1 Dec 2015


Burkina Faso elects new President

Roch Marc Kabore won Burkina Faso's elections with more than 53% of votes, marking an end to the transitional period following Mr Compaore's removal.

30 Nov 2015


Burkina Faso casts its votes in Presidential elections

Burkina Faso held its first elections since a popular rebellion overthrew the West African nation's longtime head and started a tumultuous period of transition.

29 Oct 2015


SC to re-look at Islamic laws marriage/divorce laws

The Supreme Court has decided to re-look at the Muslim divorce law to safeguard Muslim women from arbitrary divorce and the adversity they face due to polygamy.

10 Oct 2015


SC rejects honor killing angle in Katara case

The SC ruled out death sentence or incarceration for life to convicts Vikas and Vishal Yadav and Sukhdev Pehelwan in the Nitish Katara case.

25 Sep 2015


Karnataka Lokayukta's son features in SIT's 2nd charge-sheet

The Karnataka police's Special Investigation Team (SIT) named Ashwin Rao (son of Lokayukta Justice Bhaskar Rao), again in the 2nd charge-sheet in the Lokayukta scam.

19 Sep 2015


Amma Canteens have sold 24.01 crore idlis!

Chennai Corporation officials, who have been keeping track of the quantity of food sold at each Amma canteen, announced that the canteens have sold a total of 24.01 crore idlis since their inception.

18 Sep 2015


Burkina Faso military seizes power in a coup

Fears that rose after the arrest of the interim leaders of the Burkina Faso government were confirmed by the military on Wednesday.

16 Sep 2015


Pentagon creates India Rapid Reaction Cell

In another important move in what has been a rapidly developing bilateral defense relationship between the US and India, the Pentagon announced the creation of a India Rapid Reaction Cell.

15 Sep 2015


Turnbull to become Australia's new Prime Minister

In another dramatic event of what has proved the most turbulent period of Australian politics, Malcolm Turnbull ousted Tony Abbot in an internal party-leadership ballot, which he won 54-44.

12 Sep 2015


And ABVP wins the DUSU elections, again!

ABVP, the BJP student wing, yesterday won the DUSU elections in a clean sweep, with all the 4 posts going to ABVP candidates.

11 Sep 2015


Satyam scam: Raju ordered to pay back Rs.1800 crore

In a fresh development in the 7 year old case, Raju and those associated with him were asked by SEBI to pay back the Rs.1800 crore they had swindled their investors out of in the Satyam scam.

10 Sep 2015


#instagram #advertising #newideas #newleapforward

Instagram has decided to take a leap forward with its latest announcement that it will now be allowing advertisements.

9 Sep 2015


Mumbai top-cop Rakesh Maria refutes retirement claims

Rakesh Maria, who was removed from the post of Mumbai Police Commissioner, denied claims that he was planning to retire.

3 Sep 2015


Durban to host 2022 Commonwealth Games

Durban's bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games has been successful.

3 Sep 2015


Chinese military to be reduced by 300,000 troops

The Chinese military parade marking the 70th anniversary of Japan's defeat in WWII held today, was overseen by President Xi Jinping, who described the conflict as "a decisive battle between justice and evil, between light and darkness".

2 Sep 2015


Neonatal tetanus: Hurrah, it's gone!

Modi announced at the Call for Action-Summit that India is officially free of neonatal-tetanus.

1 Sep 2015


Karnataka CID to investigate Kalburgi murder

The police have been told by MM Kalburgi's daughter that he was killed for his outspoken comments; they are also looking into a probably property dispute as motive.

30 Aug 2015


China steps in as saviour for Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, which has been the worst hit in the Carribean islands, will need time and funds to rebuild itself.

27 Aug 2015


Doha to host Pakistan Super League!

PCB officials finally confirmed that the Pakistan Super League will be held in Doha.

26 Aug 2015


World leaders to give WW2 parade a miss

China finally issued a list of the leaders who will be attending the military parade and the names of some world leaders were prominently missing.

25 Aug 2015


Glenmark Pharmaceuticals stock falls

Glenmark's stock closed at Rs.1,164.80, down Rs.60.55, or 4.94% on the Bombay Stock Exchange on Monday, 24 Aug night.

23 Aug 2015


Praises for 'Heroes' who warded off France train attack

Authorities in Arras, Northern France, awarded the Americans and Norman, the British who was injured in the tussle, with medals for bravery.

19 Aug 2015


Amazon to look into accusations made by NYT

Bezos said that any company where employees were not given due consideration could have become as successful as Amazon.

17 Aug 2015


Life imprisonment for Vikas Yadav upheld

The Yadav's plea against their life imprisonment sentence has been turned down by the Supreme Court.

16 Aug 2015


Kerala declared the first digital state in India

Kerala has been making several impressive advancements and implementing certain e-governance initiatives.

15 Aug 2015


Controversy arises over Arun Sathe's appointment to SEBI

Controversy has arisen over Sathe's appointment to the SEBI board at a time when the government is being accused of political influence in key positions.

14 Aug 2015


Chinese government tries to control the Tianjin situation

The government stepped in to control the reaction to the Tianjin blasts in China.

13 Aug 2015


Pankaj Advani defends snooker title

Pankaj Advani fought off Yan Bingtao of China to hold on to his 6-red snooker World Championship title.

10 Aug 2015


Mission Impossible: Unstoppable rogue!

The latest installment in the action spy series has been holding the No.1 position in the BO for the second week, and has made over $265 million worldwide already.

08 Aug 2015


Rs.10.8 crore fine imposed on telecom companies

Having been found guilty of exceeding radiation limits set by the government in 2012, telcos like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance and other major companies in India have been fined large amounts.