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US: Why are midterm elections crucial for President Joe Biden?

The midterm elections of the US scheduled for Tuesday are said to be crucial for the country's future and, more importantly, for President Joe Biden.

24 Jun 2022


US Senate passes first gun control bill in 30 years

The United States Senate has passed the most significant gun legislation in nearly three decades.

29 Jul 2021


US wants to stop foreign students from staying after studies

A group of United States of America lawmakers has reintroduced legislation in the House of Representatives to eliminate a program that allows foreign students to stay in the country for work after the completion of their studies under certain conditions.

01 Feb 2021

Donald Trump

Trump announces legal defense team for Senate impeachment trial

Former US President Donald Trump has announced his legal defense team for his Senate impeachment trial which is scheduled to begin on February 8.

Biden recruits Kashmiri-origin Sameera Fazili, cousin of former PSA detainee

A Kashmiri-origin woman, Sameera Fazili, will be among the 20 Indian-Americans in the new Joe Biden administration in the United States.

23 Dec 2020

Donald Trump

Trump criticizes COVID-19 relief bill; pushes for bigger stimulus checks

United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened not to sign an $892 billion COVID-19 relief bill, arguing that the amount in the stimulus checks should be increased.

20 Dec 2020


Amid ruling party infighting, Nepal President dissolves Parliament

Nepal President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Sunday dissolved the House of Representatives following the recommendation of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

17 Aug 2020

Donald Trump

US: Nancy Pelosi to recall House over postal service controversy

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will call the United States House of Representatives to return to session early to handle the US Postal Service crisis.

15 Mar 2020

Donald Trump

Trump tests negative for coronavirus as US deaths hit 60

After initially refusing to get tested for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), United States President Donald Trump was on Saturday tested negative for the virus.

05 Feb 2020


Trump snubs Pelosi's handshake offer. Then, she tears his speech

It was a day of snubs and drama at the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday when President Donald Trump delivered his third State of the Union Address.

19 Dec 2019

Donald Trump

#TrumpImpeachment: President Donald Trump impeached in historic US House vote

In a historic vote, the US House of Representatives voted to approve the impeachment charges against President Donald Trump to remove him from office on Wednesday.

10 Dec 2019

Donald Trump

US: Democrats unveil two articles of impeachment against President Trump

House Democrats on Tuesday unveiled two articles of impeachment against US President Donald Trump, one for the abuse of power of his office and a second for the obstruction of Congress.

16 Nov 2019

Donald Trump

Trump accused of intimidating impeachment witness Yovanovitch through tweets

United States President Donald Trump blasted a former US ambassador to Ukraine as she testified in an impeachment hearing in Congress on Friday.

01 Nov 2019

Donald Trump

US House approves process to impeach Donald Trump

The US House of Representatives on Thursday voted to approve the process of President Donald Trump's impeachment.

28 Oct 2019

Nancy Pelosi

US Congresswoman Katie Hill resigns over alleged affair with staffer

US Congresswoman Katie Hill, on Sunday, resigned from the Congress amid allegations of an affair with a congressional staffer.

25 Sep 2019

Washington DC

US House formally begins impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump

The US House of Representatives formally started an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, who is accused of taking help from a foreign leader to harm a political rival.

08 Mar 2019

Pakistan News

US urges Pakistan to take 'sustained, irreversible' actions against terrorists

The US has asked Pakistan to take "sustained and irreversible" actions against terrorist groups operating from its territory, according to a top State Department official.

09 Feb 2019

H-1B Visa

US could lift per country green card limits: Details here

In what could turn out to be good news for Indian professionals, two identical bills backed by powerful legislators and companies like Google have been introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to end the per country limit for green cards.

06 Feb 2019

North Korea

State of the Union address: Highlights from Trump's speech

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump delivered his annual State of the Union address, which was marked by both a combative and a conciliatory attitude.

26 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

US: Trump temporarily ends longest government shutdown in history

Amid mounting pressure and increasing disruptions in government functioning, US President Donald Trump, on Friday, sounded a strategic retreat and temporarily ended the longest US government shutdown in history.

23 Jan 2019


US lawmakers reintroduce legislation enforcing fair trade with China

Two US lawmakers today reintroduced a legislation in the House of Representatives to safeguard American assets from Chinese influence and possession, as well as protect American businesses from China's tools of economic aggression.

17 Jan 2019

Pramila Jayapal

Indian-American Raja Krishnamoorthi appointed to committee on intelligence. Details here

Indian-American Democratic lawmaker Raja Krishnamoorthy was appointed as a member of a Congressional committee on intelligence yesterday.

12 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

Tulsi Gabbard announces 2020 presidential run to take on Trump

Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu lawmaker in the US Congress, has said that she is running for the White House in 2020.

09 Jan 2019


Study: Hindus in US are the most educated religious community

In an encouraging news, the Hindu community has turned out to be the most educated among 30 religious groups in the United States, according to 2014 Religious Landscape Study by Pew Research Center.

05 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

Trump says 'prepared' to force shutdown for over a year

President Donald Trump said yesterday he was prepared to keep the US government closed for a year or more, as he stood firm on his contentious demand for billions of dollars to fund a border wall with Mexico.

#ThatWas2018: The highs and lows of the Trump presidency

US President Donald Trump has ridden on waves of approval and disapproval since he came into power in 2016.

23 Dec 2018

Donald Trump

Partial US government shutdown to last through Christmas

It seems like the partial US government shutdown is set to last through Christmas.

22 Dec 2018

Donald Trump

US government shuts down after disputes over Trump's border wall

After the clock struck midnight on December 21, US local time, the US government went into a partial shutdown.

20 Dec 2018


Trump signs bill on Tibet into law despite China protest

US President Donald Trump has signed a bipartisan bill on Tibet into law that could enrage China, paving the way to impose a visa ban on Chinese officials who deny American citizens, government officials and journalists access to the sensitive Himalayan region, the homeland of the exiled Dalai Lama.

Saudi Arabia slams US Senate vote as 'interference'

Saudi Arabia today slammed as "interference" US Senate resolutions over its war in Yemen and critic Jamal Khashoggi's murder, warning that the move could have repercussions on its strategic ties with Washington.

13 Dec 2018

Donald Trump

Seriously considering running for US presidency in 2020: Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu lawmaker in the US Congress, has hinted that she might be running for the White House in 2020.

15 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

Melania calling shots? Forces exit of top White House aide

A senior national security aide to United States President Donald Trump was forced to depart the White House yesterday, a day after the First Lady Melania Trump sought her exit.

12 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

Tulsi Gabbard considering to run for US presidency in 2020?

Tulsi Gabbard, the Congresswoman from Hawaii and the first Hindu lawmaker in the US Congress, is considering to run for the American presidency in 2020.

07 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

#USMidtermElections: Democrats take House, Republicans keep Senate

In what comes as a blow for Trump's presidency, the Democrats are racing ahead to take control of the House of Representatives.

07 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

#USMidtermElections: History made as first Muslim-woman elected to Congress

Marking a historic win, Democrat Rashida Tlaib won Michigan's 13th Congressional District on Tuesday (local time) making her the first Muslim woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives.

06 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

US mid-term elections explained: Could Trump get impeached?

In less than 24 hours, American voters will take to the polls to vote in the crucial US mid-term elections that could make or break Donald Trump's presidency.

Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as SC judge, Trump registers big-win

On Saturday, Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as Supreme Court judge of the US, giving President Donald Trump a chance to paint the country's political institutions in 'right' color.

Despite sexual assault allegations, Kavanaugh gets backing for SC seat

Despite sexual assault allegations, Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the US Supreme Court is all but certain, with key senators having backed the embattled judge's nomination.

05 Oct 2018


Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad win 2018 Noble Peace Prize

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Dr. Denis Mukwege, a Congolese gynecological surgeon, and Nadia Murad, the face of the women forced into sexual slavery by the Islamic State.

17 Sep 2018

Donald Trump

Americans recognizing they don't trust President Trump: Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

Indian-American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal said yesterday people are increasingly recognizing that President Donald Trump can't be trusted as how it could be possible that he wasn't aware of what's going on during his presidential election campaign.