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Ashley Judd, like her mother and sister, became an artist. However, she did not become a country singer like Country Music Hall of Famer Naomi Judd and country singer Wynonna Judd, her mother and sister respectively. Instead, she became an actress, a good one at that. Later, she used the platform of media attention she received to promote humanitarian concerns. Born on April 19, 1968, in Los Angeles, Judd spent most of her childhood in Kentucky with her mother after her parents divorced. Before becoming a regular in Hollywood, she majored in French at the University of Kentucky. She began her career as an actor in 1991 by appearing in the TV series ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ Her feature film debut came in the 1992 film ‘Kuffs.’ Judd received her big break after her lead role in the movie ‘Ruby in Paradise’ (1993). She later appeared in various successful films, both critically and commercially, including ‘Heat’ (1995), ‘Double Jeopardy’ (1999), ‘Frida’ (2002), etc. She received Golden Globes nominations in 1995 and 2005 and Primetime Emmy Awards nominations in 1996 and 2012.

31 Jul 2020

Harvey Weinstein

Court restores Ashley Judd's sexual harassment case against Harvey Weinstein

Actor Ashley Judd is one step closer to justice as the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld her sexual harassment case against disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday.

After #MeToo, #WhyIDidntReport proves sexual abuse victims are rarely believed

First, #MeToo happened, which united victims of sexual abuse around the globe, and snowballed into, probably, the biggest movement for survivors recently.

02 May 2018


Ashley Judd files a defamation suit against Harvey Weinstein

Actress Ashley Judd, who was one of the first women to speak up against Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct, has now sued the disgraced producer for damaging her career.

08 Dec 2017

Susan Fowler

TIME's 'Silence Breakers' also include a mysterious elbow. Here's why

TIME magazine's Person of the Year for 2017 is not one man/woman, but many people behind the #MeToo movement that called out the rampant sexual-abuse in America and fueled a raging global discussion.

09 Feb 2017


Judy Garland molested on sets of 'Wizard of Oz'

Judy Garland's ex-husband Sid Luft's posthumous memoir has stunned the world with its claims that Garland was sexually harassed in "The Wizard of Oz" by the actors who portrayed the Munchkins.