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19 Aug 2020

Donald Trump

Democrats name Joe Biden as official challenger to President Trump

On Tuesday, USA's Democratic Party named former Vice President Joe Biden as the official candidate for the 2020 Presidential Elections, to take on incumbent President Donald Trump this November.

01 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

Trump-aide Hope Hicks steps down as White House Communications Director

Hope Hicks, one of the closest aides of US President Donald Trump, is resigning as the White House Communications Director.

14 Sep 2017

White House

US stops sale of American chip manufacturer to China-backed group

The US has stopped the sale of an American company to a Chinese-backed firm citing security concerns.

13 Sep 2017

Donald Trump

Trump brings in 2 Indian-Americans for top govt. posts

Indian-American Raj Shah has been appointed to a key position in US President Donald Trump's communication team.

01 Aug 2017

Russia News

Top White House officials tricked by email prankster

Turns out Russia's email hacking scandal isn't the only issue harassing the Trump administration.

01 Aug 2017

Donald Trump

Trump's media chief sacked just 10 days after appointment

The White House under Donald Trump is increasingly looking like an episode of 'The Apprentice.'

29 Jul 2017

Donald Trump

Trump's chief of staff forced out in stormy White House

US President Donald Trump has forced out White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, replacing him with Homeland Security secretary John Kelly.

28 Jul 2017

North Korea

US Senate passes Russia sanctions bill, will Trump veto it?

The US Senate has voted overwhelmingly in favour of constituting new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea.

26 Jul 2017

North Korea

Defying Trump, US House votes to intensify sanctions on Russia

On July 26, the US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to impose fresh sanctions on Russia over Moscow's alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

24 Jul 2017


New US communications chief Athony Scaramucci deletes old "anti-Trump" tweets

Few days after US President Donald Trump appointed financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications chief, he deleted past tweets expressing opinions contrary to the government.

22 Jul 2017

Donald Trump

Sean Spicer ends tumultuous tenure as White House press secretary

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has resigned reportedly in opposition to President Donald Trump's decision to appoint combative Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci as new communications director.