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India's job market to grow 22% in 5 years: WEF

A new World Economic Forum (WEF) survey has estimated that the job market in India is set to witness a growth of 22% over the next five years.

17 Jan 2023


Global recession risk is high, warns World Economic Forum 

To the long list of organizations and people that expect a recession this year, we can add the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Community of Chief Economists.

08 Jun 2022


India slams Environment Performance Index 2022, calls it 'unscientific'

The Centre rebutted the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2022, which rated India last out of 180 nations on Wednesday.

08 Jun 2022


India nosedives to finish last in Environment Performance Index

India has fallen behind the rest of the world in terms of environmental performance.

Pandemic created a billionaire every 30 hours: Oxfam at Davos

According to Oxfam, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new billionaire every 30 hours while one million people are now at risk of falling into poverty amid soaring global inflation.

22 May 2022

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Davos preps for World Economic Forum; Ukraine on agenda

The stage is set for the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Only faster COVID-19 vaccinations can end pandemic: Adar Poonawalla

Billions need to be vaccinated at a faster rate to reach the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, said Adar Poonawalla, CEO of the Serum Institute of India (SII), which manufactures the COVID-19 vaccine Covishield.

28 Jan 2021

Narendra Modi

More 'Made in India' vaccines to come: Modi at Davos

The world will see many more 'Made in India' vaccines soon, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday, addressing the World Economic Forum's online Davos Agenda Summit.

26 Jan 2021

Antonio Guterres

World faces 'existential threats,' fragilities: UN chief

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the world is not only facing a COVID-19 emergency and the worst economic crisis in nearly a century, but also existential threats to climate and biodiversity and the possibility of the world's largest economies, the US and China, splitting the world in two.

25 Jan 2021


India's richest 100 earned Rs. 13 lakh crore since March-2020

India's top 100 billionaires saw their wealth increase by Rs. 13 lakh crore since March last year even as the COVID-19 pandemic led to severe job losses, Oxfam said in its latest report.

24 Jan 2020

Narendra Modi

Billionaire George Soros rips into Trump; calls India's setback 'frightening'

Billionaire George Soros is the latest name to join the long list of people who aren't impressed with how Prime Minister Narendra Modi is dealing with the country.

22 Jan 2020


Coca-Cola says customers want plastic bottles; wouldn't ban them

Despite being one of the largest producers of plastic waste, the leading beverage brand Coca-Cola has indicated that it has no plans to ditch plastic.

22 Jan 2020

Deepika Padukone

'A world where...': Priyanka Chopra speaks at World Economic Forum

Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Tuesday participated in a fireside chat at the ongoing World Economic Forum in the Swiss town of Davos.

22 Jan 2020

Deepika Padukone

When Deepika Padukone opened up about her mental health issues

Actor Deepika Padukone was on Tuesday conferred with the Crystal Award at the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, for her contribution towards spreading awareness about the importance of mental health.

20 Jan 2020

Donald Trump

Here's what you need to know about WEF summit 2020

On Tuesday, the world's top political leaders, academicians, business persons and others, will assemble in Davos, Switzerland for the 50th World Economic Forum.

20 Jan 2020


Indian billionaires hold more wealth than full-year Budget, finds report

In a glaring reminder of income inequality, a new study has found that the total wealth of India's 63 billionaires exceeds the Union Budget of India for the fiscal year 2018-19.

21 Jan 2019


India's 9 richest-people hold as much wealth as poorest 50%

In a country like India where half of the population is poor, the billionaires are getting richer every day, says the Oxfam Inequality Report 2019 released on Monday.

18 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

Trump cancels US delegation's visit to Davos amid shutdown

US President Donald Trump has canceled the US delegation's trip to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos, Switzerland, due to the partial government shutdown, which entered its 27th-day yesterday.

12 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

US government shutdown enters day 22, becomes longest in history

The partial US government shutdown that began towards the end of last year has entered its 22nd day, making it the longest-ever US government shutdown in history.

09 Oct 2018


Only 1 in 10 companies want to hire women: Report

A World Economic Forum (WEF) study has revealed that companies in India that are witnessing the highest growth prefer hiring men, and technology-led job growth benefits men more than women.

13 Sep 2018


Myanmar: Journalists' sentence garners criticism, but Suu Kyi defends decision

Amid widespread international criticism over the arrest of two Reuters journalists in Myanmar, the country's de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has defended the court's verdict and said the two were imprisoned as per the law.

05 Aug 2018


Virus attack shuts down factories of iPhone's sole chipmaker

On Saturday, several factories of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the sole manufacturer of the iPhone's main processor, was shut down following a virus attack.

21 Jun 2018


26-year-old Isha Ambani gets an MBA from Stanford University

It's been a memorable couple of months for Isha Ambani, daughter of Mukesh Ambani. A little over a month after announcing her engagement, she has now completed her MBA from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

19 Jun 2018


India sees 20% rise in dollar millionaires, despite GST-impact: Report

Despite adverse impact of GST implementation, India saw a 20% increase in both the number of dollar-millionaires and their wealth in 2017, a report said today.

07 Mar 2018


What, why, how and more: All about International Women's Day

As another International Women's Day comes marching, have you ever wondered when it was first observed or why it was instituted at all?

27 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

#Davos2018: Trump has made 15 new friends. Who are they?

US President Donald Trump is in Swiss ski-town of Davos to attend the annual shindig of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting.

23 Jan 2018


#Davos2018: Modi meets Swiss president; India hosts welcome reception

For India, the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual jamboree at Davos began with a bang.

22 Jan 2018

Narendra Modi

#Davos2018: Armed with desi cuisine, yoga, Modi to woo world

PM Modi has reached the Swiss ski-town, Davos, to convince the rich and powerful that India is open to business.

22 Jan 2018


World Economic Forum: Modi to pitch India as global growth-engine

Over 3,000 world leaders in business, politics, civil society, academia, and art are set to come together for the 48th World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting from January 23-26 to be held in Davos, Switzerland.

11 Jan 2018


SRK, Cate Blanchett, Sir Elton John honored with Crystal Awards

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is one of the three winners of the prestigious Crystal Awards this year. He is sharing the honor with actress Cate Blanchett and musician Sir Elton John.

04 Jan 2018


Iceland becomes world's first nation to criminalize gender pay gap

It is now illegal in Iceland to pay men more than women for the same amount of work.

03 Nov 2017


It will take 100 years for women to achieve equality

Women are nowhere closer to bridging the gender gap. In fact, they are farther behind on the progress scale than they were last year.

17 Apr 2017


Indian Railways' measures to improve tourism sector

Following Indian travel and tourism sector acquiring the 7th position in the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) chart, Railways is now spearheading initiatives to ensure that it doesn't lose its momentum.

12 Apr 2017


Indian tourism - looks fine, till reality kicks in

When you look at the report card, it reads well. Indian tourism jumped 12 spots and is now at number 40 on World Economic Forum's Global Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017.

10 Apr 2017


Google accused of methodical gender pay gap

According to The Guardian, US Department of Labour (DoL) has accused Google of "systematic compensation disparities" between its male and female employees.

22 Mar 2017

Jay Z

Thinx cofounder Miki Agrawal accused of sexual harassment

Former Thinx employee Chelsea Leibow has filed a complaint alleging sexual misconduct by Miki Agrawal at the workplace.

GSK's first woman CEO to get 25% less than predecessor

Top-global drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline appointed Emma Walmsley as its new CEO.

04 Feb 2017


Sanjeev Sanyal appointed new Principal Economic Adviser

Former Chief Economist and Director of Global Markets Research in Deutsche Bank, Sanjeev Sanyal has been appointed India's new Principal Economic Adviser.

16 Jan 2017

Donald Trump

Greater gap between the world's rich and poor: Oxfam

Ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, anti-poverty organization Oxfam said only eight men own the same wealth as half the world's population.

Need to remove hurdles to achieve 8% sustainable growth

Speaking at the 32nd India Economic Summit, Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Indian economy can achieve an 8% sustainable growth in the coming years.