long space travel takes a toll on astronauts' brains.

23 Jun 2022

Space News

Wringing wet cloth in space: Astronaut demonstrates water's fascinating property

A video showing astronaut Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency, wringing a wet cloth in space has become popular on the internet.

09 Aug 2019


NASA's first fruit grown in space to 'spice-up' astronauts' menu

In a major leap for science, researchers at NASA are planning on sending a version of chile peppers in space to be grown and harvested at the International Space Station.

01 Feb 2019


Celebrating Kalpana Chawla, 16 years after her death

Seven astronauts were killed today 16 years ago, after their space shuttle disintegrated on entering the Earth's atmosphere, 16 minutes away from landing. Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian-origin to space-travel, was one of them.

ISRO to send astronauts, including women, to space by 2021

On Friday, ISRO chief K Sivan said that the space agency had set a target of sending Indian astronauts, including women, to space by December 2021, as part of its ambitious human spaceflight project, the Gaganyaan mission.

25 Dec 2018

Space News

Watch: Astronaut struggles to walk after spending 197-days in space

Haven't we all dreamed of life in space and don't we love enacting floating astronauts taking extremely big leaps?

12 Dec 2018

European Space Agency

Body parts could be 3D printed to heal injured astronauts

Humankind is spending more and more time in space, and these long-drawn space missions are only slated to get longer, with mega missions coming up.

20 Aug 2018


India to get its own astronauts' training facility, soon

Five days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced about India's space mission, ISRO has confirmed that an astronauts' training facility will soon come up in Bengaluru.

14 Aug 2018


Astronaut's superfood will now be created by Mumbai's TB-hospital

Even as Mumbai battles tuberculosis, with over 50,000 new cases reported in 3 years, the Sewri tuberculosis hospital is mulling cultivating spirulina in its premises.

05 Jul 2018

Andhra Pradesh

ISRO successfully carries out flight test for Crew Escape System

Indian Space Research Organization today successfully carried out a flight-test for a newly-designed Crew Escape System.

27 Feb 2018

Space News

A Spacesuit that helps to keep astronauts happy

Scientists are developing 'happy space suits' that can monitor symptoms of depression in astronauts, and provide real time feedback to improve the atmosphere of the spacecraft as well as boost the occupants' mood.

26 Feb 2018


ISRO to build lunar habitats for astronauts on moon

With the potential to become India's biggest science program, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has started working on a project that aims at building igloos or "lunar habitats" on the moon.

Celebrating Kalpana Chawla, 15 years after her death

Seven astronauts were killed today 15 years ago, after their space shuttle disintegrated on entering the Earth's atmosphere, 16 minutes away from landing. Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian-origin to space-travel, was one of them.

19 Jan 2018


When NASA engineers thought women astronauts needed makeup in space

When women joined NASA astronaut corps in 1978, male engineers designed them a thoughtful gift: a makeup kit. They figured females couldn't do without it, even in space.

31 Dec 2017

Space News

These astronauts will celebrate New Year 16 times in space!

Six astronauts will get to celebrate the New Year's Day 16 times aboard the International Space Station (ISS), at 402.3km above Earth, encircling our planet every 90 minutes, according to NASA.

15 Aug 2017

Mexico City

SpaceX sends icecream to astronauts, humanity is doing it right

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which was launched on Monday, had a very unlikely cargo. Along with 6,400 pounds of cargo, live mice and science experiments, one sweet treat for the six International Space Station astronauts is also there.

12 Jul 2017


'Astronauts in Mars may face fungal infection risk'

A recent study by NASA has discovered a "surprising" setback to the colonization of Mars.

28 Apr 2017


NASA spacesuits are outdated and pose severe risk, says report

NASA is spending nearly $200 million on new spacesuits but by the time they arrive it might be too late.