Android Q Beta: News

09 Jun 2019


Android Q will know when you're looking at phone's screen

Much like iOS 13, Google's Android Q has also raised the anticipation bar sky high.

15 May 2019


Google could offer car crash detection abilities with Android Q

Android Q's third beta version comes with some pretty interesting features like system-wide dark mode and live captions.

14 May 2019


Here's how you can auto-delete Google history

At its recently concluded I/O 2019 event, Google announced some privacy and security features to address the looming concern of data protection in the ever-evolving digital age.

09 May 2019


How Scoped Storage will boost security on Android Q

Google's mission to boost security will get a major push with the release of Android Q - the next flavor of its mobile OS.

04 May 2019


Android Q will automatically enable dark mode at night

Google plans to introduce a dedicated system-wide dark mode in the next flavor of its mobile operating system, Android Q.

19 Mar 2019


Android Q could increase your mobile data usage: Here's why

Just recently, Google released the first developer preview of Android Q, the next iteration of its mobile operating system.

14 Mar 2019


Now, Pixel owners can try Android Q beta: Here's how

Finally, Google has released the first beta version of Android Q, giving an early glimpse of what would be coming in its next mobile operating system.