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20 Oct 2020

Donald Trump

During Trump-Biden's final Presidential debate, mics will be muted

After the first debate between competitors, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, slipped into chaos, the Commission on Presidential Debates tweaked its rules, announcing on Monday that mics will be muted for portions during the face-off in Nashville, later this week.

08 Oct 2020

Donald Trump

As rules change, Trump says virtual Presidential debate 'not acceptable'

United States President Donald Trump has refused to participate in a virtual pre-election debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden.

02 Oct 2020

Donald Trump

Moderator of first Presidential debate blames Donald Trump for chaos

Fox News' Chris Wallace, who moderated the first debate between incumbent US President Donald Trump and White House hopeful Joe Biden, has solely blamed the former for the chaos on stage in Ohio.

01 Oct 2020

Donald Trump

US Presidential debate rules to change after Trump-Biden spat

The commission that oversees United States Presidential debates has said that it will change the debate format after a chaotic face-off between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Personal attacks, chaos rule Trump and Biden's first Presidential debate

US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden faced each other in Ohio on Tuesday (local time) for the first Presidential debate, and evidently policy talk was derailed by personal attacks and chaos.

16 Sep 2020

Donald Trump

He's taking something: Trump reiterates claim of Biden taking drugs

Questioning the mental acuity of his opponent Joe Biden once again, United States President Donald Trump indicated on Tuesday that the Democrat leader could be taking drugs to improve his performance during debates.

17 Nov 2018

Washington DC

After Acosta's press-credentials restored, Trump vows he'll act against misbehavior

US President Donald Trump has vowed to throw CNN journalist Jim Acosta out of the White House again if he 'misbehaves'.

Trump reluctant to honour election's outcome

Against a backdrop of a shaky performance in the final presidential debate, Donald Trump has stated that he would "totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election" only if he is the winner.

CNN: Clinton the winner of final Presidential debate

According to a CNN/ORC poll of watchers of the final Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump by a 13-point margin.