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Cerebras creates world's largest AI-ready processor with 850,000 cores

An American artificial intelligence (AI) centric company called Cerebras Systems claims to have built a single processor about the size of an iPad that can achieve the computational equivalent of the human brain or the equivalent of 100 trillion synapses.

30 May 2021


Microsoft's GPT-3 technology could soon write code using ordinary language

A year after funneling $1 billion in OpenAI and gaining exclusive licensing rights to GPT-3, on May 25, Microsoft shared its plans to bring the GPT-3 natural language processing (NLP) technology to programming applications.

09 Oct 2018


You can bargain during Flipkart's Big Billion Sale: See how

Indians love to bargain and Flipkart knows it. Hence, it has partnered with Google to let us negotiate prices, rather smartly, during its upcoming Big Billion Days Sale.

03 Oct 2018


Dear reader, let's talk about NewsBytes today

For a media company, you and I both know that we are excruciatingly introvert. It is always about others - what Apple is doing wrong, how much funds did OYO raise, who constitutes intellectual mafia, and so on and so forth.

23 Aug 2018


#TechBytes: 5 best smart TVs under Rs. 1 lakh

There has been an enormous disruption in television technology in recent years.

08 Jul 2018


Google confirms its human-sounding AI won't take away call-center jobs

Ever since Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled its human-sounding Duplex AI at the I/O developers conference earlier this year, there had been growing apprehension that Duplex might replace human labor in call centers.

29 Mar 2018


Introducing YANTRA: India's first 'Robot Journalist' by NewsBytes

For a company that is in the business of news, we are extremely media-shy. We talk about everything under the sun, except ourselves. And, rightly so. Your work should do the talking.

18 Mar 2018


Google organizes one-day workshop on AI/ML in Bengaluru

Google India organized a one-day workshop on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in Bengaluru on Friday.