Pope Francis: News

12 Jan 2024


Pope Francis unable to complete speech, cites bronchitis

Pope Francis struggled to finish a speech on Friday due to a bout of bronchitis while addressing a group of French religious communications experts at the Vatican.

13 Jun 2023


5 souvenirs you must bring home from Vatican City

Vatican City is a deeply Christian and historic destination, landlocked within Italy, that offers a wide variety of unique souvenirs to choose from.

30 May 2023

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese making film on Jesus: Everything we know

As we eagerly await the release of Martin Scorsese's highly-anticipated Killers of the Flower Moon on October 6, fans of the maverick director can already anticipate his next project.

Midjourney 5.1 is AI art's future but concerns remain

Earlier this year, a hyper-realistic image of Pope Francis sauntering in a Balenciaga puffer jacket went viral. To a lot of people's surprise, the image was fake.

31 Dec 2022


Former Pope Benedict XVI dies aged 95: Vatican

Former Pope Benedict XVI has died at the age of 95 at his Vatican residence nearly a decade after stepping down due to ill health, BBC reported citing Vatican officials.

27 Oct 2022


Pope Francis warns against watching excess news, pornography

Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, has warned against watching excess news and pornography.

30 Oct 2021

Narendra Modi

PM invites Pope Francis to India during meet in Vatican

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday met Pope Francis in Vatican City and invited him to visit India.

14 Jul 2021


Pope Francis discharged from hospital ten days after surgery

Pope Francis was seen leaving the hospital on Wednesday, ten days after undergoing planned surgery to remove half his colon.

08 Mar 2021


After whirlwind historic visit, Pope leaves Iraq for Rome

Pope Francis on Monday wrapped up his historic whirlwind Iraq tour that sought to bring hope to the country's marginalized Christian minority with messages of coexistence, forgiveness, and peace.

18 Feb 2021


Pope celebrates pandemic-aware Ash Wednesday at Vatican

Pope Francis presided over a pandemic-aware Ash Wednesday service, with reduced participation of the faithful and a revised rite to reduce the chance of infection as the virus and its variants continue to spread through Italy.

11 Jan 2021


Women can read at Mass, but can't be priests: Pope

Pope Francis has changed church law to explicitly allow women to do more things during Mass while reaffirming they cannot be priests.

31 Dec 2020


Bill legalizing abortion passed in Pope's native Argentina

Argentina on Wednesday became the largest nation in Latin America to legalize elective abortion, a triumph for a feminist movement that overcame a last-minute appeal by Pope Francis to his compatriots.

25 Dec 2020

Christmas Day

Coronavirus dampens Christmas joy in Bethlehem and elsewhere

On Thursday, Bethlehem ushered in Christmas Eve with a stream of joyous marching bands and the triumphant arrival of the top Catholic clergyman, but few people were there to greet them due to the pandemic induced restrictions that dampened celebrations in the traditional birthplace of Jesus.

01 Sep 2019


Pope Francis rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in lift

The crowd gathered outside the Apostolic Palace for the Sunday Angelus cheered louder than usual as Pope Francis appeared at the window on Sunday.

13 Mar 2019


Cardinal George Pell gets 6-years in jail for child sex-abuse

Cardinal George Pell, the most senior Vatican official to be convicted of sex abuse to date, has been sentenced to six years in prison by an Australian court for the "callous" assault of two choirboys in the late 1990s.

24 Feb 2019


Church files on pedophile priests destroyed, top Catholic cardinal admits

A top Catholic cardinal admitted yesterday that Church files on priests accused of sexually abusing children were destroyed in a move which allowed pedophiles to prey on others.

06 Feb 2019


In a first, Pope Francis acknowledges bishops sexually abused nuns

Amid widespread allegations that the Vatican emboldened sexual predators by turning a blind eye to survivor stories, Pope Francis on Tuesday acknowledged that nuns were sexually abused by priests and bishops and that he was committed to solving this problem.

24 Dec 2018


Indonesia: Tsunami kills 281, injures 1016; more deadly waves feared

On Saturday, giant waves crashed the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra killing 281 and injuring 1,016. But the woes of the locals are far from over as weather officials have warned more deadly tsunamis could strike the coasts.

03 Dec 2018


Pope tells gay priests to leave, if can't be celibate

In what makes for his clearest statement on homosexuality, Pope Francis has asked homosexual clergy to leave priesthood if they cannot remain celibate.

19 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

California wildfire: Death-toll rises to 77; search for victims continues

Authorities say one more set of human remains has been found, bringing the total number killed in the devastating California wildfire to 77.

17 Jun 2018


Pope Francis compares abortion to the Nazis' 'purity' obsession

Speaking off-the-cuff at a meeting, Pope Francis on Saturday likened abortions to the Nazi obsession with "pure race," and said children should be accepted as they are since they are God's gift.

29 Apr 2018

Liverpool FC

British-toddler Alfie Evans, whose parents fought hospital in court, dies

23-month-old British toddler Alfie Evans, who was at the centre of a long legal battle between the Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool and his parents Tom Evans and Kate James, died on Saturday.

04 Apr 2018

Barack Obama

Philippines: President Duterte calls UN Human Rights Chief "empty-headed"

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has launched a foul-mouthed attack on the UN Human Rights Chief, calling him "empty-headed" in a row over international criticism of Philippines leader's deadly drug-war.

09 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

Pope to mothers: 'Feel free to breastfeed in Sistine Chapel'

Pope Francis is renowned for propagating a modern way of thinking that often goes against the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

25 Dec 2017

Jesus Christ

Pope Francis on Christmas: 'Consider the plight of migrants'

Speaking on Christmas eve at St.Peter's Basilica in Vatican, Pope Francis urged Roman Catholics to not turn a blind eye to the plight of millions of refugees around the world.

27 Nov 2017

Aung San Suu Kyi

Why Pope Francis faces a tricky trip to Myanmar

Pope Francis has arrived in Myanmar at a time when the country faces widespread allegations of ethnic cleansing.

27 Oct 2017


Pope Francis calls NASA's expedition 53 crew; discusses life, philosophy

The crew of NASA's Expedition 53 got a special call in the middle of their workday on Thursday - from Pope Francis.

29 Jul 2017


Charlie Gard dies after battling for 11 months

Charlie Gard, the baby who had been at the center of a high-profile court battle passed away on 28th July.

25 Jul 2017


Pope Francis shuts Vatican's famed fountains due to drought

A prolonged drought in several parts of Italy has prompted the Vatican to shut off its famous fountains.

24 May 2017

Donald Trump

Trump says meeting Pope Francis was "an honor"

US President Donald Trump met Pope Francis during his visit to the Vatican.

23 Nov 2016


'Sindr', the Vatican's new confession finder app

In an attempt to engage with the "mobile generation", Archbishop Leo Cushley from the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, announced "The Catholic App" outside St. Peter's Basilica yesterday.