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28 Jan 2021


Parliament canteen's subsidy ends; non-veg buffet now costs Rs. 700

Ahead of the Budget Session, the Parliament has ended subsidies on the food in the canteen. Food in the Parliament canteen has been a contentious subject for many years as the menu offered meals at throwaway prices.

06 Jul 2019

Narendra Modi

Agra: BJP MP's security beat toll staff; shots fired

Days after PM Modi called violent behavior by members of the BJP "unacceptable" following Indore MLA Akash Vijayvargiya's assault on a civic official, reports of party MP Ram Shankar Katheria's security personnel thrashing toll plaza employees in Agra have emerged. The incident was captured on video.

03 Jul 2019

Narendra Modi

After Akash Vijayvargiya's bat row, Modi to hold 'discipline sessions'

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent a stern message that he will not tolerate unruly behavior of BJP members.

Beta kisika bhi ho: Modi reprimands BJP MLA over bat-incident

Misbehavior of any kind won't be tolerated and it really doesn't matter whose son you are - this is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday at the parliamentary meet of BJP in New Delhi.

22 Dec 2018

Narendra Modi

Back in action: Rajiv Pratap Rudy appointed BJP's national spokesperson

Former Union minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy was today appointed as a BJP national spokesperson by party president Amit Shah.

Skill Development Ministry looks to snag AICTE

The Skill Development Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy proposed measures to take over AICTE from the Human Resource Development ministry.