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26 Dec 2022


China deploys 71 warplanes, 7 naval ships toward Taiwan: Report

China deployed seven ships and 71 warplanes toward Taiwan in a 24-hour display of power, the latter's defense ministry said on Monday.

20 Aug 2022


21 Chinese warplanes, 5 naval ships tracked around Taiwan: Report

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense has said that it tracked 21 warplanes and five naval ships of the Chinese military around the country on Friday.

09 Aug 2022


Taiwan accuses China of using drills to 'prepare for invasion'

Following days of massive Chinese war games, Taiwan's military held an artillery drill on Tuesday simulating defense against an attack, as Taipei alleged Beijing was preparing to invade the island.

05 Aug 2022


Will sanction Pelosi over Taiwan visit: China's warning to US

China will be sanctioning United States (US) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan this week, the Foreign Ministry announced on Friday.

05 Aug 2022


China using my Taiwan visit as excuse for drills: Pelosi

Speaking in Japan during the last leg of her Asia tour, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that China is using her visit to Taiwan as an "excuse" to conduct military drills near the island.

03 Aug 2022


US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit: China imposes sanctions on Taiwan

China imposed severe sanctions on the import of fruits and seafood from Taiwan and halted sand supplies to the island on Wednesday following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

03 Aug 2022


US Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses Taiwan Parliament; China enraged

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed Taiwan's parliament on Wednesday, and met with its President Tsai Ing-wen and human rights activists.

02 Aug 2022


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reaches Taiwan amid China's warnings

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly landed in Taiwan late on Tuesday evening as part of her Asia tour, amid repeated "warnings" against her visit from China.

15 Feb 2021

Donald Trump

Support grows for Capitol riot inquiry after Trump's acquittal

A day after former President Donald Trump won his second Senate impeachment trial, bipartisan support appeared to be growing for an independent September 11 style commission into the deadly insurrection that took place at the Capitol.

23 Jan 2021

Donald Trump

Trump's impeachment trial in Senate to begin on February 8

The United States Senate would begin the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on February 8, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

14 Jan 2021

Donald Trump

Trump becomes first president in US to be impeached twice

Donald Trump has become the first United States President to be impeached twice, this time for "incitement of insurrection" at Capitol last week.

11 Jan 2021

Donald Trump

Pelosi says House will impeach Trump, builds pressure on Pence

Democrats in the United States House of Representatives are pressurizing Vice President Mike Pence to remove outgoing President Donald Trump from the Oval Office. If he doesn't, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, the House will move to impeach Trump, his second impeachment during the term.

09 Jan 2021

Donald Trump

Democrats want to impeach Trump, again, but Biden is non-committal

Following the shameful violence at the United States Capitol, Democrats have been laying the groundwork to impeach outgoing President Donald Trump, again, but his successor Joe Biden refused to endorse the idea.

17 Sep 2020

San Francisco

US city considers lowering local voting age to 16

San Francisco city in the United States is considering lowering the local voting age to 16 from 18.

17 Aug 2020

Donald Trump

US: Nancy Pelosi to recall House over postal service controversy

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will call the United States House of Representatives to return to session early to handle the US Postal Service crisis.

05 Feb 2020

Donald Trump

Trump snubs Pelosi's handshake offer. Then, she tears his speech

It was a day of snubs and drama at the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday when President Donald Trump delivered his third State of the Union Address.

US Congresswoman Katie Hill resigns over alleged affair with staffer

US Congresswoman Katie Hill, on Sunday, resigned from the Congress amid allegations of an affair with a congressional staffer.

25 Sep 2019

Donald Trump

US House formally begins impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump

The US House of Representatives formally started an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, who is accused of taking help from a foreign leader to harm a political rival.

12 Mar 2019

Donald Trump

US: House speaker Pelosi says Trump 'just not worth' impeaching

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, America's most powerful Democrat, said in remarks published yesterday that she doesn't support impeaching Donald Trump, arguing the Republican president is "just not worth it."

05 Mar 2019


US-President Trump says he might end India's preferential trade treatment

Arguing that New Delhi had failed to assure America that it would provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets in numerous sectors, US President Donald Trump yesterday said he might end GSP designation of India.

15 Feb 2019

Donald Trump

Trump to declare national emergency to build border wall

US President Donald Trump will sign an executive order declaring a national emergency, which will empower him to fund the construction of a massive wall along the US-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country and curb drug smuggling.

29 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

Trump to deliver State of the Union Address on February-5

Donald Trump will deliver the State of the Union Address on February 5 after it was delayed due to a government shutdown over the US president's demand for funding for a wall along the border with Mexico.

19 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

Wall-war: Faux red bricks to be sent to Pelosi, Schumer

US President Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign has launched a unique fundraising initiative, asking its supporters to donate $20.20 to send faux red bricks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer until the Democrats agree to fund a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Indian-American Raja Krishnamoorthi appointed to committee on intelligence. Details here

Indian-American Democratic lawmaker Raja Krishnamoorthy was appointed as a member of a Congressional committee on intelligence yesterday.

21 Jun 2018

Donald Trump

Trump stops policy which separated kids from parents at US-border

Under immense pressure from the Opposition and even right-wing voices, United States President Donald Trump ended the policy that separated minors from their families at the border.

29 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

Trump fires VA Secretary Shulkin, nominates WH doctor as replacement

US President Donald Trump today fired his Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and nominated White House physician, Admiral Ronny Jackson as his replacement.

14 Sep 2017

Donald Trump

Trump-Democrats close to deal on protecting young DACA immigrants

President Donald Trump is reportedly close to reaching a deal with the Democrats to continue the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program measures.

08 Aug 2017

San Francisco

San Francisco couple ends up owning exclusive Presidio Terrace streets

Imagine ending up owning a street filled with million-dollar houses at just $90,000. What would you do with your new-found bargain?

22 Jun 2017

Donald Trump

After Georgia special election loss, can Democrats ever trump Trump?

On June 20, Democrat Jon Ossoff lost to Republican Karen Handel in a closely fought special election in a Georgia congressional district.