Chrome OS: News

A web browser at its core, Chrome OS is Google’s Operating System based on Linux. It mainly powers the Chromebooks and is seen as a ‘lighter’ alternative to Windows and macOS. The OS offers Microsoft Office compatibility, offline access to documents and presentations, automatic back-up for Google Drive files, Virtual Desks, and picture-in-picture viewing. It provides built-in security, verified boot startups, virus protection, Guest Mode, and Multi-user support. It also comes with Google Assistant, Google Play Store, Smart Lock, and automatic updates.

05 May 2024


Latest ChromeOS update streamlines user experience and boosts productivity

Google has released the latest version of ChromeOS, M124, with several significant improvements.

27 Apr 2024


'Google Sans' to replace 'Roboto' as default font on ChromeOS

Google is set to change the default font on its ChromeOS from Roboto to Google Sans, according to a recent code modification.

06 Jan 2024


Google rolls out ChromeOS 120 update with usability tweaks

Google's latest update, ChromeOS 120, is here to enhance the user experience on Chromebooks with a variety of new features.

29 Sep 2023


Google ChromeOS M117 update now available: Check new features

Google is rolling out a new ChromeOS update, ChromeOS M117, packed with exciting new features and enhancements, making the user experience on Chromebooks smoother and more personalized.

19 Aug 2023


Google is working on UWB technology for Chromebooks

Google is currently exploring the potential of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for Chromebooks, focusing on use cases like Chromebook-to-Chromebook and Chromebook-to-Phone connections, as well as multi-peer pairings.

22 Jul 2023


Google pushes ChromeOS M115 update for Chromebook users: Check features

Google has rolled out ChromeOS M115 for the Chromebook community on the stable channel.


Google Chrome

Google brings Material You to desktops via Chrome Canary browser

Google's Material You theming engine is now available for Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux, after being exclusive to the Android operating system for a while now.

04 Aug 2022


Government warns macOS, iOS, ChromeOS users of severe security threats

Users of macOS, iPadOS, iOS, and ChromeOS, beware, says the Indian government's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In).

12 Oct 2021


HP Chromebook x360 14a, with AMD processor, launched in India

American tech giant HP has launched its first AMD-powered Chromebook, the Chromebook x360 14a, in India.

28 Aug 2021


Microsoft pulls support for Android-based Office apps for Chromebook users

Software giant Microsoft is reportedly planning to end support for the Android-based apps that Chrome OS users rely on for editing documents on their Chromebooks.

15 Jul 2021


ASUS launches Chromebook models in India with Intel Celeron processors

ASUS, in partnership with Flipkart, has introduced new Chromebook laptops in India. The line-up starts at Rs. 17,999, and includes the Chromebook C223, C423, C523, and Flip C214 models.

22 Jun 2021


Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, with Intel Jasper Lake processor, announced

As the latest addition to its portfolio of Chromebooks, South Korean tech giant Samsung has listed the Galaxy Chromebook Go model on its website.

25 Nov 2020


Samsung launches new Chromebook 4 and 4+ laptops: Details here

Expanding its portfolio of affordable laptops, Samsung has introduced the new Chromebook 4 and Chromebook 4+ models in the UK.

20 Jul 2020


Soon, Google Chrome will prevent you from filling insecure forms

Browsing the web comes with the risk of phishing, where legit-looking websites can trick you into giving away confidential information like usernames-passwords, payment details.

06 Feb 2020


What is Pigweed? Google trademarks new operating system

Even though Google's Android operating system powers a big chunk of active smartphones, the internet giant is not having enough of the OS game.

16 Jan 2020


Now, Google is killing Chrome Web Store apps

A few weeks after killing digital magazines in News, Google is working to pull the plug on Chrome apps.

15 Jan 2020


Soon, Chrome OS will get Android-like gesture controls

Over the years, Google has been upgrading Chrome OS progressively, bringing it closer to Android and making the experience of the platform better for PCs as well as tablets and hybrids.

24 Oct 2019


Best wireless mouse available in India

Gone are the days when the computer mouse was just a two-button navigational rodent limited by the length of its wire.

15 Oct 2019

Pixel Buds

'Made by Google' 2019 event: Pixel 4 and other announcements

At the 2019 'Made by Google' event in New York, Google has launched its latest hardware products including the Pixel 4 smartphones, Pixel Buds, new Pixelbook Go laptop, and several Nest Home products.

24 Aug 2019


Soon, Google Chrome will block those annoying notification requests

Every internet user knows how annoying it is to deal with pop-ups that seek permissions to send notifications.

10 Aug 2019


HP Chromebook x360 launched in India for Rs. 45,000

Expanding its Chromebook lineup, HP has launched the all-new Chromebook x360 in India.

30 Jul 2019

Acer Laptops

Acer launches a more powerful variant of Chromebook Spin 13

Taiwanese tech giant Acer has launched a more powerful variant of its Chromebook Spin 13 laptop.

21 Jun 2019


Google will not make Pixel Slate tablets anymore: Here's why

After the poor performance of last year's Pixel Slate, Google's hardware team appears to have given up on the tablet category.

30 Mar 2019

Google Maps

Google I/O 2019 schedule released: Details here

Google has released a preview of the schedule for this year's Google I/O event - the Mecca for coders and tech enthusiasts.

07 Mar 2019


Update Google Chrome: Critical zero-day bug discovered

Google's security team has warned about a major vulnerability in Chrome, calling on users to update their browsers immediately.

06 Mar 2019


Soon, Microsoft may launch Windows Lite for dual-screen hardware

Microsoft appears to be prepping a new lightweight avatar of its Windows operating system.

23 Feb 2019


Google to unveil 'Netflix for games' streaming platform next month

In a bid to take on traditional players in the gaming industry like Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation, Google is set to announce a game streaming platform in an event next month.

24 Dec 2018


Chrome OS will block USB access when locked: Here's how

Google plans to upgrade the defenses of Chrome OS.

06 Oct 2018


Soon, 32 million Android devices may lose Google Chrome support

Google Chrome, the most popular internet browser in the world, could soon end support for devices running Android Jelly Bean (v4.1-4.3).

06 Oct 2018


Here's everything Google is expected to announce on October 9

In just days from now, Google will unveil its 2018 flagship smartphones - Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL - along with a host of new hardware including Pixel Stand wireless charger, two new Pixelbooks, and other accessories.

11 Sep 2018


Alongside Pixel 3, Google may unveil two Pixelbooks on October-9

In a new development, Google may unveil two new Pixelbooks alongside its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL on October 9.

01 Sep 2018


#TechBytes: 5 best wireless keyboards available in India

With wireless technology seeping into every aspect of our lives, clumsy, orthodox, wired USB keyboards are increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

21 Jul 2018


Google reportedly working on Fuchsia, that would replace Android

Over the last couple of years, a team of engineers within Google have been working on a stealth project dubbed Fuchsia.

17 Jun 2018


Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 launched with built-in stylus

As a successor to last year's Chromebook Plus, Samsung has launched the Chromebook Plus v2 in the US.

08 May 2018


Google I/O: Where to watch, expected announcements, and everything else

Google I/O 2018, the tech giant's annual developer conference, will start on May 8 (10:30 pm IST) and end on May 10.

30 Apr 2018


Google's Fuchsia OS to come with native Android app support

Google's third operating system (OS) Fuchsia has been in the works for some years now.

11 Apr 2018

Intel Core

HP launches world's first detachable Chromebook for $600

HP has launched its Chromebook x2 claiming it to be the "world's first detachable Chromebook."

28 Mar 2018


Apple launches new iPad for students with Apple Pencil support

As expected, Apple has launched a new iPad (2018) at its recently held education-themed event in Chicago.

20 Nov 2017


Samsung Chromebook with detachable keyboard to arrive early next year

Samsung is reportedly developing a detachable Chromebook likely to be unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas (9-11 Jan'18).

18 Aug 2016


Could Google have a brand new OS?

Google appears to be heading towards a fresh start by developing a brand new operating system.