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04 Jun 2024


2025 BMW M5 set to break cover this month

BMW is gearing up to reveal the next-generation M5, known as the G90, by the end of June.

04 Jun 2024


Microsoft under fire for privacy concerns over education software

Microsoft, the American tech behemoth, is facing two complaints lodged by privacy advocacy group NOYB with Austria's privacy watchdog.

17 May 2024


Elephants exhibit 20 complex greeting rituals, unveils study

A recent study led by Vesta Eleuteri from the University of Vienna, Austria, has unveiled intricate greeting behaviors among African savannah elephants in Zimbabwe's Jafuta Reserve.

05 May 2024


Delhi Police seeks Russian assistance in school bomb threat investigation

In an effort to trace the origins of recent bomb threat emails sent to over 200 schools in Delhi-NCR, the Delhi Police is preparing a judicial request for assistance from Russia.

Austrian firm to launch luxury submarine yacht for billionaires

Austrian firm Migaloo has announced plans to revolutionize luxury watercraft, with a unique hybrid of a superyacht and submarine, named M5.

19 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

Experience Vienna's autumnal imperial majesty with these recommendations

Vienna, Austria's illustrious capital, is imbued with imperial history and a rich cultural tapestry.

18 Mar 2024


Tap into Salzburg's classical music journey with these recommendations

Salzburg, renowned as Mozart's birthplace, is a city alive with the echoes of classical music.

28 Jan 2024

Hong Kong

6 extraordinary festivals from across the globe

Diverse cultures across the world celebrate their traditions through a myriad of festivals, each encapsulating its unique blend of customs, rituals, and vibrant festivities that transcend geographical boundaries.

11 Jan 2024


Austrian heiress to give away €25M fortune for this reason

Marlene Engelhorn, an Austrian heiress to chemical company BASF, is challenging the status quo by involving citizens in deciding how to redistribute €25 million ($27 million) of her inheritance.

05 Dec 2023

Travel And Tourism

Journeying through the world's most captivating villages

The heart of a place often lies in its peaceful villages as opposed to the bustling cities and iconic landmarks.

28 Nov 2023


Meta's paid ad-free service draws privacy complaint in Austria

Meta Platforms, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, is facing a privacy complaint in Europe over its new paid ad-free subscription service.

22 Jun 2023


Vienna ranked most livable city, Delhi and Mumbai lag behind

Vienna, the capital of Austria, has been named the world's "most liveable city" for 2023, according to Global Liveability Index released by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

19 May 2023


Who was Helmut Berger, Austrian actor who died at 78

On Friday, the world woke up to the news of the death of Austrian actor Helmut Berger, who was considered one of the biggest stars of European cinema in the 1960s and 1970s.

31 Mar 2023


Austria: Over 20 far-right MPs leave Parliament during Zelenskyy's speech

Over 20 far-right Austrian lawmakers left the Parliament on Thursday during a virtual speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

21 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

5 souvenirs to bring back home from Austria

Souvenirs can be a fun and meaningful way to remember a trip or experience, no matter where you travel.

20 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

Common tourist mistakes to avoid in Austria

In Austria, you can explore the country's rich historical and cultural offerings, such as museums, music festivals, historic landmarks, and local cuisine.

25 Dec 2022

Merry Christmas

5 weird Christmas traditions from around the world

While it may have started as a solely Christian festival, people from around the world have added their touch to Christmas with their own traditions along the way.

28 Jul 2022


5 budget accommodation options for those traveling to Vienna

The capital of Austria, Vienna, is a beautiful city known for its art, musical legacy, historical palaces, incredible food, and great shopping destinations.

05 May 2022


21-year-old woman spends Rs. 53L to turn into 'Human Barbie'

A 21-year-old model, Jessica, who calls herself Jessy Bunny, has gone viral on social media for undergoing cosmetic surgeries worth £55,000 (Rs. 52.8 lakh) to look like a Barbie doll.

01 Apr 2022


Szoborpark: Where Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary meet

Remember how one of Jamie's wishes in A Walk to Remember was to be in two places at the same time, and how smartly Landon fulfilled it?

03 Jan 2021


Woman falls down 650ft cliff moments after accepting proposal

What was supposed to be a romantic marriage proposal turned deadly after a woman fell down a 650-foot cliff merely moments after saying "yes" to her partner.

03 Nov 2020


Terrorists rain bullets across Vienna, two dead, several injured

At least two people died in Austria's capital Vienna on Monday evening after terrorists opened fire at multiple locations. 15 people, including a police officer, suffered injuries.

Austrian Princess Maria Galitzine passes away at 31

In a tragic piece of news, Princess Maria Singh (born: Maria Petrovna Galitzine), the great-granddaughter of the last Emperor and Empress of Austria, has passed away. She was just 31.

03 Feb 2020

Travel And Tourism

Five stunning cities in Austria you must visit

Despite its small size, Austria is one of the most amazing travel destinations in Europe.

12 Nov 2019


Five best places for Christmas and Boxing day shopping

It's never too early to plan your Christmas outing.

30 Aug 2019

Article 15

Why will Ayushmann Khurrana skip his next, 'Dream Girl' promotions?

Ayushmann Khurrana's career is on a roll these days.

08 Jun 2018


Austria to shut-down 7 mosques in crackdown on "political Islam"

Austria's government said today that it is shutting seven mosques and plans to expel imams in a crackdown on "political Islam."

07 Mar 2018

World Economic Forum

What, why, how and more: All about International Women's Day

As another International Women's Day comes marching, have you ever wondered when it was first observed or why it was instituted at all?

16 Oct 2017

Emmanuel Macron

Austria: Sebastian Kurz set to become the world's youngest leader

Projections ahead of Austria's national election results indicate that the conservative People's Party led by 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz may win.

30 Sep 2017


Sex doll Samantha molested at a tech fair in Austria

As if molesting women wasn't enough, now Al sex dolls aren't being spared either.

01 Jul 2017


Austria's highest court allows seizing of Hitler's childhood house

Ending a long-running legal fight for Adolf Hitler's childhood house, the Constitutional Court of Austria upheld a 2016 law, ruling the state was right to seize the property.

11 Dec 2016

South Africa

India register second win at the Hockey Junior World Cup

India are on top of Pool D after recording their second win of the Men's Hockey Junior World Cup 2016 against England. India won 5-3.

07 Oct 2016


Italy draws match 1-1 against Spain

Italy remained unbeaten in home qualifiers after the Group I match of World Cup qualifiers between Italy and Spain ended in a 1-1 draw.